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  1. neill1607


  2. neill1607

    I am 52

    So sorry to hear this, but at least you're home again, that's always a good sign. Thinking of you.
  3. There's a range of different sizes (7" - 16") available on the car builders site, & I don't have the radiator to check sizes at the moment. Anyone recall what size they used?
  4. Whilst the radiator's being re-cored & all the shrouds (broken in several places) are off, I thought I might as well replace the original fans with the slim Kenlow units & do away with the shroud. Has anybody done this? Got any photo's of the installation? I thought I remembered reading a post a couple of years back to do with the fitting kits wearing through the fins, but can't find it anywhere! Thanks
  5. Congrats to all. Another vote for Bibs' reminder system; if not for that I'd be much further down.
  6. I'm just about to get some adjustable AVO dampers from PNM. Don't know if they've got any for a GT3.
  7. If this is the result, we all need to buy tickets!
  8. I'm over there next week 19th - 23rd. Be good to meet up with forum members if anyone's there. Neill
  9. Whatever angle I've seen this from in the photo's; it just looks mean!
  10. neill1607


    Enjoyed the first one, I'm sure Red 2 will be fun as well; though so much better for having a Lotus in it.
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