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  1. Hi,

    My S4s was built in Dec 1994 and is probably the "1" listed for 1994. I bought it as a used MY 1995 and assume that it is a truly a 1995.

    I was told by someone that they remember seeing is at the Detroit Auto show. Its Mustard yellow with red interior--very distinctive.

    Rich Flowers

  2. I'm concerned that the new Esprit will become just another low-to-midentry priced exotic not doing anything revolutionary in a time where gas guzzlers are out (regardless of whether your rich or not) and passing up a chance to stand out in a time where the autombile industry is ripe for change--like Tesla, doing something cutting edge a-la-Chapman. Guess it too much to expect from a barely floating manufacturer. Hate to see Lotus remain in the financial handcuffs we have come to expect from them.

    I kind of hoped it could do what it did with the Elise in some way but using the rumored engine seems like a me too way to stay afloat. I don't think Lotus used to be like that.

    Still hoping MJK surprises me though...I will be watching and hoping

  3. You can't convince me that high performance by gasoline with large cubic displacement engines isn't on the way out. Besides, anyone can do that--even Chevy.

    The U.S. news is reporting that American car manufacturers are planning to close some truck & maybe Hummer plants. And besides, the U.S. is still the largest car market for expensive cars until China passes them up. So, the U.S. will most likely drive the markets and big engines are on the way out here. Green ecology and all that stuff too. I think gas hogs will go the way of genuine fur coats though it make take a few years.

    However, if some cheap alternate fuel that runs in an IC engine comes along then it will be back to big ass cars & engines.

    Its time for Lotus to shine rather then play catchup with old technology. Electric, methane, or something. Lotus, please do something with what you've learned with your engineering firm. Its not enough just to assemble the Tesla


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