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  1. Hi, welcome to the forum, post us some pics of your pride and joy
  2. Yes please will download that today to my work computer, lovely!!! HI Simon, yeah I have always lustered after a Sport350 when they started coming off the production line. And said i will have one in the next few years. Things have changed, time has ticked on so it was now or never to buy one. I admit the car I bought is not really a good example with 46,000 miles, been crashed by last owner etc, but I have come to its rescue , and will be looking mint again real soon.
  3. OhhhLala, thats awesome!!! Love the screen saver in the background too
  4. Thanks for the website Gunter will have a look
  5. Hey thanks David, if your ever visiting Nz, feel free to come around and see it.
  6. Owen wow these are awesome!! Have you got any special drawing tools you used? Like special stencils. I am looking for some gear to draw and airbrush myself. I got several airbrushes and basic stencils but I would imagine theres some proper kits out there too. Great work Hey what a great kit and fantastic artwork, your very talented and alucky bugger for getting this kit!! So in the kit does it include stencils, rulers, airbrush, drawing paper? and other pencils? Have been hunting for one of these kits myself as I do a lot or airbrushing artwork and figured its about time I learnt to draw cars. I will start googling Sorry Owen for jumping in here on your thread
  7. Hi Adrian thats great to know - thanks. I am pretty keen using software for the laptop option too. Hubby runs software for his LINK computer in his Hotrod so am sure between us we will get the new software for my car it to run no probs. I will have to try and keep myself busy now to take my mind off the fact I wont see it for a while yet !!
  8. Hi guys I am a proud new owner of a Sport350 No.23. The car is actually in transit and gets delivered here in New Zealand end of November. Am really looking forward to it and will be the first here in NZ. This car will be well loved here and I am hoping to restore it back to mint again. We have a great Esprit community here in NZ and the service agent is very good, so it will be kept in the best of hands. However the car is in major need of repair aesthetically and regarded as a
  9. Nice purchase Anthony great choice of car and nice colour. Motor looks pretty tidy, much need doing?
  10. No but I have had my gear knob fall off in my hand before
  11. I made a run of Carbon Fibre B Pillars that I sold all over the world to you guys. They looked great. I even cleared them with two pack! I havent got any left, but may get into making some more in the future. Working with Carbon Fibre twill as Jonathan said it hard to get it looking right, and quite often waste alot of it. There is quite a bit involved with working with the stuff. But practice on small parts first and then go for it. Another good one could be the seat belt surrounds.
  12. HI Pete this happend to my car. I am reasonably handy with polyester resins and wetting out fibreglass so had a go at doing if myself. I just pulled out the boot floor to expose the whole area and covered the exposed gear box/mechanism areas to avoid getting dusty. I then dremeled out the crack to give something for the resin to bite to. I layered up a mixture of carbon fibre 30cm strips then chop strand mat over top to ensure there is still some flex but not too much. And repeaded the process making sure its eaven and no bubbles are trapped. Each layer I wetted with a resin called vinyl ester. Its a step up in quality from standard polyesters. You need to make sure your working environment is warmer than 18 deg C otherwise the resin will takes ages to cure. Heating it periodically with a heat gun always helps too to kick it off. Once it was cured, I sanded it, cut it back, then sprayed matt black in there to tidy it up. If you want some pics feel free to email me. I should have them there somewhere Kylie
  13. Or he couldnt get it into reverse and the gear knob fell off in his/her hands and thought #uck it I am out of here!!
  14. Hi Simon, great race car and welcome to the forum!
  15. I am with you Russ, I would love to come over and meet some of you guys. I think thats half the trouble here in NZ too. You really have to join the club here to meet people, but then theres only a few who really share knowledge do runs and most people just keep to themselves. Thankfully I stumbled across Pistonheads yrs ago and now here to really keep positive and enjoy Esprit ownership. Without you guys the car would have been sold ages ago and probably would have bought a car much less desirable like a porsche or other muscle car.
  16. Excellent news its back in one piece and I hope the police catch up with these guys.
  17. Yes you and me both. I am extremely excited I bought a sport 350 No.23 which should arrive end of November. Its been really tough not having an Esprit in the garage, so I am really looking forward to the best ever xmas pressie I have always lustered after one of these, so I have made it finally happen. Sorry for hijacking the thread guys Back to ECU's
  18. I heard Nicolas cage had an Esprit, who else thats regarded as famous like movie stars, footballers has had one?
  19. Couldnt agree more, all this reading is certainly prepping me for V8 ownership.
  20. Not an SE, tell tale is also the size of the wheels. 15's all round. SE's have 16 rear 15's front. SE rear spoiler added thats all.
  21. Nice pics she looks looks fantastic.
  22. Katie do one with some white icing and colour in the wheels with chocolate or choc buttons!?! That would be scrummy Although not so good for the dunking in tea variety!! Could be messy!
  23. Hey Katie, did you guys make a cookie cutter? I couldnt imagine cutting each one out with a knife? Love to try making some here down in Kiwi land
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