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  1. My funniest one is similar to chandrab experience. A couple of guys at the Petrol station asked me how much its worth, I said 100,000 pounds, they were going wow really its beautiful. The worst experience was a couple of chavs pulled up next to me at the petrol station, one came over and looked at the car, he pointed to a tiny paint blemish on the top of the car and said thats a shame isnt it. I looked over at his old beaten up cortina really obviously, looked at him and just smiled. Nuff said. Going back though if I could have put words into my mouth, I would have given him a right tong up. Why do people think that can talk down to you for owning such a nice a car is beyond me. Anyway luckily for me most people usually give me smiles and thumbs up. Its the worst situations you always remember though which peeves me off.
  2. Fellas I have this plate on my car ...IOTUS. Good thing about New Zealand being a small country is that theres still numerous plate options left. I see Lotis is still available too at the minimum buying price!!
  3. Very very sad news. Theres been Richard Burns, Possum Bourne, Peter Brock now Colin all within a few yrs. This is tragic my sympathys go out to his families.
  4. Do the UK real sport 350's have the painted in dark blue trim on the side skirts under the doors? Seen some with and with out. Thanks lads and ladettes
  5. Yeah I hear theres a few of you guys around that area Wheres Dave hes been absent for a while?
  6. Hi Richie glad you made it here. Richie has sold his car to me , its destined for a lovely home in New Zealand !!!! Although hes apparently got a very nice 2002 V8 as well? I am sure he can tell you more about that too . Kylie
  7. Thanks Dave will do. I know theres been about four owners and all the serive history is there apparently which Richie said he would tell more about whats been done really soon.
  8. Hi Dave, your gonna freak out....I sold black beauty 3 weeks ago, she got snapped up within a week of listing her. As I said its time to move on into a later model. I have tentatively bought a Sport 350 #23 off a really helpful friendy chap from Chester - His name is Richie, you know of car and person?? Id love to know anything. Hes got it booked in at PNM Engineering for a full inspection for me. So once again if you know anything extra about the car I would love to know. All I know its been resprayed, wheels reburbished, new turbos with new alloy actuators running on #3 PUK chip and clear light conversion. I have been told I wont be dispointed and should pass the inspection with flying colours. Hes even put up a sold on his pistonheads listing. If its all good, it is game on!! While I know you guys will be gutted to see another S350 leave UK home soil, well atleast NZ is basically full of Ex Pats (same blood) and it will be treated as a god and envy of my fellow Lotus friends here, so it will be extremely loved by all. Oh and did I mention the first S350 in NZ!!!! So all my fingers are crossed and my tootsies too. Regards, Kylie
  9. Geday Dave really nice pics!! Your car looks beautiful
  10. Thanks Jim I am actively making enquiries as we speak to importing something a little special. I just have to check out frontal impact and emmisions on this car at\s I beleive it could be the first one in NZ
  11. Calvin, you and Jim and so many others originally on PH we had some of the the best discussions ever didnt we. Those are the times you always remember, the firendships we made and share of knowlege before Lotus Esprit World came alive, its was just such an amazing time. I felt like I got to know each one of so personally. I remember sitting up early hours in the morning waiting for those in depth replys to discussions on PH, it was soo addictive. With out you guys the car would only be half the car of what it is today when I sold it. If theres such a thing called Post Natal Loss Of Esprit Depression, I rekon I have it badly. Everywhere I look around home theres pics of the Esprit on the wall and then the lump in the throat follows. I just hope I have done the right thing. Thanks Peter, I will see. I always thought the V8 engine lids look a bit drab and cracking on the V8 window trim same as early stevens cars will eventually happen. So theres plenty to think about there Wayne........I just love that pic!! But rub it in why dont ya!!!!
  12. Thanks guys... there are a few later model V8's around in NZ to choose from and importing them here to NZ has no real major issues. The V8s do seem to sell not as fast as the four bangers, I dont know why, perhaps the price they command? I think there may be a new law that comes into effect end of year to stop people importing older vehicles but I am not 100% sure. In any case I will have a good look around and have a bit of time if I want to import. But I better get busy just in case!! God I wish I could have both. The sound of the carbies with turbo waste gate flutter is just the dogs bits!! I really am going to miss that. Hi Mark, I might pop over and have a look at it perhaps at the weekend. I have spoken to a club member who knows quite a bit about it. It would be exceptional buying as its a minter with low miles. Its also clean underneath with no rust as its ex Asia (no salt on roads), one owner with full service records and all original Manuals etc. I need another Esprit in the garage I am going crazy not having one. I think if I could get this for agood price I would be an extremely happy camper
  13. :crybaby: Had Black beauty for 5 fantastic years of ownership. But I started to put my heart else where and looking at buying a V8. It only took two weeks to sell as its in good condition and pretty sought after here in NZ. I will miss her sooooo much. Her new owner is awesome and has his own personal mechanic so shes in good hands I have told him to come on here and introduce himself. Anyway I will be lurking on the V8 forums for a while finding out what I will be in for maintenance wise. I am either considering bringing out a low miliage 99 Sport350 to NZ or purchasing a 2000+ Esprit V8 in yellow or black. I have a budget of 23-24K (UK pounds), so should be able to get into something fairly decent soon. Kylie
  14. Graham......that is just super cool!!! Cripes you would want to be careful loading the bike on without it getting scratched!! What are those racks rated at once clamped on. I.e 100kg of load under wind/weight pressure? Am totally tempted buying one for my car and mating a Thule rack to the Lotus one is brilliant. It would be the dogs bits turning up to an event with the bike on the back while everyone has their practical cars on the side verge! Also is there a direct web linky I could have a look at buying one of these puppies?
  15. Thanks heaps guys, looks like its a no go then getting a ref part. The disk has been skimmed before and may see if theres enough meat left to do it again , otherwise will purchase one of the options as suggested by you guys. Thanks everyone. K
  16. Hi Marcus its a Renault gear box hence trying to source from a Renault parts supplier. I will see what else I can get my hands on if that the case. Gosh what a pain eh!!! Yeah its a solid disk alright. I had that info written down thats where they were cross referenced to , now I cant think where I got that info from. I spoke to a chap here who has a whole bunch of these in stock but he wanted to know the dimensions of my disk to match up to ensure it is a perfect match. Looks like I will pull it apart on the weekend and see what the go is.
  17. Hi my disk rotor is sticking, looking at it last night the rotor is totally grooved. Being skimmed once before it looks too thin to skim it again. I am trying a Renault parts supplier close to home, but need to measure the size for him. Apparently there are different sized rotors under this model? Without me having to take it all apart to get a good measurement, is there a specific size for this part i need to quote. Am hoping one of you have already done this so I can just order it. Its for a 89 Turbo. Cheers Kylie
  18. HR Giger was an amazing airbrush artist, although his subject matter was too bizaire, some of it quite erotic Looks awesome!!! Those helmets are expensive!! Mind you a small price to pay to save your noggin
  19. Looks great! Be interesting to see how you get on with with the start button - very cool!
  20. Yeah, I seen the brain idea from another helmet, but they did a really bad job of it, so managed to make it eye catching and put some Lotus ideas into it, which wasnt hard! Its totally original and a one off. I dont do track days as often as I used to but I am kind of looking forward to the next one just to see the look on some peoples faces
  21. Hi the Novas look great!! Keep em in silver. They will never outdate the way they are.
  22. Cheers guys, I have seen so many custom helmets that look run of the mill type of thing. So I wanted something really deifferent and eye catchy. The pics dont do it justice, looks alot better in the flesh. (pun not intended )
  23. Hi guys I did it! I have painted my first race car helmet And yeah its pretty wacko, how I dream up of this stuff is beyond me!! The side air intakes are from the Lotus Esprit and the top vent sort of S1 Exige type of thing. The exposed mechanical type brain was quite fun to do and infused with Lotus hard wired to the brain. Its a bit hard to tell in the pics but the base colours were grey with gold/antique metallic. Rivets, cracks oh yeah a TOW arrow for good measure!! Paint is X-otic Colours I imported from the states with 5 coats of 2 pack PPG Clear. There's about 20hrs work in it. Oh yeah before you ask if you can get your helmet done or have a look, I am located in New Zealand - for thoese who dont know of me :yes
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