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  1. ok will try that,but wont that inafect be disarming the alarm ? I'll dig out the manual...
  2. Ok I know its outside but its under a very heavy cover,tied down too,yet as soon as we get some heavy rain and a gust of wind its goes off,uselly in the early morning. I had thought it might be the wind blowing up throw the air vents in the dash or a poorly fitting rubber seal,as the main cab sensor is down in the centre consol map box thingy I find it hard to think of anything else in the cab part. I have checked the bonnet and engine cover switches and these seem ok. So any help or ideas would be great.
  3. GC1

    North West Group ?

    Right then guy's some good responses their,so lets have a meet, a few beer's etc and lets look at doing it one sunday afternoon,I'll book the weather. Ok any suggestion's as to where,large pub car park and not to far from a motorway for easy access for everyone. some idea's ,The Longlands,Kendal,The boatyard off m65 jct 3,East of Preston.,Wiggin Tree off M6 Parbold....... Lets try and get this done before the end of July so we an move forward while were still in what is meant to be summer...! I will be at the following car show's if anyone wish''s to join me or just come and say Hi... 20 July Heaves Hall Hotel nr Kendal. 3 August Heysham Classic car show in Village. And possibly Tatton Park...
  4. Many thanks for the photos guy's..... just off to the pub ! Ta.....
  5. GC1

    North West Group ?

    I think being as I live in Heysham,we could take the Isle of man people too,more the merry'er......!
  6. think I have that somewhere. Not seen it for a while but next time I'm over at my mum & dad's place I'll have a look. If I can find it, you're welcome to it. Wow that would be great......happy hunting buddy ... cheers.
  7. Mine got in sunday paper buyers guide,still trying to get reprint now !!!!!! only have a photocopy.
  8. GC1

    North West Group ?

    Well thats nearly enough to fill a small car park,look's good so far .look forward to that list,their must be quite a few up here......
  9. GC1

    North West Group ?

    Well I'd not seen so many car's their before,check out his web page loads of car pic (mine) on their....where's this house ???not a clue...
  10. GC1

    North West Group ?

    yep thats great ,did the April meet when it rained but huge turn out......
  11. GC1

    North West Group ?

    Does that mean we can get a North West group if their's going to be a north east ??? If their arent too many members yet we could meet the north east lot untill numbers increase. only a surggestion. Q mr Bibs.
  12. Got Ur I meant hilton park services. cheers
  13. Ok guys thats loud and clear will be their hopefully at Hilton for 7.30 ish i'll try and STAND OUT from the crowd.!!!!! Lets hope for some dry weather ....
  14. I Might have missed this but what time are we meant to get ot hilton services ???? and what time to leave.. cheers,here's hope for some dry weather as we had rain nearly every day this week and it dosent look good for the next few days up here.
  15. 0# Kato 1# Backmarker 2# Katie 3# Howard 4# Dodgy Dave 5# Martyn 6 & 7. Gina & Ade 8# Peteyg 9 & 10 - Bibs & Laura 11 Matk (passenger with Martyn) 12 & 13 Bazza (+Dad) 14 & 15 Brian & Barbara 16 Mike J 17 David & Bruce 18 Dave P plus 1 19 GC1 ( Graham)
  16. Ok After hitting the boat ramps and getting general speed bump scratch's does anyone know how best to clean up the plastic on the front Defuser..... currently trying a meguiars product called gold glass plastic detailer,but then their are some deep marks and they wont comeout.. any idea's ?
  17. Right chaps paid and awaiting order's..... Anyone flying down on M6 from Lancaster (me) ? who wants to meet for a convoy before Hilton ?
  18. Guy's I'm now free for this sunday . would love to come down and meet you all at Hilton then I'll go on to oxford with you all if thats ok. I know the deadline has passed but is it worth me phoning up and see if I can squeeze in ? otherwise I'll bring a pack lunch and sit outside while you all eat dinner.!
  19. Thats very interesting reading, one I shall remember if the fault ocrurs on mine.hopefully not. My horn started to go off the other day,just driving in some in traffic.hit the knob a couple of times and its cured it,electrics....hate em.
  20. GC1

    Spotted in Le Mans

    Ah lots of people thought this was me also,he even visted my camp site ,but I was out .....At this time I was around the village and not me. nice colour though.......
  21. Thanks for the comments,guy's, As soon as the full res one's are done any one can have a copy. this was done really as a simple trial thing to see how it worked,so far very pleased and can see another shoot coming off soon,looking for interesting locations at the moment. I do have lovely model now who has just done some shots for me on the car, so now looking for a more private garage or studio that isnt too exspensive to find. I dont mind anyone copying the photos to use at home only on PC's etc as long as their esprit owners and no money is gained.Of course.!
  22. Sorry bibs youcan move it to the apro section. some finished photos to add to the collection.
  23. GC1

    Le Mans 08

    I have to agree with mr bibs on that one ,its petrol heaven every where you look.Cant wait for next year
  24. Heres my place I stay at nearly every time we go,well recommended....... Might even go this year,after I recover from this weekends 24hr event.
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