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  1. I would have been on the Lotus Drivers Club stand but it’s dates are same as Carfest South this year .
  2. Wheels I used these guys last year mind you it’s in Coventry. As for paint Central Lotus worth a call plus i believe got wheel place next door .
  3. At The British Motor Show Yesterday on North Kent Lotus Group. so cool parking next to Essex .
  4. Good to see another Hethel Edition as well what amazing event
  5. Looks like Lotus Silverstone
  6. Looks like when I bought mine 400 Hethel Edition last May was the best decision I made in 24 hours .
  7. My 2011 built NA had chrome handles was a 2011 late build as well , didn’t see any on later cars must have been when they stopped that option .
  8. Well it’s almost a year now since I purchased my Evora 400 Hethel edition my insurance renewal valued mine more than I paid for it last year lol 😂. again thank you all for helping me buy the beauty last year when it came up on the for sale page .
  9. a7esk

    Evora S wanted

    Having own NA for some years only sold it for Evora 400 but last week as a passenger in one wow they are so good .
  10. Does the Evora 400 door latch work on earlier Evora will not have the pin part but it’s cost wish £52 as it’s plastic not metal just asking the question have got both a faulty S1 from years back and a new one for a 400 are have a look see if the part connector is the same .
  11. If you see a Evora 400 Hethel Edition at Lotus Silverstone it’s not for sale they are fixing window dropping issue passenger side thinks the door open sets the alarm of .
  12. If they got l/ h one in stock are have it please . be interesting went through this with my NA but have got a spare Right hand side window unit as I replaced it with a new one but it was the lock that was faulty.
  13. Further details on my Evora 400 removed trim check all connectors all ok and sprayed areas mentioned still no improvement seems it thinks the door open got a Lock latch L/H side on order from B&C. Parts but not coming until January . is the anyway possible that Lotus have these in stock 😉
  14. Been told today it will be January before I get a replacement we’re see .
  15. Fantastic team one on order .
  16. Yes poor Quality did we ever find out which manufactures from or are or they a Lotus design part .
  17. Think my passenger side starting to fail are the Evora 400 same part numbers . here we go again my NA had the same issue years back lol 😂
  18. a7esk

    Wanted Evora 400

    Not now bought this couple months back thanks for asking . Yours will sell very quickly
  19. Been to my Breakfast meet Lotus Drivers Club from Hilltop Farm
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