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  1. And this one .
  2. Just taken the Mrs King out in the Evora 400 Hethel edition as it’s a hit bonus heated seats lols 😂.
  3. Wow just see the advertisement going up at Silverstone waiting for photos.
  4. Yes I keep mine with Pirelli on my NA alway gave me great feedback.
  5. Don’t believe within a week with the help of the lotus forum team I’m a very excited lotus Evora 400 owner
  6. Well after last week going down to see Hethel addition Evora 400 it’s now fully ours wow downshift interesting lol
  7. You got it wow I was so close enjoy 😊
  8. Is a 2011 build clutch no issues with when I had it . hope it finds a good home .
  9. Well that was my car I sold couple of weeks ago had diamond cut wheels on her now up for sale again did have a lot of paperwork file that I keep up today .
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