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  1. OMG you lucky lady, congrats, must have been everything you had hoped for eh!!!
  2. hoping to go when they tour down under Yes there will be some serious air guitaring involved
  3. The car looks fantastic!!! Love the engine bay, its mint!! :-)
  4. Cool thread :-D Recent drag meet I went to in Oz Someone had to post a pic of a decent Esprit, recent photoshoot
  5. Its great to have you back in the gang Mike
  6. I think Gunter is on the money. Swap it if you can to check. I would remove the ECU, and get it tested through any good electrical engineer servicing ECU's. It could be short in it which can be repaired. I actually had mine konk out while driving and had the same symptoms as you trying to start it. Least if its the ECU you can leave the car there My EZscan tool could not detect this fault but the Tech 1 and any good top of the range scan tool should and clear culprit codes. Good luck and let us know how you get on
  7. NOT a nice sight, I can only assume its all tidied up and back on the road !
  8. I have an old hoodie I use for painting my art works, I am too ashamed to post pics of that but essentially the front of my top and sleeves are getting stiff frm many layers of paint and holes from solvent and other chemical abuse !! Soon I will be walking around like a Starwars robot
  9. Geday everyone, just bumping this thread up again and wondered if anyone else has upgraded to Xenon lights. One of my lights is out, yet to meter it but wondered in case it were one of the sealed units what path I should take next. I will be driving it after hrs in the dark during the week as daylight savings has ended now its coming into winter here booo! So I was looking to tart them up a bit. Edited to add those of you have done it, could you be so kind to list part numbers please. Are these std lumination? I need to make sure they will be of course legal !
  10. The PCD is unique to Lotus, sorry guys. Your best bet regarding hats and bells is a get a copy cat option from either Dave or Marcus for a small fraction of the price, getting cheap AP calipers off the shelf - eeek good luck!!
  11. Happy Birthday Bibs, hope you had a great day and got spoilt. Do some celebration skids for me! xox
  12. Wow its coming really great Gunter, that chassis in there looks beautful. This clean up is so worth it Keep at it and love the updates.
  13. Nice Alex very bling, but now youll need some after market rims to show off better those tarty large disc rotors
  14. Sweet, thank youSimon, Nick, Ian, Louise, Jussi, Gunter for flowers aweeee x Daz, yes just did this recently, windsurf in the morning and snowboarding in afternoon, not many places in the world where you can do this Life rocks !!!! Andy those Steak and Cheese pies are yummy!! Glad you liked your visit here, I love looking at the sky tower at nigh all lit up, its pretty awesome.
  15. Thank you Ian for the nice porn, delish!!! B) Lol Im in debt boooooo!!! Can we come to some agreement to waiver this expense ?? Just having a peak again at ol ABSOLUT jesus thats good
  16. Thank you everyone for the kind wishes, love you all so group hugs now xoxoxox did you feel the squeeze? Awwe lucky me. I took annual leave yesterday and went windsurfing in the morning and travelled to a indoor snow/ski arena for the afternoon to touch up on my boarding moves for the winter ski season ahead hehe!! Didnt run over any kids this time Dave....No I didnt get what I wanted why those men posted wernt in my room last night...damm they are fine!!!! Purr purr purr hehehehe!!! Ohhh that was from that testing day! Is that you Brad in my car hope Ang wasnt too jealous about you and me ... hehe!!
  17. OOOOhhhhh now dats what I call a motor!!!!! Hugs xxoxo awwee
  18. Phhoooooaaaarrrrr !!!! ^^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY PURZA!! Hope you have a good one
  19. Well if you got em flaunt em
  20. Out biking yesterday trying out my new spy glasses with built in camera and mp3 player, good fun!!! Pics all taken on the move. Hoping to get out on the windsurfer and use them there as they are also polarized and splash proof
  21. Happy belated birthday!!! Sorry I missed it. Never too late for cake, just watch those cats
  22. Should I be here or is this a mans corner today Come on what happend? Did you find her flashing at the neighbour........?
  23. The Sport 350 and 2002 onwards cars are the lowest of the lot. I got mine on this before Xmas. The usual guy I use with the flat bed was out on a job so used this guy and he bought with him loads of planks and extra rags for tie town through the wheels etc very professional. I was surprised how we manged without even folding back the black lower rubber lip = Result Dont drive on ramp, risk burning yr clutch out or worst still touching sides or front. Just get it winched on from front towing hook is far safer for all. Additional to side tie offs, I also instruct them to tie off on the rear chassis hoop to stop any bounce as well.
  24. Hi you can do periodic checks yourself by accessing the cam cover bolts at the front, undo and take a peek on the condition of belt and pulley wheels. Ive had mine checked twice in <2yrs, bit anal and prob not necessary. There are a few good threads here for DIY tension checking via a microphone and software for your laptop if you decide to get into your own DIY maintenance. Has to be in a certain frequency when you tap/knock the belt etc.
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