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  1. I knew Nick for many years and we where friends ever since.we where suposed to meet again in the beginning of this year but God decided that it could not go trough. He restored a steering wheel for one of my F1 cars and when I got it,it as was at no charge,so did Stephen tell me. I never met Stephen but I went down to Nick's shop to meet him and I am happy to tell you that he is a copy of Nick. I want to pay me deepest respect to Nick and his family,Nick, God bless you mate ,you will never be forgotten. Best regards, Walter
  2. Gunther, I will keep them so that anybody who needs obsolete body parts from Lotus has an option.
  3. Got my Evora launch edition last month as an ex factory car and the car is running smooth ,just like an Elise,nothing like an Esprit. The kids love it ,since I 've got the Evora ,my V8 hasn't turned a wheel. Best regards, Walter
  4. Yes, I collected the moulds at Lotus Cars and they where the moulds of the Stevens modell . The very last one's that where used on the 2004 Esprit V8 as well. Transport of them caost me a fortune as they where so heavy ,about 2 tonnes each. Best regards, Walter
  5. Gunther, I've got the body moulds from Lotus Cars and they are located in Belgium. I have the upper and lower part as well all the jigging moulds . regards, Walter
  6. Bahar is spending money that is not his or Lotus. It is owned by the Malaysian taxpayer and one day it needs to be paid back. Let's see if you like Bahar still so much when that day comes up. It will be all over for Lotus and let's hope that Tony Fernandes comes up with the money or the same will happen to Lotus as what happened to TVR,and all the other great brands of the past. Spending moeny is very easy but making money is something else. Do you have any idea why he left Ferrari and Red Bull ???
  7. Let me explain for once and for all, David kept Team lotus in F1 for the last two races. He invested the money to keep the team going and after the season he did what he could to get ready for the next season. Some sponsors didn't keep their promises and that is the reason that he tried to have a partnership with Pacific GP. He worked several years to get Lotus back into F1 but without result. Lotus was not interested in F1 at all. After 16 years Tony Fernandes wanted to buy the rights as Lotus Cars didn't keep there promise to have him use the name in f1. All this shit started when Bahar the dreamer started thinking of F1,Le Mans Indy car,Indianapolis, GP 2 ,GT2, GT4 ,you name it. At least Fernandes has his own money to spend and every right to use the name,as long as he pays David.
  8. To all of you who don't know what has happened trough the years,let me explain that the Chapman family sold Team Lotus, for a lot of money, years ago. They need to keep their mouth's shut now. Bahar is spending Malaysian tax payers money on a project that going to kill our beloved Lotus. The company made one year profit ,the last year Mike Kimberley was CEO. They have nothing to sell and spending other people's money . This reminds me of politician 's running a country (somewhere in Africa) At least Tony Fernandes,Team Lotus ,is based in Norfolk, he is paying for all the bill's and they build their own cars. He even holds the Team Lotus name. This is a clear message to think about who to chear for next year.
  9. Sorry to hear that your hospitalised mate,get better soon, Best regards, annick,Walter
  10. For this kind of money ,you will find a Ferrari F1 that will keep it's value for sure. Lotus should stay in it's own league and build fast, reliable ,affordable and small cars. That's what Colin Chapman always kept in mind.
  11. laura, Annick's choice: Soup,Fish medley,fruit salade. My choice / Salmon plate,chicken filet,raspberry looking forward to meet you all
  12. 1. Laura (Saturday night dinner required) 2. Bibs (Saturday night dinner required) 3. Paul - Rocket63 ( Saturday night dinner required) 4. Sarah (Saturday night dinner required) 5. Yasuo (Friday & saturday night dinner required) 6. Martyn (Saturday night dinner required 7. Robert Crooks (Sat night dinner req) 8. Annick ( Sat night dinner required) 9.Walter ( Sat night dinner required)
  13. Tony, The Team Lotus name belongs to David Hunt !!!!!!! Clive owns Classic Team Lotus Regards, Walter
  14. Mike, It seems looks that you would like to build it into a new engine . After the weekend I will have the exact GT1 timing details. Keep up the good work, Best regards, Walter
  15. Mike, It looks like you will turn it to a new engine!!!!!!!!!! Your a real craftsman buddy , Keep up the good work, Walter
  16. Bibs , Glad to hear that the damage isn't too bad and that your car will be back on the road asap. It's better to come over with a Merc. as you shouldn't go further than walking distance with an Esprit just as I told you last Sunday. Walter
  17. Once you've had A V8 engine in the back of your car ,you don't want to look back at a four pot. I still believe that a modern V10 engine is THE way to go Have a look at this beauty ,
  18. Mike, Take it easy for a while ,but you better make sure you'll be back, as we all need you badly !!!! Kind regards, Walter
  19. Nick ,a very happy birthday and many more years to come in the best possible health. Regards, Walter
  20. Hi Guy's , I've got my' new 'engine and we are working on some upgrades on it. I keep you posted about it !! Walter
  21. Hi guy's , Lotus was very helpfull with my engine ,it's probably the only car company that care's about their customers. I can not discus the deal but I am very glad with the results. Lotus man for ever !!!!!!!
  22. I've got new fuel injectors and my mechanic will place them this week. I will keep you'll informed if they solved the problem, Thanks in advance guy's
  23. Hi everybody. I'm new on this forum but I'm driving Lotus cars for at least 10 years now. My recent Lotus now is a V8 '99 . It makes me crazy. When the engine is cold it cranks up immediatly but when it reaches more than 80
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