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  1. Just the one bolt holding the pads in on the AP set up. Easy to acess if need be I have this problem actually on my other car after its been washed more so than this one.
  2. Hi Gunter just looking at how well you parts have come out of your acid batch technique. What is this soln? Is it a Gunter cocktail or something readily available? Keep the updates coming
  3. Ok my money on a crapped out 02 sensor
  4. All stamped up perfectly until it reached the last PO who put it in a ditch and did not want to pass on repair bills or where the work was done - clearly someting to hide!!!! Just thankful its straight and living a charmed life now where it gets everything it needs to purrr
  5. Andy that is great ill see what what is reads tonight. Cheers Kylie
  6. Hope it goes to a great home and a good price is reached.
  7. Hi Kim lovely car hope you enjoy it. Theres plenty of great info here if you ever get stuck on something
  8. Im am just bringing this thread back up again as I wanted to know if the orginal poster had any luck determining the fault. I too am having the ABS light come on sometimes on start up and takes a while to dissapear and sometimes just stays on during runs. Some people have told me on other cars it can be just a matter of giving the sensors a clean up as they collect muck. Has anyone had success in doing just this. Failing this I will have to take the car over to the agent to plug in to the Tech 1. The OBDII does not pick it up. What Gunter has posted is very useful but would be nice if I could have a go at sorting it myself first.
  9. Oh no I have seen those "unique" seats before but I got the impression you were going to consider tarting up some newer seats? - pun intended
  10. God it does look like fine weave dosnt it....Mmmm dont put ideas in my head Roger! but its a patterned glass table top Oh crap...better not. I think the brits are getting a little sick of our 2mins of fame so how about a new thread title as suggested: Warning extreme hot ozzie and kiwi bodies unveiled Too hot to handle Slippery when .......oh no not going there Sizzling sausages and dirty donuts Haha we are hotter than you are....
  11. A mullet? Business at the front party at the back
  12. Oh that is awesome I bet the other half got an ear full that you still have the goods so he better watch it...???!! Haha! I can only assume you may be similar in age to me around mid 30? It happend to me late last year the feeling of still retaining a youthful look tops eh! Hair up in a pony tail def works for me
  13. Looks like a heap of water on the track or enough to have been a problem?
  14. So are you going to have tartan seats? Got to see that!!
  15. 40 deg tooooooooooooo hot mate 30 deg better least you can still do stuff and not pass out. Got tucked into some Pacific Maitai Cocktails over the long weekend. Anyone one to share one with me ? Yumm
  16. Hi Nick, yeah well have to look into more detail what we can and cant do for exhausts. Yes picked up car from EFI Tech on the North Shore and the guys pulled four trouble codes! The ECU earth connection had a short. The guys are excellent and so on the case with fixing these now. This time last year the service agent was sending ECU's back to UK to get fixed which is crazy. But im still having trouble with my 02 sensors showing up. They rekon sometimes just changing them all out can clear it despite reading showing that the sensors are working iff swapped over etc. But yes been out hooning on Sat and today in the back blocks of where I live. Excellent fun God the weather is bloody hot isnt it? Not complaining at all!
  17. Agree dont chop it up, it will become worthless. Do a GT1 rep or something!
  18. From Lotus Owners handbook for V8: NGK BKR6EKC Gap - 0.9mm (0.035 in)
  19. Happy Birthday Mark!! Have a great day
  20. Bugger Nick Hang in there. Ruby sounds perfect and I take it that its a she Its perfectly normal to give your P&J a name. No I didnt get a close up of the exhaust. there are quite a few aftermarket variations of Exhausts now available for our cars. A common one is high flow cats which you describe. Mine are decated straight through with large ugly cans which im hoping to change out in the near future. Ill email you a youtube link of my own opinion of a sweet sounding loud exhaust on an American Esprit V8. I think you will like...a lot. Ive already asked our compliance guy here in Auckland if I am allowed straight pipes crossing over with no cans as this is the configuration, but I am not allowed
  21. Awesome am jealous!! Have fun but be safe and keep the shiny side up piccies piccies pls !!
  22. Great clips guys really enjoyed them. How about Clarksons hair
  23. Hey take it through the Lyttleton tunnel I want a sound file please
  24. Great stuff Peter was wondering how you got on with Mikes speakers. I might get mine freshened up. theres a crowd here that rebuild used speakers so another project to add to the list.
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