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  1. Graeme, Head over to That's the easiest way to post pictures. Basically, they allow you to upload pictures to their site then you can link them to you forums posts. The way you link them to the post is, from photobucket you will get a link for your image then when you are posting in the forums there are buttons along the top of the window (b,i,u,an arrow, picture, smilie,etc) click the picture button then paste the image link there. Viola!
  2. Question. The smell of fuel in my cabin is horrible so I pulled the covers in the engine compartment like I saw at LEW and my car was so bad that there was no was literally in pieces beind the covers (see the pics below). My question is what is metal housing that also has the same hoses attached to it in the second picture below? How does this tie into breather line? Thanks in advance.
  3. Well...that totally sucked! I ended up cutting a huge hole behind the license plate. I cut it big enough so I could reach thru and manually release each catch. What made this more difficult is the fact that my lift struts were shot and I received the new ones in 3 days ago. Anyway here are a few pcitures of the destuction. Unlike the LEW explanation, my cable came completely out from both latches. The middle image below is from driver side latch and the lower is the passenger side. I still can't believe this sh1tty design, who ever thought of this should be shot! Anyway, the driverside
  4. Well I followed the LEW directions and was able to pull the cable thru but even pulling on it, the tailgate wont release and I have a big friggin hole in the back. Can anyone take a picture of the release machanism on each side so I can try to use a screw driver get it to release? Any other suggestions?
  5. I've got the service notes for 80-87 Esprit Turbos and there is little to no information regarding the tailgate release. Basically the solderless nipple came off the tailgate release cable and I can't open the tailgate. I've tried to remove the interior bulkhead panel but I can't figure out how the release handle is mounted (I did remove the one screw towards the bottom) but the handle itself is somehow attached to the bulkhead. Does it just pop off? I read that the release mechanism can be reach through the license plate lights and i'm going to try this but any other suggestions would be
  6. LOL! What a great thread!!! Wish I had seen this before I bought my 84 G car. What a riot about filling the gas tank! After I bought my car I was totally confused...does it have 1 tank? 2 tanks? Why is the gas spilling everywhere? I had to call the PO and he walked me through how to fill the thing up! LOL! Good Times.
  7. Thanks for the heads up Mike. I will check this, this weekend. It is strange as mine will come on randomly and not will be dimly lit almost as if its only getting partial power. Good chance this is a ground problem.
  8. GKP...any pictures? I searching for a way to put a sub in my 84 Turbo with hacking it up or eliminating the leg room on the passanger side.
  9. Troy, what is the name of this product and do you know if its available in the US? Thanks!
  10. Greg, welcome to the forums! In regards to your question, do you have any more details on the car than that? Thats a little vague...
  11. Welcome from the US of A! Beautiful color.
  12. Brilliant! Thanks for the heads up, I did notice one of the two front flasher blubs is burnt out! I had no idea this could be the cause. I will check it this weekend. Thanks Matk!
  13. Thanks for the advice Paul. Yeah the tires are shot...plan on replacing them in the next few weeks. Now that the electrical seems under control, next is fluids and an overal check up then I can get it inspected and back on the road!
  14. Thanks Splash! Between your post and the owners manual I was able to locate the flasher relay and get them to work by cleaning the contacts. However, the right flasher is fine but the left flashes very quickly and I think the relay is starting to go. Anyone have a source for the relay? Thanks again!
  15. I've read thru the forums and was able to get the gremlins out of my headlights by cleaning the contacts YAY! But now I'm trying to figure out why the turn signal and flashers (hazards) don't work. Can anyone tell me where the relay for these items are? I havent seen any details in the forums about them. Thanks.
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