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  1. Yes please if you could do detailed pics and instruction would make great future reference for everyone. Of course pop this in the v8 section
  2. As said avoid multi story car parks, steep ramps you will make some horrible noises from scraping the nose and as Bibs said regarding being locked into a park not being able to get in. I doubt your wife wont be keen pushing it back so she can fully get in. Sounds idylic being able to use it everyday though!
  3. Arrh now were talkin.....thats better
  4. MMmmmm it will never compete with golden sandy beaches here I am afraid that are empty and have been un touched.
  5. Same here, seen the pics before and such an incredible place. Been there twice before both in winter but never that cold. I love switzerland so much I had to steal a swiss ski instructor to NZ for many fine years of.....................why skiing of course
  6. ^^ Ozzy Si is too nice, id just lead ya astray and wed end up getting really drunk together then the rumours would start ....oh and you would be in the dog box again
  7. Its 27 deg C outside right now. Its really hot!!! If the afternoon sea breezes kick in im off to the beach to cool off for a sail. Ye haaaa!!!!
  8. OK bring it on!!!! Your not all from Tasmania are ya I feel the love Hehe! Well if I get my act together I am hoping to do a road trip end of this this year down to the south island. There should be some nice toys joining me so more the merrier!!
  9. Yip im with Pete above, keep going on this and dont give up. You have so much support here to get it back together. Best wishes Kylie
  10. Hi Nick great sharing mail with you, as said ill hopefully get my act together and come down at end of year oh and leave 2x 295 black skid marks in your street! Welcome to the dark side of V8 ownership
  11. wow beautiful work, id love to see this car in the flesh when its done, I love what you have done to the interior real nice Credit to you !
  12. Mmm those blue buttons would work in the 350 to match the rest of the blue inserts! Nice job!
  13. CHAVs the lot of ya...............! Tell me how please?
  14. Assuming your car will be in top nothch condition before the outing, just three top things in my book to recheck above all else Brakes Cooling Tire pressures Sort these and you will be pulling the bird to your mates as you fly past them
  15. Wow that is fantastic, never heard of that problem before...gosh, glad it was simple enough for them to fix. btw nice clean looking car underneath - credit to you. Great stuff
  16. Hi Nick welcome to the forum, feel free to email me anytime, I know quite a few owners throughout NZ. Anytime you need help dont be afraid to ask Well evidence Esprits do get together just recently. And Loti in general Levels - Timaru Couldnt get all cars together for a pic but four Esprits turned up to this meet. Have seen 6 Esprits together at the track oddly enough. I know of your car when it was based in Auckland. Does it still have launch control that was added as another little goodie? It looked wonderful in that colour - enjoy!! Oh yeah I am only a year older than you! BUT I can say I was in Esprit ownership in my late 20's
  17. Well my 99 UK spec one passenger one does light up, but sorry not much help to the US ones.
  18. Here you go ive been beaten to it but some pics as promised
  19. It fires bullets Alan......its just so cool Ill have a look tonight when I get home to find the differences for you
  20. Sorry but this thread is no good without pics
  21. I cant believe i did that......
  22. Ooooohh well that will be your drain plug fallen out if its underneath, pics would be better. Go to and identify with the filler and drain holes there if we are talkin the same lingo here. If it is dont panic just dont drive the car !!! order a new renault plug, fit, fill with oil and go from there. You can take off the fill plug on the side which is identical and take in to a parts supplier to match up. Good luck :0)
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