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  1. Happy Birthday!!! You can borrow Hugh for today, but I want him back. I think these boys cover it! And some bubbles to finish off
  2. Great posts Mike and Gunter, what a team ! But Gunter you could have washed your car for the photoshoot
  3. Katie I remember that like yesterday, I will never forget those amazing biscuits, gosh was it really that long ago. You and I must have been still at high school then hehe... If only eh!
  4. Wow what a back ground working at Lotus, I had Geoff and June Davidson at home for dinner just before xmas. They both retired late last year after a long period working there and came out here to do some mountain trekking. It was a real privilage listening to Geoffs stories when he was heavily involved in the Esprit suspension programs etc. Anyway if you ever do make it back feel free to look me up. I am in Auckland. Do you think you will ever move back?
  5. Nice pie John, thought it was a Ford Capri kidding great effort, someones now going to have to up Johns efforts I think! Hhhmmm
  6. Hi Ralph when did you leave for the UK ?? Did you have your Esprit here or taken to UK with you. All the best, Kylie
  7. Yay nice work Mike, thats great news, now you can relax and rejoy it !!
  8. Geday, can it be repaired? or its actually well and truly stuffed. I know the earlier Esprits you could pull apart the latch and refurbish. Many owners did this, unsure of this one though. Cant see why the process would be any different :-/ ??
  9. Hi Roger, yes its a comon complaint from Brits when they holiday here too. It seems in the UK if your clocked at doing 10mph over the limit knowbody seems to care , here your given a ticket for any number exceeding that limit, so we are more used to that rule and try to be careful. On the other hand the long stretches we have are fantasitc and plenty of room to wind the needle out, I just pick my moments and go for it You would love the south island less traffic and more long stretches. Did you do the Taupo to Napier Highway? Thats got some fantastic road along there!
  10. Wow nice pic!! Sounds like you had a blast skiing, I love skiing so much I did two trips to Switzerland just to see what all the fuss was about. I hear Utah is incredible too. NZ has great fields and glacier skiing here is a must, but grass sometimes needs trying out on the other side We are only two months away until snow arrives in the south. yehaa!!
  11. Is that real or photoshopped ? Simon those pics of you demonstrating getting in out of the Elise are priceless hehehe!! Love it and love your humour! Lets face it we have all seen someone do this on their first time getting in one. I actually find S1 Exiges a little awkward getting in and out of and I am only 5,7 and got flexi legs
  12. Take Wendy out for a nice breakfast or lunch in the Loti ? And someone at home to look after kids perhaps while your out?
  13. Yip totally agree Katie, they are not pies, but delicious all the same. Yum.
  14. Wendy should post pictures of Bobbles so we can be the judge hehe!!!
  15. Gunter what are you doing with your heat shields? Are you replacing them with the R&B aftermarket option or making do with original part. Some days mine rattle other days they dont. Cna be a little embarrasing. I have tweaked mine several times by reaching up and leavering them a little. It seems to help, but not the cure.
  16. Yes please Steak and stilton for me. Kimbers, Bacon and Egg pies you will find them in every corner store here. Also butter chicken pies, vegetarian, lamb, venison and wallaby pies Cornish pastries are a big fav here too along with Pork pies which you guys know so well. We also have hot pots mainly found in bar menus, which consist of a ramekin type oven proof bowl filled with rich gravey and meat chunks with a crust of flakey pastry - yum, I would not class this as a pie though. I believe this is a british dish? Paul agree great thread my mouth is watering and I am about to dribble all over the keyboard and blow a fuse!
  17. Bobbles...? Is that your pet name Kimbers? Ana get the pics up
  18. Hey John yeah its just one of our iconic brands of drink, tastes just like typical lemonade I quite like it though in moderation only as I dont eat much or drink a lot of junk food.
  19. ^^ Katie youll have to take that offer up !!!
  20. What a fantastic thread !! The pie is one of man/womens finest creations. It must have a pastry base, sides and flakey pastry top with a slight wipe of egg yolk on the top for colour and optional seasame seeds or cheese depends on whats in it. It shall contain only fine cuts of meat. Tts shall not bear lips and a$$holes as we call it. There shall be no preservatives, artificial colours or flavour inhancers. Natural quality ingredients are what I call a pies best kept secret. I am partial to a bacon and egg pie myself and have a treat once a week from the local bakery around the corner from work, washed down with some locally made fizz. Bring on the pie ....delish
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