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  1. Thanks Jonathon, great pic - thanks! Yeah I think the area around the turbo will need more protection for sure. I will pad this area and tape the rest I think. Cheers
  2. Bako foil eh!!! Sorry I have been away from here for so long Wayne. Just had a hectic last yr, so have promised to spend more time on the Esprit and catching up with you guys and the banter, now that I am more settled. Interesting about the radio interference and how it was used for this purpose. I figured that I didn't want to expose the CF to direct heat and anything that may end up on it from the inside, so I thought a thin layer of foil or just the minimum would be great. Am not interested in the thick padded stuff as it will just sit too high and the rubbers wont sit flush.
  3. Have had my new CF engine lid on the car and am undecided how I want the finish look to be. I know of a few people who drive their carb turbo cars without their engine cover on, purely because they like to hear the carbs and the flutter of the turbo. What I am asking is whether I have to drill holes in my new CF engine cover and fit the metal grill inserts as per original part. I would like to just heat insulate the inner side of the cover and put new rubber seals on it, without transferring all the other stuff. Would be kinda cool looking straight into the engine.. Any thoughts, pros and cons
  4. No its not phenolic resin. Its low shrink strong epoxy 2 pac system.
  5. Nice pics Travis! Wish mine were of the larger size. Mine are different again.
  6. Hey there, I have the same wheels as you on my car. Yipee FINALLY seen another set!! Now I was told that these came in a kit made by OZ wheels. Dont get me wrong yes they are stamped Revolution on the inner side, but the wheels came in OZ Wheel boxes for Stevens Esprits. The kit includes an SE front bumper, early V8/Sport 300 rear wing, side pin striping stickers and of course the wheels. I noticed your centre caps are missing? These centre caps where made out of crappy black plastic and had the Lotus emblem sticker on them (same as on SE OZ route wheels) . One of my centre caps was missing when I bought the car, so the lot came off and made some billet polished alloy caps with Elise centre badges. Looks the dogs bits IMO. We stripped my wheels and poilshed them shiny as a shiny thing and OMG looks sooo good! The centres were originally painted black like yrs but mine got resprayed silver. You should do the same if you no luck sourcing original wheels. These wheels are quite light with having magnesium centres, so they are great wheels to have. I track my car for Lotus meets and use Toyo RA-1's, it loves them Anyway I have plenty of pics if you want some, heres what the old and new caps look like. Cheers Kylie
  7. Hi Richard I had something similar happen to me and had to get out on the passenger side But I was saved by spraying WD40 in the latch part when I could open from the outside. No problems since.
  8. Hi there, both of my window motors eventually died after re greasing everything and replacing small parts. This worked for a while but we have now fitted a 88XJ6 Jag left hand side motor for drivers side (right in NZ, left for Euro) and right for left (work that one out Lol), seems to work well for now. I got mine from a Jaguar car wreckers and got them to test it for me before I bought it. Regards, Kylie
  9. Hey I am here at last, taken a while Thanks for the kind comments on my lid. It certainly is a piece of art and just glows. As for the heat, well time will tell I guess, I dont know how it will last. I will report back about its quality later on down the track. Its probably cheaper for you guys to organise the manufacture of these lids locally. And Kato's right, your looking at good money for a quality part. Theres heaps of good reading on the net on how to make successful moulds and lay-up of the CF or glass in the mould. If you have patience and time its very rewarding, otherwise its just as easy to get someone else to do it at a price. In this instance I piked out on making my lid, but specified on how I wanted the CF layed up and resins used. So I guess I still kept my sticky beak in this project to a certain degree. If you want more info let me know, only too happy to help my boys Cheers Kylie
  10. Now now, least we have plenty of room over here rather than passing the soap to the neighbours. And um dosent everyone live in Coronation street over there...?
  11. Hey good for you!!! Ive always fancied a hoon round that track. I never really liked the EBC green pads, but if it works for you go for it.
  12. Hi guys, great to see a nice community of people here from all over the world.
  13. Cripes Jim....thanks (gone bright red) The pic of the piller looks hot!! I have saved your pic, as I never really got any pics back from people. Glad you got them on perfectly.
  14. Thanks Calvin, yes love to work on my own car. Also like to think I am just one of guys here
  15. Hi there, we get asked all the time from the northern ones if we are together and am constantly putting them right. We love the ozzies plus the beaches are great as you have pointed out. We will eventually get you back on the rugby eh
  16. Thanks all glad to be here, I love these avator options this forum has. Gives just a sneak preview of everyones cars, love it!
  17. Wow that would be amazing. I get excited when theres only 10 of us!!! but 40 is another story !!
  18. Hehe, mmm nice bit of mutton you found there!!! Feel like putting a roast on actually - infused with garlic and rosemary. Thanks!!! btw...No offence to those vegans out there
  19. Thanks Slade and Wayne. It is quite rare to see an Esprit on the road, but I have meet quite a few owners through our local club, so its great to see everyone hook up from time to time. Otherwise I see more Elises now days than Esprits, heaps of them being imported all the time which is great.
  20. Ha ha dunno I rekon I could get those sheep to part pretty quick if I had too ;-) Smarty pants!!!!
  21. Hi there been head hunted to check this place out and its great. Will promise to post some interesting pics soon of my new carbon fibre engine lid, just been popped out of the mould.
  22. Hi there, sorry I have been meaning to check this forum out, wow its great!! Well here I am everyone For those who don't know me I live in Auckland New Zealand and NO we are not part of Australia!! I have a black 89 carbed turbo with tan leather and its stunning. I have done a few mods to the body which I will update in my profile later on. The engine I am determined to keep it stock though. Anyway be nice to also hear from other female owners too.
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