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  1. would love to go but running in the Marathon that day ,Pants!!!!
  2. How soon can we place an order ?? I want to look cool before donnington,
  3. Count me in my list is growing,would this include the new range also ?
  4. Now guys about to do my first oil change so which one should I go for..? (Engine) This is on a V8 SE 98 Any recommendation's ?
  5. I'll add mine too..... 98 V8 SE Twin Turbo
  6. GC1

    Summer Ball 2008

    Count us in too,can we get all the car's on that drive ??make a good photo.
  7. Many thanks for the comments guy's I'm in Heysham nr Lancaster, here's some photos of me car,now nearly a week old ,hopeing to go to a meet with NORLOG on sunday and show it off ,I'll be the only Esprit their as their all manily Exgies and elise,nothing wrong with as I've just Px my elise.....If anyone else Fancy's it then its at 12.30 just off the m56 heres the link to the pub,they have a massive car park too.....hope for some sunny weather... Hollow Tree at 12 noon for 12:30pm. That's the one off M56 J10. For those with SatNav ; Tarporley Road, Stretton, Warrington, Cheshire WA4 4EF Photos
  8. Hello Chaps,my first visit here,just got my first esprit on 9/02 so still having loads of fun. Also a member on norlog Having had an elise S2 for 2 yeard's,now taken the plunge of an Esprit and loving it..... Anyone else on here from the NW ???
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