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  1. Bibs, I think there are quite a few more from Australia than NZ that post on here but not 100% sure on that. I know friends of mine lurk here from time to time but never post. If you ever did come out to NZ, Simon and I would love to host you and rattle up a few Esprit owners for a meet. Or you can use our house as a base to ticky tour around the place.
  2. David, end of November it arrives, but depending on customs and getting it fit for on road could be another story. Been told by Lotus compliance person, I shouldnt have any major worries. Fingers crossed!!
  3. Had a really quick browse tawling through all the stuff on there, but will have a better hunt tonight.
  4. I am all for improving the Esprit to keep her looking beautiful. If your interior is pretty bad I would see if there was a trimmer who could replace the materials to near oringal colours, fabrics etc as they possibly can. With mods like twin pipe exhausts I think so long as they can always be reversed back to original later on, go for it.
  5. David I am only just across the ditch feel free to contact me anytime, our Esprit community there is strong and are a great bunch of people.
  6. It seems like Elise owners have the same attitude here as well. I know a small handful of guys who I would give the time of day to but same old group hugging guys not letting Esprit owners in on the chat, come across as being a little childesh. It goes in turns though and have had the luxury of pointing out (in fun) that people who cant really afford more desirable Esprits tend to go for half a car such as the Elise as they cant afford the up keep. Also Club Lotus track days are great, Lambos, fezzas, Esprits tend to group and the kids cars are left out of the grown-ups corner. :laughing: Lambo owners arent exactly wanting a ride in an Elise but happy to swap rides with Esprit owners!! A while back I was contemplating a 111R for that open top sunny day experience, drove one, kinda liked it, but my heart wasnt exactly jumping out of my skin. First time ever hubby put the foot down and said I wont have a small car with half a motor that sounds like a sewing machine next to my hotrod thanks end of story. I had a ride in an Exige S1 192bhp last weekend from a guy I consider a true friend and got to say it dosent compare to an Esprit in any way, two different beasts. The thing is quick once its in the 5K rev range but no torque in lower range and did leave me feeling that I wouldnt rush out and buy one. So its an Esprit or nothing for our household.
  7. Eric have you tried airbrushing? Laying down some even flat tones in the back grounds too would look great to give a sense of depth and semi realism. Can be done very quickly too if you know what yr doing.
  8. :laughing: Done just bought the average age down a bit. 30-34 group
  9. Thanks all guys who emailed me etc and arranging to post me large movies - top stuff. I am now fully entertained for the next few weeks. I will keep playing these till smoke comes out of the computer from being worn out and really cant believe how good they sound, wooohoooo !!
  10. Your car is gorgeous what a great pic! Glad you got it all sorted. Enjoy
  11. Dave they are going to look cool! Best wishes, K
  12. Hi are you asking because its been resprayed a different colour than its original Lotus code listed in the front trunk? If its based on original paint tell us what the paint code is to be sure. Otherwise looks similar to BRG ??
  13. Depends on the situation really, numptys swerving all over the road and getting too close I just move away and let them through. But on a few occasions I had some really enthusiastic guys giving me the thumbs up and arm action for wheels spinning off the lights etc. So sometimes I have lit the rears up and made a bit engine noise and gave them a friendly wave back, they love it!! Same while cruising, give them the thumbs up on a two laned highway and put the hammer down, they catch up we toy for a bit I pull out and let them through with a thumbs up, its really cool.
  14. Great pic Katie thats cool, gosh I am too chicken to drape myself over a car even just being a silly bugger. MMnn not a bad idea :laughing:
  15. Hi Dougie, nice to see another Lotus Esprit fan on here. Show us some pics of the Excel whe you get a chance
  16. Gezzz I need something to keep me entertained and inspired for the next six weeks till it gets here.
  17. Nice one your roads are more narrow than ours!! Id would have a panic attack if someone smoked in my car !!
  18. I have heard of one guy on here running Toyos on his S350 and other guys on their V8's with great success. Not only are they cheaper to buy but excellent performance all round. I also used to run Toyo RA-1's (track stickies) on my 89 Esprit for every day use. Although the car wasnt a dailer driver, just came out at weekends and the occasional track day. Good luck!!
  19. Thats intersting to know guys about the different sizes. Wonder why they did this and if theres a pattern if the first lot of S350 came off the line had shorter wings and made them bigger for improvements or too much of an over kill and made them smaller??
  20. Hi Karl I have a small piccy in my profile of its rear end, you can kinda of see how wide it is. But sorry can not take measurements its in transit to here. Am sure one of the other guys will measure up for ya!!
  21. Wayne OMG they are fantastic and you were clearly ahead of your time as some parts of those drawings are evident in todays designs. Awesome, keep em coming fellas!!
  22. Yehaaa!! I am so looking forward to its arrival. Our whole Lotus Club knows it coming and the red carpet WILL be rolled out!!! Thank you so much for making this happen for me and the rest of the S350 fans here. Hugs to you K
  23. Car, so far so good Did I send you pics of my helmet, I know I did with the bike. Did this a few months ago on my helmet, for doing timed Lotus car sprints. Its painted in a mixture of Xotic brand Colours and PPG, with four coats of 2 pack clear. Looks better in the flesh of course. Any questions feel free to fire me mail, only too happy to try and help. Your bike frame sounds cool! Send me piccies when shes done.
  24. Travis Hi how are you?, really nice to hear from ya. Yeah I wont know myself in this car it will be a big step up in every way. I seen that S350 on Ebay a few weeks back, No.8 of 8? Wow it looked mint and I admit to downloading the Dyno file - very cool!! I guess there are a few differences between the US and UK cars, but they are equally nice. I still really miss my 89 and the new owner is just awesome. So Iam lucky its gone to a great home. We keep in touch quite a bit which is what I wanted, I would hate to lose touch with the car.
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