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  1. Hi guys thanks heaps for the support! I am in the North island of New Zealand so we didnt feel anything. It happened near Christchurch which is in the South Island. Was a massive 7.4, the epi centre of quake was shallow and on farming land so thankfully paddocks took the brunt instead of houses! It also happened early hours of the morning which has also saved lives. I could only imagine what would have happend if it were in peak times in the CHCH city. Buildings collapsed onto streets and cars! Yes S350 is up for sale, time to reinvest some cash after 8yrs in Esprit ownership. Am def going to get another one day, want to by some serious land and new business venture with my partner to enable me to be more mobile and live life to the fullest while I can.
  2. Hi Karl, hows things buddy! Am loving the new colour, well I liked the old colour actually, but cool to see you cracking on with new mods! Like everything your doing but need to see the side exit exhaust in person to comment further. I think if you go down a proper race theme the side exit will work, but given the fact the Esprit is already GT in std form I recon you should keep the exhaust exiting out the back, do a Zonda theme if you must !!! Hehehe!!! Much loves to Pony too. xox
  3. Hey all the best with this project, what clear coat system are you spraying out on top. I recommend you atleast do this part off the gun - not via can. You need thickness here for protection, paint can spray wont give you this. OK unless you put down 20 layers after wetsanding each layer Gosh I couldnt imagine painting my expensive exotic with cans - sorry !! Again interested to see the results.
  4. Mmmmmm I am def giving you a call when in Melbourne next!! Seriously hot shit.
  5. TPS - very important!! Mine was out by a heap when I first got mine. I am able to periodically check mine on the Ez Scan.
  6. What would we do without Wendy - awesome, but didnt she have a weeeeeee mistake of her own that day ....of the ripping variety ? hehehe!!
  7. Hey wow, bit late to this thread, congratulations, I am envious as hell!! This is an amazing bit of kit you have restored, credit to you!! Love to see more interior and engine bay, underneath pics when you can. Sorry what box has it got in there? Anyway please keep posting and sharing race meets etc when you get it out there. Some footage wouldnt go a miss either Typical woman im asking way too much hehe!
  8. Hi guys managed to get the code cleared and with a few restarts not coming back. Need a proper road test though and see. So far so good. Another excuse for a hoon tonight
  9. Interesting Bibs, well ive just been telling people mines 1300kg from brochure. One would hope its lighter than std V8s for sure, im so interested to see how No.7 goes. Mines also got Air con. No spare tire and no add on mods in the engine bay. Love to get mine weighed now I have cleaned the entire underneath hehe!!
  10. Thanks Paul and Gunter, I wasnt going to delete the code until I get some more info, but ill try deleting it today and see if it comes back. Cheers, p.s Gunter yip weather been amazing here, today weather is not so good with a little rain, but been a great summer :-D
  11. Very nice Wayne, im loving yr nice tidy engine bay. Hope it solved yr problems. K
  12. The above code came up, but some back ground info before hand. Dont let Ferrari boys drive your motor -kidding, lambo owners are better - lol!! A very sharp quick gear change and dumping the clutch too quick gives a sharp jolt and twist in drive train feel, a few dash lights came on but then went away. He did the same thing again by mistake after I slapped him and this time, grrrrr - lights on dash and loss of power. Went to start, fully cranked but no spark. I then activated the fuel reset switch thinking it might have told a sensor it was in an accident from the sudden jolt to cut fuel and it fired up and drove fine = result. But just fired up the car this morning to get some data from the ECU and see what the check engine light is. After after a few minutes warm up (still half cold) out side air temps a balmy 25 deg c, the 02, sensors were typical and flicking from lean to rich, but the fuel to calculate air/fuel system 1 & 2 was in closed loop. I thought when cold should be open loop mode calculating from coolant temps. Hmmmm The trim 1 reading -4% - 9% No.2 5.4% Can someone shed some light here. RED race chip in here also to take into consideration. Anyway potential failure modes, connectors, wire open short circuit, relay, injector control/fault, ecm injector circuit failed. So I guess I could start with easy stuff like relays? Any trouble shooting info would be grand.
  13. Thanks Travis, well over a year later and its still looking mint and glossy! So I am happy
  14. Hi guys well after many years of Esprit support from Rob C especially with the Sport 350, Rob gets the opportunity to come out to New Zealand for a quick visit. It was really amazing to finally meet his lovely family and go for a decent blat along some lovely country roads. I think he enjoyed himself as I couldnt get a word in either way - that man knows how to talk - hehehe!!! Hes a true gentleman, I thoughly enjoyed our special time together. My new nick names according to Rob are Dolly Bird and Lady K. Im happy with that Anyway Rob is heading back to UK today so am sure you will all hear from him soon Cheers Kylie
  15. Awesome Rob Cant wait to meet you and Marian in the new year ! Have fun in Oz for now. xx
  16. Nice project Mike! Be great to see this beastie back on the road :-D
  17. Hi Gunter sorry for the late reply. I havnt checked the plugs as I spoke to two other people using the biofuel in their V8's and got the same response. So at this stage I am happy to know its a common thing amoungst owners down under. I am loving all the info you posted up. Always interesting to read. Cheers for that.
  18. Goodness me oh my!!! Keep the pics coming Mike and great work !!
  19. Gents can someone please confirm its going to be in Octane Mag - Issue 79 ? Clearly a little harder for kiwis to get off the shelf here, but with some digging am sure I will find a copy when it goes to print. Far out this has been ages! good things take time eh! Ta muchly
  20. No its another 2-11 owner, his name is Bob. Sorry I have forgotten his last name! [quote name='G
  21. Against the other V8's eeeeerm NO These guys are regular track day hooners, one V8 running stickies the other guy almost a professional driver. I managed to keep them in my sights but engine preservation is always on the back of my mind ;-) (need to also drive it home). Awesome day though few pics. Yes a type 49 [quote name='G
  22. Hi Simon, I was hoping this was the case and will put 98 back in there and see if that changes things. I would normally just put the cleaner stuff in there, but work pays for my BP98 so I am not complaining
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