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  1. Hallo Geir. i collect last year a Marcos Mantis M70 from Skien in Norway,I have no informatien of the licenceplate number in Norway The car was owned by Mister Halvorsen  He past away some time ago (Edvard Griegs Gate 2  3722 Skien.) I live in holland and collect fibreglass cars TVR. Sem Saiga. Marcos .Piper GT.can you help me?  Wim van Steijn  JWC Bloemstraat 45A  2406VA  Alphen aan den Rijn..0031653110897.


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    2. albertog


      Thank you Geir. I have a bill of sale from his wife.No document. The chassis number is P8/5850.. the engine number is CP 52160. it is one of the 4 LHD cars.Is there in Norway a DVLA or Car club.? the car is sold in 1971 to belgie and was the Brussels show car.MR Halverson owned it 2 times.Greeting Wim van Steijn.






    3. saggitarius


      Hi again - and there is the Mantis :-)

      Yes there is a registration office for motor vehicles (like the RDW) in Norway, and this is called "Biltilsynet"

      I can check with them if it's possible to find the reg. number based on these pieces of information.

      The document that I guess you.ll be needing is what we in Norway call "Vognkort" (the card of the wagon/vehicle). This will give the information needed to have it transferred to a new owner.

      If the Marcos was registered on Norwegian license plates at some point in time, it would be possible to get that confirmed from Biltilsynet and possibly have them issue a new Vognkort where there is a space for the owner to sign it off as sold/transferred to a new owner.

      You state that the owner passed away - but was it the family that sold the car to you?

      Even if they didn't have the Vognkort at the time they would have to request a replacement and sign it over to you.

      And it is also possible that the car was never registered in this country - that Mr. Halvorsen imported it but never had i registered.  Then it is more difficult, if the family doesn't have the foreign papers for the car.

      I'll do som checking and see if I can find out something.





    4. saggitarius


      Hi again Wim

      Have now received a reply from the Norwegian vehicle registre and they could not find any trace of the chassis number / VIN.

      The said it might be easier - if the car was registered to Mr. Halvorsen in the Norwegian register - to find it if they could search on the person.  But only the address was not enough - they would have to have his first name and person number / sosial security number.

      It may also be possible that he never registered it in Norway.  I have imported two GRP cars /  projects myself that are not finshed yet and therefore not registered.


      Good luck further :-)


  2. Hello everybody in the Europa community I'm normally in the Esprit section, but now I have come over (and bought) a Europa body that seems to have a somewhat difficult past :-) It seems to be a TC Special from the US, without documentation (title) or chassis plate. But since the VIN is engraved in both doors I have a feeling that it should be possible to find out at least something about it. The VIN reads 2715 R, and the body style is clearly of the TC varity - which should translate into 74/2715R? I have understood from another list that the letter R says that it's a federal (US)
  3. saggitarius


  4. It will be well isolated and with both floors heated by a water-to-water "heat pump". And there is more than enough space on the plot to build a separate garage for 3-5 cars and the tractor and equipment. Thinking that this might be a good starting point for Lotus owners from abroad who plan to go sports car touring in Norway. Our region has very spectacular roads – so watch this space :-) But don't hold your breath as it will probably take a couple of years – and in the mean time I won't be able to work much on the Lotus. However some evenings is used to find solutions and to get
  5. Don't know if I should post our housing project as part of my Esprit build log, but in a way it IS part of the build! I see elsewhere on this forum that there is a discussion about in- and outdoors parking space on your own land, and space to go on with the Esprit and other projects has been an important part of our discussions before going into this build. We have today a place with a nice house, a separate garage / workshop of around 70 square meters and driveway parking for two cars – three in a squeeze. But since I'm constantly working on and restoring cars and lately also motorcycl
  6. Yes - this looks awesome! Looking forward to see the rest of the story
  7. Thanks again. As you understand, I'm at the lookout for Esprit projects with big engines - to gather information for this part of my own project
  8. I have wonderes for a long time why some car manufacturers choose to hang a heater matrix down from the ceiling in a string - and then build the entire car around it. This is a service item after all, and it is NOT neccessary to do it like that. My first "real" car many years ago was an Opel Ascona A 19SR, that was five years old when I bought it, and I had to change the matrix after a couple of years. The job was done in less than 20 minutes with a single screwdriver: unscrewing three screws and removing a lid on top of the bulkhead in the engine bay. Under the lid was the matrix, held
  9. Thank you! I was first trying to figure out the angle of the picture, but it seems that I'm looking at bolted frame parts (crossmember?) and a Bosch oil filter with its bracket in there.
  10. Got my bike license when I was 20 and had a couple of seasons on an old Suzuki GT380 stroker. Sold it when family life took a firm hold. But have had thoughts of jumping in there again, only now I kind of like classics on two wheels as well as four. The 1979 Esprit project got company in the garage a couple of years ago by a red blooded Italian - a Guzzi LeMans 1000 from 1985 with an unusual fairing. Bought it in the Netherlands, flew down there and got in the saddle of an MC for the first time in over 30 years. Had a gorgeous ride the 1000 kms back home on the European motorway network, a
  11. Love this Do you have a build thread for it somewhere? I'd like to know a bit more about something you mention earlier in this thread, about cross member and "packaging" in the engine bay. And especially one item of packaging: Exhaust manifolds and system...
  12. Brakes update I have wondered for some time about how to install the right brakes to this Lotus. As said before I've promised the authorities to use the brake setup from an S350. And the four calipers I've bought are all original front items off a TVR Cerbera 4.2 which incidentally are the same AP part number as the front S350 ones. They will be lightly ground in my old Beaver mill to remove the TVR logos and installed Lotus ones. But when it comes to discs I've been thinking: The S350 har special made bells and rotors from AP Racing, with the Lotus specific bolt pattern for the
  13. Hi Antonio A beautiful car that is coming back into sparkling life I have a question about the petrol tanks though: Petrol these days is mixed with ethanol. Minimum 5 % and meant to increase the coming years to 10 % and maybe 15 % and above. At the same time I'm told that normal aluminium "doesn't like" ethanol and is reacting with the stuff in a corrosive way. I have installed an aluminium tank in an old car I have, but was adviced to treat it with some kind of tank sealer - which I did. Just wanted to let you know. Maybe there is less ethanol in Australia... Any way - good
  14. @ Simon Yes it IS a bit frustrating. But on the other hand, some of the projects that are keeping me from working on the Lotus are interesting also :-) Building a Honda XR500R cafe racer / street fighter is the most fun. And it's working like this: When I discover that I need some parts for the Lotus, I can do something on the Honda. And the other way around. The MC engine needed a lot more parts than anticipated, since I found there was missing a tooth from the primary drive, one from the kick drive and five from the clutch... And since I'm using a 1984 engine on a 1981 frame I needed
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