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  1. Talon, Everyone needs a daily driver. Thanks for including me. It was a beautiful thing to see and hear. Made me laugh when I slowed to 60 to take a turn looked up and saw everyone about a 1/2 mile in front. At least I couldn't smell you anymore.
  2. Hey guys, While looking for a nice S4 I came across this listing and thought someone here might love it. Rick lotus esprit - $5500 Reply to: [email protected] Date: 2008-02-26, 6:54PM EST 1980 lotus esprit, body is in great shape intreior is in good shape motor not in car has all alum v8 great project looks awlsome 5,500 obo Mike 302-420-4212
  3. Thanks again everyone. I do need to go see/ride in/drive a few. Anyone in/around Charlotte willing to show off please let me know. jfitz981 thanks. Kind offer. I'll contact you soon.
  4. Thanks everyone. I love the v-8's but I don't think I can stretch that far. It sounds like an S4 for me. While I'm at it I'll ask this too. It looks like many of the '88-'91 cars are owned by enthusiasts (i.e. they have added PUK chips, custom exhaust, rims, etc.). The '94-'95 S4/S4S cars look like mostly 'just' owners (i.e. stock setups). How do you judge what is a better car? If a '90 SE owner has updated his car does that imply care or abuse? If it is cared for and a '94 S4 is cared for too, are they equal?
  5. Thanks. Every bit of advice is helpful. I only began looking recently but have found several interesting cars including a '95 with 15K miles. The car is too far away for me to go look at (1000 miles). How does one research a specific car when it is that far away?
  6. Would you mind if a non-owner, correct that, a future owner showed up to ask questions and gawk?
  7. Hey everyone, I've got the fever and am doing my best to research and learn as much as possible before buying. I, like so many others, have loved the Esprit for years and was surprised how affordable they are to purchase. As with any other beginners I am concerned with reliability and cost of maintenance. I like to get my hands dirty and want to work on the car as much as I'm able. I would rather pay a little bit more to buy a reliable car that be cheap and have to repair it all the time. I have read that the S4/S4S was among the most reliable and best built versions until post 2001 V8 versions. I don't have the budget to purchase a newer V8. I have found several 88/89 turbos, 90-93 SE, and a few S4 models for sale at or near my price range. I have also found 2 97-98 V8 Esprits. From what I read those two probably need work or would not be so cheap. From a reliability, enjoyment, and repair aspect what do you guys think would be the better choice for a beginner? (sorry to all the S1/S2 fans. I'm drawn to the newer ones.) Thanks Rick Charlotte,NC USA
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