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  1. GC1

    NWEG Event

    guys when you get to tatton come and say Hi on the noble stand,would love to meet you all and maybe offer a brew...
  2. Still doing the shows and stuff so you havent got rid of me yet........see you in Le Mans,have to go pack the new toy.....
  3. GC1

    Events For 2009

    nop unless they have some space free,was realy hoping to do the later one after chomlely .fancy coming alone.....
  4. People this is open to Esprit lotus owners all over the uk,their's great camping area and also their now putting on a firework display to music on the saturday night.Any taker's.....?
  5. Ok guys anyone wish's to go must email me their reg number before the end of the month after that its pay to view.!!And its not cheap..... If you can do both days but either is great,we only have one car on show at the mo, so come on its a great weekend plenlty to see and get yourself on Motors TV too.
  6. Time was a very hot 5hrs 49mins.....
  7. Well I've done it, got sore feet and every other muscle aching too ,but well worth it. London really comes alive for this event now for some recovery........
  8. Ok we have a stand here at this years show,so if you'd like free tickets to show and can comit to either day or both then please email me your reg details as they need this for issuing tickets......its the same for all other clubs this year. The cut off date is the 20 June 09 so to have plenty of time to them out to people.
  9. Guys if I get up in time I'll meet you at Jt 15 otherwise I'll see you in the car park - save a place for me....Ta.
  10. 1) Alex --GT3-- 2&3) Paul C 'n' Vicki 4) Ian - mayesprit (Sunday only) 5) Mark B (Sunday only) 6) matk 7) Kimbers (Sat/Sunday) 8) GGHC87 9) Yasuo 10) Robert Crooks 11&12) Ade & Gina (not sure when yet) 13&14) Paul & Sarah Fri/Sat/Sun 15) Martyn 16&17) OwenGT3 + One (Sunday only) 18&19) Hopo + some floosy (Sat or Sun) Maybe both 20&21) Sparky & Tracy Sat/Sun 22&23) Matt & Jo (Sat evening & Sunday) 24&25) Tobi, Sell, Calypso 26&27) Mark & Sandra (LooseCannon) Sat only 28) Dragi, Sat only - my daughter Jenny-Loraine has First Communion on Sunday 29) Bazza 907 30&31) GC1 + 1 Sat & Sun. 32&33) Jukka & Sissi Fri/Sat/Sun- hope to find something to do on Mon-Tue 34,35&36) purza + 2 kids (sunday only) hopefully 37&38) Simon & Lisa 39&39)karl & justine (sunday only for a quick look) 40&41) felix and the Missess will be there Sat-Sun 42&43 Dave Freeman and Megan will be there, not sure if Sat or Sun 44) internets Sat / Sun 45) Trevsked (Sat) 46) Tentenths (Sat & Sun) 47 & 48) Newts & Mrs for Sunday (car permitting) 49 & 50) Mr_John111 and Boots + 2 kids (one day only most likely saturday) 51) Kim.Poulsen (fri, sat & sun) / Kim
  11. GC1

    Saturday night

    1 & 2: Bibs & Laura 3: GGHC87 4: Kimbers 5: Yasuo 6 & 7: Paul C & Vicki 8: Matk 9: Robert Crooks 10: Alex 11 & 12: Paul & Sarah 13: Martyn 14 & 15: Jukka & Sissi 16 & 17: Matt & Jo 18 & 19: Simon & Lisa 20 & 21: Sparky & Tracy 22 & 23: Chris + Sam 24: Bazza 907 25: James (Tentenths) 26.&27: Felix & the Mrs! 28 internets 29.& 30: GC1 + Mrs.
  12. Right - room booked for 2 see you in the bar.........
  13. Great day had by all,a big thankyou to mr Graham for sorting this Fab day see you soon............
  14. alex what time will you be at sandbak ? were leaving at 7 could be their around 8.20 ish ?
  15. We're still coming down,weather looks promising too.
  16. Easter Sunday will see the second Award Winning Yorkshire Big Breakfast Meet to be held at Specialist Cars of Malton in North Yorkshire. From 8.30am free refreshments will be available, there will be a chance to catch up with old friends, meet like minded enthusiasts and hopefully you'll have a drive out first. http://' target="_blank">Following feedback from the last event we are still providing the bacon sandwiches free of charge but are requesting a donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance in lieu of charging for them. Around lunchtime we will be starting up one of the Formula One cars we have, an event not to be missed. The workshops will be open and some of our technicians on hand to answer any technical queries. As last time all are welcome, spread the word amongst your friends, and other owners clubs, the more the merrier. Anyone going,could be good if the weather's nice,I'll be going if i dont have a hang over,lots to see......
  17. GC1

    Le Mans '09

    Right I'll be driving down tuesday night 9th, ready for the wednesday ferry ,then St.Mailo,then Le Mans........
  18. GC1

    Le Mans '09

    Ok just got me fearies booked, I'm going from Poole this year quicker and cheaper.....Will be at my cheateu again see some of you their hopefully to cheer our Aston's on......
  19. Les sorry hear about your loss but equally glad to hear its back and hopefully little damage. Now trackers,I have one of these's fitted, its a diy job if you can fitt stereos its no problem. If you want a personnel recandamation then please use me when contacting them.If you want to know more then pm me your number and I'll tell you more. Graham.
  20. 1: GGHC87 2: obione 3. matk 4. Bazza 907 (Could take Matk) 5. Alex-GT3- 6. sparky 7. wookie 8. Officer Dibble aka Buzz Lightyear 9. GC1+ 1
  21. Looks like you had nice weather and the shopping was fulling, who was from stockport then ?
  22. 1) Alex --GT3-- 2) Paul C 'n' Vicki 3) Ian - mayesprit (Sunday only) 4) Mark B (Sunday only) 5) matk 6) Kimbers 7) GGHC87 8) Yasuo 9) Robert Crooks 10) Ade & Gina (not sure when yet) 11) Paul & Sarah Fri/Sat/Sun 12) Martyn 13) OwenGT3 + One (Sunday only) 14) Hopo + some floosy (Sat or Sun) Maybe both 15) Sparky & Tracy Sat/Sun 16) Matt & Jo (Sat evening & Sunday) 17) Tobi, Sell, Calypso 18) Mark & Sandra (LooseCannon) Sat only 19) Dragi, Sat only - my daughter Jenny-Loraine has First Communion on Sunday 20) Bazza 907 21) GC1 + 1 Sat Only.
  23. GC1

    South Lakes Run

    Alex thankyou for your ideas I think we could do somthing alone those lines,except traffic in the lakes can be a night mare along tight winedy streets but yes weather could be better and some planning in advance might get round some of the traffic issues,would be great to see the Scot and north east guys also. Graham again thank for your kind invertation however I'm saving the long run south for your space station run next month and looking forward to it.
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