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    Le Mans 08

    Ok I'm back hit the pillow at 12.45am last night and not a bad drive after some 1036 miles.Car fully laden and managed to get from Portsmouth to Lancaster on 1 tank full ,doing a steady 75mph 3k.This seemed to give me better econ than I thought before I went. First time aboard with the new beast and can't wait for more. Stayed at a nice campsite in sille-philppe just 6 miles from Le Mans,nice pool and showers ,better than at the track. Here's some Photo's of the Event..........
  2. Here's one of my favouites so far.
  3. GC1

    Le Mans 08

    All packed and now going to wash the car.hope the weather warm's up abit too.Will be waving to anyone n esprit on way down to Porstmouth on Wednesday and in France......WAVE Back if you see me..
  4. Here's The elise....Beware sunglass's are needed...
  5. Ok spent sunday morning very early driving around some parts of manchester with a professinal photorapher shooting my car and another brightly coloured Lotus elise,much fun was had although it was a 7 am start. Here's one sample of a finished photo and more will come as we work on them........
  6. What does the vw unit do ? delay or something ? didnt know we could use this....
  7. Well that look's like I can succed when I go to Le Man next week,although I've no picnic table that looks to big,I've had one trial run with the packing and found extra room in the front i didnt know i had. Roll on Le Mans..... well done.
  8. Do we get any discount from mail order compys or anybody else ?
  9. Help neded for This years trip to Le Mans ,I need a LEF Club car sticker either borrowed or for sale ,I cant find any on here in the shop. Can anyone help please........
  10. GC1

    Le Mans 08

    Had all the camping gear laid out today and thougt.its all got to go in the boot,so over this week will be trying various packing idea's,along with its mot and oil cnage before I go....kinda going to busy me think's....
  11. Good old U-tube,now i'm going to give it a go,! he took less than 23 seconds to do both actions......
  12. GC1

    Le Mans 08

    bibs hope to see you down on the Muslsane straight,we try and curse around abit first till they shut the roads,but will be looking out for any esprit's of course.
  13. Went to get the air con recharge last week and two lads had to stop and take photos on their cameras/Phone while i was waiting in the car wait for the summer.
  14. I know this has been asked lots of time's but currently draining my system for its first oil change under my new ownership so thought I'd ask you guy's which one ?I'd thought about gtx Magnetec cause it'll keep the cams queit when its cold and I used this in my elsie without any probs. Your thoughts please.
  15. sccDAO825WHC15566 Azure blue 1998 Graham Crook (GC1) Heysham,Morecambe,Lancs.NW.
  16. well if next time your passing and want to talk about cars then the kettle's on.!
  17. Yes I did see someone waving in a Silver disco I think I waved back in case it was someone I knew ...!
  18. GC1

    Cars In The Park

    This is where I'll be on sunday 20 .This a general car show outside in the grounds of Bolton Abbey,I'll be following a load of Norlog guys in their lotus's but thier's always a large amount of other supercars to dribble over. Its a general pistonheads thing type of,but if the weathers bad then theirs always the super cafe and if its nice then you can stroll around the grounds of the Abbey and enjoy the supurb river setting. Hope not to be the only Esprit their.... B)
  19. Are these stick on one's and where can I buy a pair....?
  20. Thanks for the help, how do I get in touch with this guy?
  21. Ok been to Donnington today and seen loads of esprit's with a nice smoked sunroof which iI guess can be swapped easliy with the standard one, so for the summer and my trip to Le Mans this year I wish to purchase one,so if anyone knows of one for sale please get in touch. cheers oh what a great show too....... B)
  22. 1&2 - Bibs & Laura - Friday/Saturday/Sunday 3 - Matk - Friday/Saturday/Sunday 4&5 - Ade & Gina - Saturday & maybe Sunday 6 Graham (Backmarker) Sunday only 7 BigSi - friday-saturday-Sunday 8&9 - Owen & cousin - Sunday 10&11 Rog (SE OWNER:-D) and Sam+1 (Poss. Friday eve., Saturday and Sunday) 12&13 Paul & Sarah (Rocket63) As per Rog (No centre caps) Actually, Friday & Saturday booked, Sunday night is a maybe. 14 Kimbers - Saturday & Sunday(Sat nite hotel only) 15 esp88(yasuo) friday,satday and sun day until 1-2PM 16 Dan - Friday, Saturday, Sunday daytime only 17 Cliff - Saturday late afternoon and evening (meal and hotel) and Sunday. Might stay sunday night but not decided yet. 18 Martyn - Saturday and Sunday Hotel booked for Saturday Night 19&20 Peter & Jen (Peter_england99) Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning 21 Ian (mayesprit) Sunday only 22 James (Tentenths) - Sat & Sun (hotel booked Sat night) 23&24.5 Tobi, husband, baby, 2 cars - Saturday, Sunday (Holiday Inn Express Saturday night) 25. Graham & Louise Sunday only at the moment -
  23. GC1

    Le Mans 08

    I'm just off to book me ferry and will be staying at this lovely place just a few miles from le Man. They even have their own car show !!! full of petrol heads and you can cool off in the pool after a hard day at the track. Hope to see some of you their.
  24. You can have mine too,mr bibs,as long as I can find a bed......
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