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  1. Well my car is avaible to do the 90's(98). and you could print off all the year's edition's like the one's on 'Esprit world' as Nick did for our stand,this works well as its shows the year and give's a good indication as to the mod's each year or edition had. Just a thought.see out photo of the stand and you'll see them hanging down,but these could be blown up and made into some sort of poster,only an idea.....
  2. Count me in.... Car, Body, I've 2 projectors if you need them, What about showing the Esprit Documentry from Tv (I've copy on DVD)
  3. Well done nick for finding your sunroof,where's the breaker's,they might have some bargins....
  4. follow link - see if you spot anyone famous...
  5. Dave & Graham and all thankyou for the kind word's hope you all got home safe,were still unpacking and drying out, Heres some more photos from the weekend..... Finished Stand Nick showing how it should be done....
  6. Well I'd just like to say very big thankyou to Nick for all the help and support,cutting the grass etc over the weekend. Secondly a huge shout out for all the Nmeg guy's who came up from down south and supported the NWLEG Boy's for what was the first nwleg meeting and show all at the same time,Having such a wonderfull set of guy's (& Cars) really helped us along for what was a last minute decision to show at Tatton and also with the weather being so hit & miss. Thankyou for the support. And we Won a TROPHY !!!!!! Congratulation's boy's well done.You see we know how do thing's up north. More show's and meeting's and run out's in the pipline,all welcome........ Here's the Winning Trophy Photo along with a couple of other's from the day. When I get chance their will be some Video uploaded to U-tube shortly,along with more Photo's from the weekend......
  7. Daniel thanks for going we wer'nt getting their till late afternoon(Nick),but early doors on Saturday.see you their.
  8. Ok my final post before leaving for Tatton...Weather forecast is improving as I speak, so maybe wellies not needed but dont shout that out loud. My mob 07793894886 I'll try and have it on most of the time,cant remmber what the signls like down their...but should be ok. We have a gas cooker so anyone wishing to bring bacon or anything else, feel free and we should have some tea bags kicking around too.Bring coffee as it might have gone by lunchtime !!! I'm not !!! supplying beer ,but cans only as Tatton are banning glass from the feilds but I guess you can take it home with you. Bring a folding chair if you want we've lots of room...Anybody wishes to show photos of their cars Great more the better,but we are trying to Promote LEF as well as Esprits.So no Porn. hope everyone who I've sent passes out has them now.For the other's I'll be at the gate on morning when you arrive but bell me some time before you get their, as its a long walk. For those who haven't been before ,theirs a long tarmac drive up to the house, then they take off round a gravel track,then as you come to the pitches you'll come to a gate with said Marshell on them and then its grass and mud track to the pitch,but its normally very good on grass. No stopping off at the beer tent you have to drive your car on the pitch first....... Let's hope for sunshine and a great day out or weekend for those who are staying over....oh one last thing were having a 'best car of the day prize' too,so make them look that extra sparklely ! Safe journey,Graham GC1
  9. Andy your most welcome I'll be meeting the nmeg guys at the main gate to hand out pass's,this is then your entrance to show your car and walk around the show. You are showing yes ?? doors open to the public at 9 close at 5 but no one stay right to the end.But we would like people to be on the stand by 9.30 as the marshels are not to happy with cars driving about. See you their and bring sunshine !!!
  10. Found this guy ,mobile van man and he's great,come's to your house or work and off he goes. I'm having all four wheels repaired depending on what damage their is manily kerbing,some paint flake etc usual things.Price
  11. Great pics !!! If I only had a place to shoot in a white studio like that one,well here's 2 of mine,not much flesh I know but at least I made an effort......more to come If i can find them.
  12. Went to this ,met Mr stag and thought the event was great a must for all esprit owners next year.Very phosh Doo,lots to see,It must be the Northern Version of Goodwood Speed Thingy...only we had lots of Helicopters....lots of spped boats and the Le Mans Bentlys to watch go up the track....really cool......Glad I went. next year must stay longer.....
  13. Ok The Stand is getting bigger,here's an update to the LEF Pitch...... Norlog have been moved very close to us, not thats its a problem just more Loti by the main entrance. We now have bunting to try and define are area clearly...Also an extra Gazebo for the Saturday as well,so if the weather's bad we should have plently of room to dry off !!! Well lets hope not....If anyone wants to bring anything to do with Esprits or L.e.f club then feel free,the more the better..... We now have flags and poles,Bunting etc so hopefully we should look as good as some of the other stands their....... Oh if you want some Bacon eggs etc bring some along as we now have cooking gear and tea making fac's....something to keep the damp away,oh no glass this year as tatton is getting strict..... List so far... Saturday GC1 Daniel Stagowner GT3 Tony Superdave Sunday GC1 Hopo Stagowner Dogdy Backmaker Oneshot GT3 Andycs3 Ok If I've missed anyone can you please add yourself to the appro day and if its saturday pm me your address for the passes........cheers.
  14. I hope to be coming alone to this on the sunday and If Gareth gets me a ticket I'll show me car too.....we can Discuss tatton also. B)
  15. Daniel passes cover car and contents,can you let me have your address please and I'll send off to you the pass and plan. Gazzebo yes but a spare might be good if we get loads of rain !!!!! hopefully not.
  16. Thats great new's for the sunday and saturday is looking good too. The Banner Mr Bibs is posting up to me.....Were now after some bunting for the boarder. We have a large union jack flag now . if your having prob's with the Gazeboo then I might be able to drop by you and pick it up as were bringing down the support 4x4 with the tent etc...
  17. I'll be at this,on sunday if anyone wish's to come along and show let me know .....theirs loads to do car boot,ice cream,beer all that sort of thing,just need the sun out !!!
  18. nick yes can do,its currently B11 right across from the beer tent,not so sure if thats a good thing hey....Ho Tony thats great.....Anybody else ..its getting closer..... Gates open friday 10am... Jon (Hopo) s3 NA Blue, one of the days... yet to be confirmed Graham (GC1) S4 Blue Fri,Sat & Sun. Daniel - Sport 350 GT3-Sat/sun ? Tony -Sat.. Stagowner- Fri/Sat/Sun. Does anyone from down south wish to come north of the boarder and support LEF.....(NW).....? This Event is FREE to all who get a weekend pass from me.....
  19. Wow that sounds great,passes have now arrived ,our pitch has changed though,but for the better,were now B11 all on our own, no sharing with anybody else.Also were very close to the beer tent. I will post a copy of the plan with the passes as soon as I get them photocopied.Might try and post it has part of this post,we'll have to see. So now lets have some good weather and some Esprit's......10 would be good on both days,were right by the main entrance so we must look good !!!! I'll try and bring the gas cooker for bacon sarnys too.
  20. Cant you do either day ? with us or park right on the dotted line......?
  21. Guy's thats great thats 3 of us, so come you lot lets get some more. I have now had confurmation from Tatton that we have are own space next to the Alvis owners stand, as on the other side will be some trade stand . So now time for freebies or helping hands. We need 1 Gazzebo, Some folding chairs, Rope,/bunting, A Forum Banner, Some cards to give out, Posters or Photos to Decorate the inside of our Gazzebo out, Passes should be with me in a couple of days so will post these out before the show. If anybody dosent wont to show but can give a few hrs on the satnd please feel free to pop along.... Beer. Passes have now arrived we are on stand B11,some 2000 cars have booked so its going to be busy,Your pass gets you in from friday after 10.30 so we can get the stand built then we pray for some good weather.Also we will be feet away from the Beer tent so we'll be on the main traffic run......We are now not having to share with anyone and were miles away from club lotus...
  22. This was a show I used to attend every year ,was one of the must do's every year. Its 2 day event and is mostly free,plus you can camp etc . Loads of market stalls to browse around ,I expect the local manchester lot have been or heard of the show before. So if I start to arrange a pitch for say 10 cars would their be anybody including mine to show for a day or both days ??? This is really to see what interest their is and is open to all who own a Esprit,this will be an Esprit Forum advent. Lets start a list with names etc what days you can do normally its 9-4 that sort of thing.It would be good if we could get a good mix of cars together..... Thankyou. Graham (GC1) S4 Blue Fri,Sat & Sun.
  23. A bit long at some 8 mins but he's keen......nice sunny day though...
  24. I've just done my first oil change,used filter from pnm engineering,oil was Mobil 1 motorsport about 7 lts ish,easy to do and no probs afterwards.didnt really notice any engine note change.
  25. First shot was an air ambulance taking off when I drove onto the site ,very unusal greeting at a show,taking one of the organaisers of with heart pains apperently... Long View over the show ground.... Nick's car..
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