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  1. neill1607


  2. Kieran, the gauges look great - where did they come from?
  3. neill1607

    I am 52

    So sorry to hear this, but at least you're home again, that's always a good sign. Thinking of you.
  4. There's a range of different sizes (7" - 16") available on the car builders site, & I don't have the radiator to check sizes at the moment. Anyone recall what size they used?
  5. Whilst the radiator's being re-cored & all the shrouds (broken in several places) are off, I thought I might as well replace the original fans with the slim Kenlow units & do away with the shroud. Has anybody done this? Got any photo's of the installation? I thought I remembered reading a post a couple of years back to do with the fitting kits wearing through the fins, but can't find it anywhere! Thanks
  6. Congrats to all. Another vote for Bibs' reminder system; if not for that I'd be much further down.
  7. neill1607

    Front dampers for GT3

    I'm just about to get some adjustable AVO dampers from PNM. Don't know if they've got any for a GT3.
  8. neill1607

    New York Lottery

    If this is the result, we all need to buy tickets!
  9. Any news on a confirmed price for my single exit 3" rear system?
  10. neill1607

    Anyone in Budapest?

    I'm over there next week 19th - 23rd. Be good to meet up with forum members if anyone's there. Neill
  11. neill1607


    Whatever angle I've seen this from in the photo's; it just looks mean!
  12. neill1607


    Enjoyed the first one, I'm sure Red 2 will be fun as well; though so much better for having a Lotus in it.