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  1. Web site is Officially recognised by Lotus
  2. Hi Sport 350 Lovers The complete and official register of Sport 350 cars can be seen at Regards & best wishes David Frost
  3. With regards to #9. Just looking at my records and I see Taran did sell this car to John McCrae.
  4. Just to let you know (In case you didn't know already) a few Sport 350's have changed hands. #2, previously owned by Mike Sekinger has now moved to Germany to a preson who wishes to remain anonymous. #14, previously owned by Nick Holden and now owned by Allan Uber (Australia). #32, reviously owned by Daniel Waugh and now owned by Mike Sekinger. The only one that I know of that is still for sale is #9. regards & best wishes David
  5. The fact is - there are only 7 Sport 350's in the USA. Number 5 (Black in colour) was destroyed by fire. This model was salvaged and parts from this were used to build another Esprit, but it was not built as a Sport 350 and is not the car you have bought. I have full details on USA Sport 350 number 5 and know what happened to it. There is not much point giving out your vin number because all Sport 350's in the USA are accounted for.
  6. Following a tip off by Frank Hirsbrunner, we have now located car number 30. Number 30 has been off the radar for a long time, but has now reared it's head and surfaced in a Switzerland Lotus Dealers showrom. Pfenninger Garagen AG Lotus - Center Heinrich Pfenninger / Melanie K
  7. The cars that went to Japan are : 12, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 & 38 The track cars were 33, 34, 35 & 37.
  8. It might be a bit picky not to include the prototype as a Sport 350. It is liveried up as a Sport 350 and I am sure that the new owner would view it as a Sport 350. If you knocked the prototype off my list of 47, you would end up with 46. My records show all the Japanese cars have build numbers that fall in with the production run of cars that make up the Sport 350 numbers. I'll stick with my records which came direct from Lotus and have been verified by Lotus. They provided all the build numbers, vin numbers and engine numbers. Regards
  9. Official figures are as follows : 47 Sport 350's were produced for the UK market. This includes the prototype # 000. Of these 47 cars, 8 are in Japan, 3 are in Switzerland, 1 is in Belgium, 1 is in Austria, 1 is in Germany & 1 is in New Zealand. The last Sport 350 produced was #046. There is a #50, but this was actually built 22nd on the production line and badged as # 050 as a special request. There were 8 seperate Sport 350's made especially for the USA market, 4 black and 4 silver, but these all had the red engine covers - as opposed to our UK blue ones. Of the 8 USA models # 005 (a black model) was destroyed by fire. The majority of UK cars are Silver in colour, but there are also 2 white ones, 3 black and 1 blue one. Regards Dave
  10. Esprit Sport 350 no.10 of 48 :: SOLD VIA PISTONHEADS ::
  11. Esprit V8 Sport350 (GT1 Replica) (1999) :: SOLD VIA PISTONHEADS ::
  12. Taken from 1999 Esprit S350 No 11 of limited edition of 50 First reg. March 1999. 30,200 miles. Extensive service history file. Liner sealing mods carried out by Bell and Colvill (factory letter confirms). Sold with new tyres all round, new cambelts and service. The only mods to the car are S/S exhaust pipes and KN filters fitted. The car has an unmarked and unmolested interior and has perfect paintwork. This car is well known in the Esprit community and features in the Lotus Esprit World calendar for July. More pics in 'Esprit Owners cars'. This car has never been in an accident to my knowledge or has there been any repainting. Any professional inspection is very welcome, but test drives are out of the question! The personal No. plate is not included in the sale.
  13. For anyone that is interested there are four Sport 350's for sale at the moment, #2 owned by Mike Sekinger Date of First Registration 25 06 1999 Year of Manufacture 1999 #9 owned by Taran Bassi Date of First Registration 16 03 1999 Year of Manufacture 1999 based in Surrey #11 owned by Mike Ring Date of First Registration 20 03 1999 Year of Manufacture 1999 #14 owned by Mike Williamson Date of First Registration 23 03 1999 Year of Manufacture 1999 based in Stocton, UK If you are interested or want further details let me know and I'll put you in touch with the owner. Regards David
  14. Another Sport 350 has changed hands. This is #10, formerly owned by Tim Driscoll in Great Cransley, North Hants and has now been bought by Martin Reeve in Scunthorpe.
  15. Just to let you all know that we have a new member to the Sport 350 Owners Club,, and we would like to say goodbye to Ranjib Sahota and welcome to Les Harrison who is now he proud new owner of car # 000. As you may or may not know car #000 was the prototype to the Sport 350 production run. Les is based in the Liverpool area. Regards David
  16. Yes, this is exactly what several Lotus mechanics have told me, on how to expedite the ECU on re-learning.
  17. I'm having an OS2 sensor problem in MY '00 V8. It began with a trouble code that I pulled with a friends scanner. The code did not generate an MIL light. After I had the car checked at the Lotus dealer, the MIL light came on. Now it comes on every other day. I have a scanner, so I have checked the code, but no code is displayed. Are there malfunctions that give you an MIL light, but no trouble code? -- Ed
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