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  1. I love getting nice comments, never bad, even to the point that people ask you stop or slow down so they can take photos, I love it that my baby still can stop people in their tracks and if you buy a car like this then be ready for it, cause it will happen. If you get embarrassed then this isn't the car for you. Even at traffic lights people don't race me cause they just want to look at the car for longer, even the postman always has something to say when he calls. Enjoy the moment that this iconic car gives you without having to spend
  2. Just fitted my new Secondary injector and had me car running,big thanks to SJ lotus for getting me the part,its only a 5min job so I'm well Happy !!!!
  3. Today getting my new Itouch Pod to unlock its self and update new software without crashing .
  4. <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=" </param> <embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"> </embed> </object>
  5. Cars 83 Turbo - Iain 84 Turbo - stagowner 87 Turbo - gghc87 95 S4S - gghc87 98 V8 - gc1 99 GT3 - Alex --GT3-- 90's GT3 - gasmanget3 Volunteers Laura Thurs - Sun Bibs Thurs - Sun Mr Oogieboogie days? gghc87 - Fri - Sun stagowner Thurs - Sun Iain - days? Alex --GT3-- - (Fri TBC) Sat - Sun Howard (?) - Days? gasmanget3 - Fri & Sun Kimbers (?) - Fri - Sun oneshot - (Thurs if needed) Fri - Sun dodgy(?) - days? SE Owner - days? gc1 - most days Equipment projectors, screens,general AV equipment - ajj205 2 projectors - gc1 engine? - andyclements Time line brochures - Cliff
  6. These Pic's were taken on the last summers night, now that winter is back, alone side Morecambe boating club car park,we had cause alot of attention while doing this unknowing to myself to busy videoing and taking pics.The joys of Esprit ownership.Enjoy.......
  7. Yep tha plan is to go out regularly weather depending,but it might be once a week or once a fornight.It will be under a thermal cover and a battery conditor plug in 24/7.
  8. poor little buggers left out all in the cold,should have been tuck up in the warm........
  9. well coming to that time of year where i'm getting qoutes to store me car for winter,so far with electric its looking like
  10. This was the event moved due to bad weather and the weekend dosent look to bad at the mo,so might well pop down.I have some spare passes if anyone wish's to come along.
  12. Looking forward to seeing some great photos,Action Shots and video too,when I get back from me hol's I expect a full report......have good time.
  13. Great colour,where's me sunglass'
  14. that was lucky,they do get alot of attention,if your shy sell it.It'll just get worse. me I love it.
  15. yep a bit long,but it would have to kinda to see all the people.....
  16. Russ i've just started to use it,just because so many other's were and I felt the odd one out,so its now done. Graham Crook.
  17. I'd love to do this experiment too,park up at asda or somewhere, although I took mine to PC World some time ago and the store guy kept telling me he's just seen another person having their photo taken against it ,did he want me to start charging ???Funny though.another fab reason to own one theses great cars....
  18. Any way with all this said their is now a Petition online with over 25,000 people veiwing their anger,I'll be adding my name shortly.....follow the link.
  19. ok spoke with hargety insurance today and at first they were slightly dearer,so mention this and after some juggling around and mentioning the club etc it came down too
  21. ok its that time year,so qoutes coming in,so far best is... Full comp, 5yrs no c,
  22. Ok anyone going - dave dont its just been called off and re for later in the month see link...B****** weather
  23. Yep we have have 10 passes wissing their way to me now,and a pitch for 10+ cars....Bring sunshine,i've seen it wet their ,it's not nice.
  24. Ok another show for the NWG if anyone wish's to come along,I met Stagowner their earlier this year and its a great place to go,large castle and massive grounds. So I've contacted the guy in charge and asked for a pitch,now awaiting replie. Time is 7 September from 9'sh, if the nmeg guys wish another outting up north then this the one to do,just off the A49 not far from Oulton Park.
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