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  1. Yep been wondering who has that over there as well. I have that plate here in NZ on mine. Got mine over 7 yrs ago now though Its crazy what you guys pay for rare plates in UK.
  2. Hi all I put in a mixture of Gull biofuel which is a clean performance fuel rated at approx 99 octane and 98 BP in the tank before doing a track day last Saturday. about a 50:50 mix The car ran almost faultless all day. It wasnt till the next morning I decided to check the car over and see if everything was ok. The colour of the exhausts are typically dark inside from running normally slightly rich. This is because the car is running a red race chip. I know cars using racing fuel (avgas) etc, their exhaust tips inside and out are white also, but has it leaned out while on the track? As said inside is normally the darker shade you can see in there. Should I be concerned? I am waiting to use up the rest of the fuel in the tank before switching back to 100% 98BP and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise I have no idea?
  3. Awesome, I am loving the Exige pic!!!!!! The Esprit without its its lower splitter just looks wrong IMO. I have a close friend who is a cop and frequently gets a ride in mine of late ;o) He will appreciate these pics
  4. Congratulations guys, looked like a fabulous day. I hope you have a wonderful happy life together xx
  5. Bob how did you do that? Special software or downloaded phone app?
  6. Yep access underneath with engine in situ. Mines getting replaced by the agent at the moment as I head it was a right royal PITA to replace. Getting Aux belts swapped out too while hes there.
  7. Thanks guys, I revved the engine up a bit for a while and light still on. The voltage went up to 13.3 but no higher. Going to take over to the service agent tom and replace it! Cheers K
  8. Does a dying Alternator trip the battery light on the dash? Are the two connected? My battery has failed after trying to recharge it and I have just swapped it out and put a new one in and the battery light on the dash is still on, so it appears the new battery needs some charge as well. I always like to start the car on a fully charged battery, less strain on the alternator perhaps. And sorry I am not very good at operating the volt meter to check - yes I know red probe goes to + and black to - but all those settings to make sense of, yes I will learn to use this - Google is my friend. Off to have a play now. Cheers. OK got some readings - The old battery was reading 7.97 New battery connected securely to terminals in car - car not running 12.26 Car running 12.45 My good friend tells me if its around the same the alternator is not charging and should read much higher typically. Which means the Alternator is pants then.
  9. Eeeek!! Horrible sight. Hope you are having better luck with this one
  10. As Johnathon says stir it well and should be grand. I gave my parts three thin coats where it needed it. Its fine and lasting real well. Good prep of the surface is just as important too.
  11. Hey Alex! I was talking to our Lotus compliance guy who has to see all Esprits when they come into the country and he
  12. Theres about 80+ Esprits across the ditch in kiwiland if you have wondered where the rest are
  13. Wonderful news!! Its been far tooooooo long! Woohooo.....Does that mean the price of our Lotus's go up now??
  14. Yip caught up with owners of my old 89 Turbo on Sunday at a Club Loti bbq. Its still looking lovely
  15. Well done Gunter thats awesome must be so pleased
  16. Well I love my car so much I fondle its leathery bits, dust its knobs, tighten its nuts, lube it, wash it, wax it, listen to every whine. But I still cant shag it........So its back to consuming man muffins for me
  17. Nice one Susan, its always great talking to real enthusiasts, but just watch the other type trying their luck ;o) - youll see!!! They dont seem to care if your hitched either - bless em Lol !!
  18. Just superb Mike!!! Can you post up how you go about sorting the clunking in the bulk head? Mine would appear to have already been tigtened before with the small flap of carpet removed to access the bolt behind the seat. But perhaps a spacer or something else needs to be placed there. Glad you got the decals! Guess he warned you about fitting the blue slash in the curved sill - eeeek!!! Good luck
  19. I do only just, but I dont watch enough tele to bother anyway - seeing my cranky side aint worth it??? Woman always get the last say in the matter anyhow you guys should know that by now - go mow the lawns, surely a drain pipe needs fixing and rubbish taken out
  20. Fantastic Paul - I love it, pics are great hope you didnt get any scratches on the paint work! Ohmy! Having just got back from a large ski resort myself the Esprit would have made it no problems with out chains. No snow or ice on the tar sealed road right into car park. But if it had snowed or worse - no way id do it, perhaps next time? ! ? :-o
  21. Australian?? bless ya pink cotton socks ....that is low....!!! Yeah he said am not really allowed to talk to you anymore.... yr bad news! We'll just have to speak in woolly sheep code frm now on ok? hehe
  22. Congrats - well done! - car is looking fantastic
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