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  1. Nice tasteful modifications.. keep them coming.😁
  2. Lovely to see this particular Exige go to a new caring owner.!!.
  3. Have you still got the plastic retaining clip that secures the fuel line.? no 22 on the parts list. I would suspect the retaining clip hasnt been fitted correctly hense popping off
  4. The door card is held on with 4 3mm Allen keys and a plastic fastening on the front edge of the door panel. If you undo these you will be able to see if the switch is connected fully. If you need to remove the door panel completely the panel needs pulling towards the rear (it will become clear why afterwards). Let me know if I can help further. Not sure why anyone would say tricky parts.?
  5. Drl module will be at fault... have replaced a few.. Not heard of the actual lights being faulty. Check for water in the module connector-located in the passenger footwell where the fusebox is located. Can only buy as a kit now..£406.36 FYI warranty is 3yrs from the date of registration.
  6. Clean the dipstick with either brake cleaner or a suitable solvent. You will then be able to see the level.. As the oil will stick to the clean portion of the dipstick Certain oils are darker in colour than others(comma 5w-50w turns almost brown in use)-some almost have a white look to them.
  7. As your car has the lithium battery it will also have a voltage protection device located above the battery. no2 on the link bellow. Can you see a green light on the unit.??. if no green light is shown the unit has isolated the battery from the car hense the completely dead car. If you feel along the unit you will feel a reset button. press it the unit will click and power to the car will be restored. the green light will illuminate. page 63 explains in more detail. with page 65 showing the reset button on the voltage protection unit.
  8. The recall is only for a select few exiges 350,380's. Only with the passenger side boot release handle.( the fix involves strengthening the handle with a metal stop the cable pulling through the plastic handle. if your handle is on the drivers side. There is nothing to worry about but it is advised to (fit the plate into the boot latch) to centralize the striker pin. As the biggest issue is the orientation of the pin(on the tailgate) into the latch as there is a flat edge that locates into the latch and when this pin twists it jams the boot.!!
  9. No need to cut anything.!!. Fits to the upper seat belt mount.
  10. lotus have very recently released a tsb for dealers with regards setting up the evora 400 stereo for better sound quality. Very possible the car you listened to hasn't had the eq set up. as per lotus tsb spec's??. I was rather impressed by the difference personally on our demo and our evora 400 auto. As i carried out the numerous changes on friday The 400 speakers are smaller than the evora speakers...
  11. whenever i fit removable steering wheels i always fit number 5. this is the indicator canceller and horn contact (that is via the brass pin that is fitted right across the range.) Visable just underneath the top steering cowl piece bellow the instrument pack. lives on number 2 Then all you have to do is fit a 3.3ohms resistor( 13p from maplins)into the air bag connector then source a 12v live from the air bag wire to contact the brass pin. The earth is via the column. The rest is easy. Takes me approx 45mins from start to finish( providing the original wheels pops from the splines easily.!!).. Mind you i have done a few over the years.
  12. yes those are the required parts. as your car has a.c you will need to de-gas and re-fill the system 550g after removing both the heater box and blower motor . As the modified blower resistor lives in a new place inside the heater box with the modified part, and not underneath the blower. You should recieve fitting instructions with the resistor kit, if you don't let me know and i'll send you the required info. Byron
  13. sounds like your heater actuator is faulting and not allowing the flap to close, hense the bleeding warm air in the car. no 2 is the actuator and 4 is the shield. unfortunately the front clamshell and other items need to removed to change the actuator(also fit the water shield if you havent already got one fitted). Have you had a recall letter for your oil coolers to be replaced.??.. as this will help keep the costs down if replaced at the same time.(as the front clamshell is removed during this recall).. also whilst the front clamshell is removed there are other items i would also recommend replacing if funds allow.. Modified blower resistor kit, radiator and fans=coolant change(if not already replaced) a.c condensor and pipes replacement towing post and braided brake lines(if not already fitted)
  14. So steering angle sensor needed to be re-zero'd which you did via the alignment.? As A small deviation in the steering angle sensor will bring the light on.
  15. I would say either your steering angle sensor needs recalibrating or you have an issue with the brake light switch or a speed sensor signal. you need lotus techcentre to interrogate and see if there are any logged codes.
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