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  1. Hi Guys. Its not the engine problem thats the reason for the sale. Ive actually just bought another engine for it. Unforseen personal problems mean one of my toys have to go (i have 3 cars on the drive and the missus has one) and i teach piano from home. Basically the neighbours arent too happy with having the students parking outside so i really need a drive space back. So Its either the Lotus or the metro (see my other listings) So just got to see if there is any interest. If it doesnt sell within the 5 days the metro will be the one to go as i can sell the engine out of it for nearly the asking price to the elise owners B)
  2. Hi, well ive just spoken to Sprayforce who have quoted a very very competative price for changing the engine and also the petrol tanks. He said he has experience with esprits so its not like its the first one he has done. Seemed a really nice and helpful guy on the phone. Ive been to chris foulds before who diagnosed the problem and the price for the engine change is somewhat different B) If sprayforce cant do it ill ask again, but thanks for the suggestions, and thanks to Dave for the P.M.
  3. Im in west yorkshire, but its not a problem getting it to wherever in the country really
  4. Well, ive got hold of a new engine that has had new camblet, water pump, oil pump etc etc with carbs attached. Does anyone know the best person, garage, individual etc etc who can swap the engines over? I dont mind if its someone on the forum who does it on his drive, or a well respected garage. If anyone could give me some ideas of prices that would be great. The cars a 1988 early stevens 2.2 N/A
  5. sacha

    Esprit ?

    thats a photoshop
  6. Came to some traffic lights yesterday in the busiest part of town, and the esprit just cut out and refused to start (it just turned over) This was complemented by smoke coming out of the back of the esprit. I quickely opened the engine bay to find a 2 wires glowing red, burning all the insulation of everywire in sight. We quickly put the fire out with the fire extinguiser i carry for such emergancies. The wires that burnt out went to a pump as in the picture. 1 positve unfused straight from the coil, and then an earth to the battery. These literally disintergrated. I had to get the car home (i was literally 1.5 mile away so got some new wire etc etc and re-wired these wires and insulated the others) After turning over a few times it started and i got home. Everthing was ok and then we tidies the wires up and put it down to old wires etc. Left it idling away and then off it went again. Car cut out and the wres glowing red and melting. It looks like this is some kind of fuel pump but it isnt shown in my workshop manual. It is rubber mounted so looks rather OE. I assumed the pump was on the bulkhead behind the passenger seat so i bypassed the offending pump but there is no fuel getting to the engine now. If no ones seen one before i would hazard a guess that the oe pump as knackered up and the previous owner has put a in - line pump in, which has broken down inside causing the high current and burning the wire out. Any one ever seen one? Its the thing with the white sticker on
  7. Thank you, ill give them a call and see if they have anything in
  8. 1988 Blue Esprit N/A SCC085912JHD13215 Sacha Gyte - West yorkshire - UK
  9. as title says please, looking for a replacement engine to put in while i re-build mine
  10. Does anyone have a rough idea of cost for doing the full stripdown and rebuild. Leaving labour costs aside, just the parts cost thanks for all the advice and responses
  11. Sorry for all the questions, im on my week off so trying to get a few jobs out of the way On my 1988 n/a the idle will stick at 2000rpm. Sometimes it will drop to 800 then stick back again. It seems on return of the butterflies they get stuck on their way back.. When you hear a click the revs go back to normal The click sound seems to come from a round tube with two wires going to it (like an old camera film tube) At the end of the linkage.When the linkagereturns it hits this and it is this that makes the clicking noise. Does anyone know what this is and what it does? thanks again
  12. Unfortunately my 2.2 N/A 1988 stevens esprit is running at 9bar on 3 cylinders and 3 bar on 1 cylinder. I have put some oil down the bore and carried out another compression test which shows 8.5, so i assume the piston rings are buggered on this piston. The question is Should i remove the engine and change the rings on 1 cylinder Change all the piston rings Change all the pistons etc etc I think you know where im going with the above. Im just wondering what peoples suggestions are. The engine has just clocked 102,000 miles If anyone has any ideas on what engine model mine is, what prices are etc that would be a great help
  13. Thanks to all for the advice. Alan, it worked a treat thank you. Ive put the sanvik hole saws away now B)
  14. Well its time for the engine to come out to get repaired and the esprit refuses to let me. When i pul the rear hatch release it releases the drivers side one, but then when i pull it again it doesnt seem to unlock the passenger side one. I can hear something moving under the hatch but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas?
  15. ill give them a call and let you know the price for them both I suppose im thinking of resale value in a few years when hopefully i upgrade to a s4s and i believe someone would prefer replaced tanks rather than re-sealed tanks
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