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  1. Keep up the good work Gunter - loving the pics ! keep em coming
  2. Wow gunter keep the pics coming they are great!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to show Lefty around!!! Cool!!!
  3. *sl off-topic* Hey cross dresser....yeah talkin to you Karl that movie you showed me was that you taking footage or Justine? P couldnt remember being a weirdo plonker in that - Lol. But I promised on the ph this morn he was with a limp and all hahahaha!!! Have a great weekend you little saddo and I wont love you any less if you do decide to go ahead with the operation..... just check with Justine first though ay. LMAO LMAO!!!!
  4. Well I would have been in Esprit ownship if I could have afforded one when I was 15, but no licience and still at High School left me dreaming. I think I was 28 or 29 when investments allowed my dream to come reality. I got my 89 Turbo and I was 34 when I went to the dark side of Sport 350 ownership. Never looked back!!! I have always had the outlook on life if you want something bad enough youll get it. If you didnt get it you didnt want bad enough
  5. Shade, ive just looked at your list again of the apps you have downloaded. I loaded that shazam music finder.....its freaky how it works eh, so wicked!!!
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!! I havent posted a topic in a while so any excuse for some man pics eh
  7. Yep as Jono states best to check the height from the front cross member to the ground which should be 170mm this is half a tank of fuel with two people in car.
  8. Cripes I cant believe I missed this thread, what a shocker!! I am so sorry When I purchased my 89 Carbed Turbo I heard of these nightmares with old fuel lines and connectors. Infact I could almost smell fuel in the cock pit. I replaced one of the hoses then thought what am I doing! Get everything done properly, so all new hoses connectors, stripped carbies back to new again. It was peace of mind. Also installed a 1kg powder unit infront of the passenger seat and now in the V8 also. Better then nothing.
  9. Nice work Jonathan, they look great, but to be honest if I were going to go down that route which I cant cause I already have the S350 logos there, I would go CF everytime, just makes it more upmarket as said in previous comments.
  10. Yip get it inspected properly to see what what is happening back thererather than playing guessing games on an expensive motor. It might be something just really small like an electrical connector or something. All the best
  11. Yawn Um I think we all know the real topic now closed ay Its lusty Loads of torque, did I say that "T" word....Oh yeah I did! Cant beat the sound of a V8 Later ones are just so much better sorted all round. This UK Lambo owner soon to be a kiwi .....validated the exhilerating factor of the V8 at a recent track day here in NZ. I think the smile behind the helmet says it all Good times ...awwwe
  12. Hope you get the right medication to see you through Alex :-(
  13. Sounds really meaty Jason, I love it!!!! Well done and look forward to more pics and video when shes all complete
  14. In true Bond fashion its only fair to add some budgy smugglers to the chosen pics for the ladies
  15. I echo Garps comments Mike. I think your left knee will constantly bang against these instruments sticking out there. But I see its too late adding more holes into the leather OHMY !!!!! That aside am loving this rebuild. Xx
  16. Great progress Mike!! Keep the pics coming they are fantastic. Nice to see No.32 is getting well sorted. X
  17. Cam while I think everyones pics are fantastic, yrs are going to be hard to beat I think. Those Loti race cars make me drooool
  18. Thanks Chris much appreciated. No i havent tried dynolicious about to have a look see, what do you think of it?
  19. 3.0 downloaded last week and all good on my 16GB. The only thing putting me off the iphone was the lack of picture sending. But 3.0 does this now. About effin time how embarrasing for them!! Someone mentioned about taking video footage. What Apps do you need for this for the old phones not the new ones being released. Also anyone had good results from the the REV OBD wireless? I havent downloaded yet but tempted too
  20. Thanks for the tip Paul, yes they are scheduled for a full tour, so be rude not to - I love em X-D
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