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  1. Hi Paul I would have thought you would be ok at that height? Some people take spacers/rails out underneath and bolt straight to the floor for that extra room - a bit drastic but if your desperate to fit in you do what you can. As said little narrow shoes are a must too. Good luck
  2. Bring back the naked ness Tony a change is always good. I used to change mine on here quite a bit putting up various NZ pics if you remember, it keeps it interesting and as others have said utilise your footer at end of your post if you feel the need to keep the Pink Panther thing going. B)
  3. Happy belated birthday Dave, hope you had a great day!
  4. Nice one Katie I bet that builder has had a few dirty phone calls from desperate house wifes just in case hes up for it
  5. I like Marks version TBH, are you good with real carbon fibre, would be ace done in that !!! drooool! Good luck and love your plate btw. Similar to mine Mark I love your car its so mint!!!
  6. No way, Ill ill add extra chains and super glue just incase. I can just see it sticking out of his hand luggage now haha!
  7. Quality pic !!! Poor roller skate has been stretched to a skate board with thoses big bootys! haha!
  8. Hey sounds a good idea and good luck. I know someone who does a lot of painting cars in the garage (no proper booth) and he also wets the floor, it helps keep dust particles from rising when stomping around the car.
  9. I love it and wish Lotus would go all out like this on the next Esprit!
  10. Ohhh Mark that is beautiful, playing guitar well is an amzing gift and hard to learn well. The other day we found an original Jansen Peter Poser that looks similar to that shape, unfortunately im not allowed to have it at home and goes on the wall of fame at the shop as its worth a bob or two now. I am practicing on a high end model Blade at the moment. Im just learning so im really rubbish !
  11. Hey glad you had a great day despite the hoses bursting, bugger! I always take 100mile an hr tape with me just in case! Spoke to the troops earlier yes there should be some footage coming my way That muzzy ohhh arrrh isnt that just the most meaty sounding motor....delishemo So what on the modding list now? AP brakes, sticky tires, race seats, race wing
  12. Hi Susan, I take it you use your Esprit every day, I do try and be picky when I park. I just park in the middle of a white line if I think theres no way I can open the door if people parked too close to me are going to hit it. I know when I see people do this I say what a complete tosser, but at the end of the day saves a bit more paint on your doors and less stress. Id say its random that they choose to park next to you. I know people who are employees of a mall or supermarket etc tend to park their cars further away to avoid them getting dented lots.
  13. Thats the first thing I was thinking too. theres no reason to test drive car at all for that work. God i hope its something simple like a blown out Slave cylinder
  14. All the best Tony have fun and remember cars in front are made for passing
  15. Not sure if Pete will be there anymore but he said he was taking the purple Murci roadster. If hes there tell him I said he is captain slow. He will give you a ride for sure Ya best mate Evil is going right?
  16. Hi Al, I am across the ditch in Auckland. Our 350's are the only ones in the southern hemisphere You can email [email protected] for more info only too happy to help. Best regards and lovely collection of toys Kylie #23
  17. All the best MJK, hope you have a speedy recovery and back at the helm in no time.
  18. Just as well you wernt naked when you took that, you look quite fit As per usual Dave nice work !
  19. Karl Ive done similar track days here. Its more like a testing day where you sign your life away on a bit of paper and you basically go out on track amoungst it all. Check your insurance as most wont cover track days and you might need extra cover. Most supercar owners like a bit of space between them and you for obvious reasons, but as you say theres always exceptions. Let about 2 psi of pressure out of your tyres for extra grip as they start to warm up. Do a few laps and come in for a bit to let your brakes cool down. Dont put the handbrake on once entered and parked in pit lane esp if the discs are red hot. Check all yr fluids before you go. Just start out slow and get used to the lines and then build up. Take your own helmet if you can. Keep the sunny side up and take loads of pics and Karl cam on board ...Yeah!!!
  20. glad you got it sorted! Have fun I know of a few lads taking part in that Great to have an Esprit there
  21. Oh Mike would have loved to see some pics of car in Paris, still though glad the car is all back together and you can enjoy it
  22. Wow, big job! Youll be glad to replace all those rusty bolts though, peace of mind for if you ever have to go back there to replace something. I have to do the same and the poor dremel has done a runner as it knows it will be getting a hiding as yrs did Keep the pics coming
  23. Hes washing the filth of the green machine before the next photoshoot Thats strange about the box oil. Like I would have assumed from those pics that box looked freshly painted and housing reassembled and to do that they would have had to drop the oil some where along the line ? Just a lick of paint huh?
  24. Haha nice one Chris, actually I have a funky pair of socks patterned like that car.
  25. Thanks for sharing - nothing sexier than a noisy V8 tearing down the road Sorry Kimbers you cant play this game anymore, as much as i love all Exige's, they just dont quite excite me as a V8 does
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