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  1. I am working on a 2000 car that sat unused for ~5 years. Local critters got to some of the wiring but it does not appear they got into the passenger compartment at this point though it is not out of the question. The turn signals are not working. i.e. the lights do not go on either side back or front when the stalk lever is set. The hazard lights work - both sides left and right and they flash. The switch bulb worked and flashed until i hit it for like the 40th time but the instrument cluster light does not flash when the hazards are on. When I turn the stalk to indicate left turn, occasionally i see a momentary dim flash in the instrument cluster indicator. The turn signal and hazard fuses are good and have power with the key on. My thoughts are to replace the hazard switch as a first thing to try. The headlamp switch sticks as well so.... I have stared at the wiring diagram then next thing to do would be to pin out wires between the stalk and the hazard switch (I think). Can anyone (who knows the electricals well) think of a better path inconsideration of the circumstances? BTW - as of now I think all the other interior switches / controls are working. Thanks, Guy
  2. Glad you sorted Avast out. I have received similar posts elsewhere but I have gone through the check sites to ensure it is ok see here: Symantec still says i have something but i have no clue. My own company's draconian virus checker has no issue nor does google so please let me know if anyone finds any actual problem. Thanks for looking at the updates. I recently bought a 200 car with a "seized" engine so I will ad that in the future along with emissions cars updates as they are the most likely ones I will work on. Happy Holidays! Guy
  3. First Update in 3 years. Enjoy! Guy
  4. I got everything except this: I need -6AN for the fuel regulator fiting instead of the barb.
  5. I am re-plumbing the fuel lines from the tank to the fuel rails to the filter and am unable to find the right name for the types of connectors used so that I may purchase fittings and braided fuel line. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Guy
  6. Greetings, My website has been updated with actual progress on a Lotus. The update starts here: The main Lotus project site is here: Regards, Guy
  7. Has all this info been added to the wiki? If so please tell me where as I am at a loss to find it. Thanks, Guy
  8. Greetings, I am in need of a right rear hub carrier (C082D4142K). PLease let me know if anyone was one available. Thanks, Guy
  9. Greetings All, The latest site update is here: For those unfamiliar, start here: I have updated the main page and also the Black '97 Car project thread (Disassembly hyperlink is new). Regards, Guy
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