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  1. Hehe, sadly no photoshop software on my computer! Come out for a holiday and youll see !!! Hi Mark, yes is does, if you know Australia its similar but havent heard of cameras in litters bins here yet!!! Only in the built up areas like cities there are fixed cameras and plenty more cops about with lazers. The remote volcanic region where I was, you get mainly the odd mufti (cop cars in disguise) or marked patrol car, but I only seen one cop in that whole area. You just have to pick your moments and be careful. cheers Katie, I like to share with you guys also helps to put NZ on the Lotus map
  2. Pete despite having weary limbs after a hard out trek on the Sat, I felt exactly that, I just wasnt quite ready to get out of it!! I just love it so much Puurrrrr purrr purrrrr Sorry thats getting a bit personal
  3. Thanks Patrick, yes I adore the torque of the V8, putting ya foot down in any gear is just no problem for it. Hey Trevor, yeah anyone would think I am trying to be an artist hehe!! I love taking photos even with crappy cameras you can still get great shots by adding dimension and utilising good subject matter I prefer the modern comforts of this car as opposed my 89 Turbo, its just feels almost like a normal car. David - Now now thats no way to talk to girls
  4. Hi guys just did around 1000kms or pure driving bliss this weekend been, car not missing a beat! I took the Sport down to the mountains to hook up with some friends going tramping at Tongariro National Park (NZ). The roads around there are amazing and an opportunity to open up the beast and let it fly. The good thing about the 350 is that you can get up to what ever speed of your choice extremely quickly and haul it in just as fast as well; it
  5. Thats real pretty, enjoy it
  6. Help I am looking for big sexy Super cars that are low wide wedgy with a deep rumble.....OHHHHHHHHHH wrong thread...........Is this the CLAM CLUB??
  7. Tony where were they breaking at the same spot can you remember or something different let go each time? Mine has the Red ECU no mods to box and must be sl over 400bhp. I do try and be careful but there has been the odd occasion .........whooops !! Gear box upgrade is def on the list !
  8. The Lambo Countach wing is pure S E X, I dont care if its functional or not...... I love it. Mmm num num num
  9. Thanks Paul, your dead right I can do this myself, ive tackles much harder projects with success, im just being lazy. Thanks for all your info
  10. Seen it .....yucky not for me No no no.
  11. Nice one Kimbers and pleased your back into Lotus ownership again. I guess good things come in small packages. Sorry I couldnt resist. Enjoy
  12. Excellent photo!! Great news re engine on its way :) Woohoooo !
  13. Thanks Mark, its been noted and will take car over to Techies in next few weeks to have a look.
  14. Cheers Roger Yip if anyone wants a painting of their Esprit you can contact me for details
  15. Same here, happened two weekends ago while out driving with another V8 his came on after ever stop mine didnt but didnt really think much of it Just trying to get my head around what Paul said. May have to raise my IQ by 5 to find its way to the storage centre
  16. Hey thanks, yes an artist in spare time, I love it, it keeps me out of trouble and off the streets I do all sorts of stuff, anything goes Thanks Simon, yes the painting had to be done in 2K, only when the best will do for George.
  17. Well done Bibs and Laura I see even a double garage which is a huge bonus for you brits isnt it? Just been out driving in the country and found some nice twisties - woohoo !
  18. Hi Tony, Wendy is clearly talented and ive since spoken to her on FB. Her work is awesome I am not sure if I posted this or not. But it does have a feel good back ground story. Basically a close friend of mine imported a S1 Exige over a year ago now that he was lusting after for some time, well so was I actually and hoping he would get it. After paying top market rate for this car and all the boxes were ticked thinking it was a good one, a few months later he
  19. Hi Susan, another female owner here too, sadly im not in the UK to meet you but still this place brings us all together which is great Beautiful Esprit BTW, enjoy it.
  20. Nice work Bibs, sounds a treat !! Now youll just have to watch those speed cameras
  21. Those Turbos look a treat Keep up the good work, and hope you dont come across too many other things while your there. I used POR15 recently on the wheel wells, drive shafts, upper and lower links. So youll have fun. Post plenty of pics.
  22. Ooop bit slow on the reply - cheers Ian !! Wish we had jets like you guys We have an air show coming up and hopefully a few Oz jets come out again like they did last year to make everyone deaf again - just brilliant
  23. Lovely pics guys, really jealous ill get there to a meet one day So whats kimbers buying next?
  24. Ouch.....poor kids Shoes off at my place or yr thrown out simple!
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