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  1. I have a light growling noise that comes on at about 25 mph, I thought for sure it was the left wheel bearing but I changed it and it didn't go away. If you turn the car hard to the right it goes away, to the left it gets louder, Any ideas? Thanks, Greg
  2. I have also used SJ, good source, but I am in the US and was hoping to pick one up at a local parts place, SJ is a week away for me.
  3. I need an upper ball joint for my 02 Esprit, does anybody have a cross reference? I was told it may be the same as a Triumph TR6? Thanks
  5. I also need a one rear OZ Nova for my car, if i could find a set reasonably i'd buy the whole set.
  6. Have you got my PMs ? I haven't heard back from you. Greg
  7. I'll take the engine cover, how can I get in touch with you? Greg [email protected]
  8. It is not just you, I also saw them earlier listed for less.
  9. I own a 94 Diablo VT and it is my favorite car of all time.
  10. It is a blue 02 with black wheels, i'm told it was spun out on the track. It was totalled by the insurance company in Colorado. That's about all I know, the Lotus world is a pretty tight knit comunity, I would think word would get around. I'm looking forward to being an esprit owner again, this will be my first V8. It will be a fun project to rebuild it.
  11. Hi all, this is my first post here. I've had 4 Lotus Esprits in the last 15yrs or so and love the cars so I'll probably be here more often. I am looking at a Blue 02 Esprit that was crashed somewhere out west. Anybody hear of it of know anything? I've found that forums are usually the best place for honest info/advice. I most likely am buying it, but would like some history if anybody knows the skinny. Thanks Greg
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