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  1. Well have had a tricked up 89 Carbied Turbo and that WAS fun, real fun and prefer the sound of that, but I did make the mistake of going for a ride in my mates early 96 V8 and loved the rush it gave me. Seeing my own spine imprint in the back of the seat is addictive in the V8 :D Its just so fast. I couldnt see myself in another Esprit until the new one comes out of course. :harhar: I love them all they are fantastic cars!

  2. Im here Gunter, yes I know what your talking about now but got to admit wondering what was in that first pic, I ruled out sump as it had pine needles in there so figured must be something to do with that washer :D The citris explains it !!! :harhar:

  3. Hi Adam, lovely work, I can appreciate the hard work that went into this. I pretty much did the same as you except my bushes were in good nick so I left them, and I just temporary cleaned up and coated the springs while there to stop them from getting any worse. The most heartbreaking thing for me was doing the seals while there thinking all was going to be mint and oil free under there for many motoring months to come!!! till finding I hadnt sealed up one of the roll pins properly and all the handy work of a clean gear box was mucky again, its such a PITA to clean Grrrrrrrr haha! The joys eh.

    Anyway keep at it, it does feel good knowing you have done some great improvements to maintain it.

    Ive lost the plot the last few months and need to get back on the band wagon again with the car and do more improvements.

  4. It's lunch time here and I am just heading out to p-p-p-p-pick up a pie.

    I'll let you know how I get on.

    Ohhh yeah go on.... :P

    See here about the uproar.


    This could cause me a problem on my next Euro trip when I get stopped by US customs for trying to import 150 cornish pasties in my suitcase.

    Just tell em yr a baker and entering the national pie competition :bounce: And did they want to sample one....

  5. Very cool Peter. Thank you so much I have the interface cable plug etc so will download this later on. Be interesting what shows up vs the hand held Ezscan4000

    Being a female I can give you a hug, now id like to see the boys try it on heheheehe!

  6. You'd be welcome to spend some time at ours too Kylie! I think you would also end up with the 'longest distance travelled to an LEF event' trophy which you could keep aswell! :)

    Dave and Bibs it would be amazing if I could stay with you next year, I might have to take your offer up on that, the only con with me I do like my tipple and getting up to no good :yes: But I can behave too promise :D

    Have also been offered a pretty nice beast for hooning around in from a Pher in the south to travel up in :P Most of all I need to get to the Factory esp while Brian's still there and need to track down his right hand man Geoff and June who used to work there too. They are Golden!

    I want to meet the Kimbers clan, Wendy the artist is a must! Theres Dave W, S350 clan and Katie and so many of you lot.

    Back to Donny pics, keep posting guys B)

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