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  1. Wasn’t the M250 before the Evora .
  2. Looks stunning well done 👍.
  3. Well once the MOT done Friday it’s will be up for sale was an interesting party in mine but wanted all 3 packs mine got Sports and Tech pack . NA
  4. That’s the issue at the moment took lots of photos and answered all the questions people have ask but they need to see it with lockdown until March there saying seem difficult to try and sell my Evora NA 2011 . Over 46000 on the clock strange times .
  5. So is it a good time to advertise NA for sale with all the restrictions at the moment.
  6. Great commit don’t overthink things . my NA over 46000 now on its original clutch no issues at all great read folks .
  7. Interesting how many Orange 400 around .
  8. Fantastic the only reason I’m going to sell is looking to upgrade to 400 .
  9. I’ve got 2011 NA Black 2x2 sport pack tech pack only done 46300 on the process of putting it on the market .
  10. Lotus had a great turn out nice chat with the motor sport Green lotus Elise .
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