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  1. See you Saturday also doing a live Radio show music and Lotus Cars Duggystone Radio 📻
  2. Hi Bibs have all the Clubs had email on Tickets allocations LDC got ask at my breakfast meet oh see you Saturday .
  3. Have now Sold it thankyou all . regards Eddie
  4. Hi this is what I purchased and never fitted it . If your still interested give me message
  5. Will get it out the garage take some photos so you can see what it all looks like sorry for the delay .
  6. Fantastic news going live Friday well done Bibs .
  7. Were a few Evora parked up must have been a special colour Evora NA 2010 Pearlescent white that what it looked like never seen that one before .
  8. Fantastic news lots of interest from last weekend car show Beaulieu . Will update LDC when it happens .
  9. Second day great turn out fantastic display well done all LDC and Lotus Forum members .
  10. Great day yesterday hot one 77 Lotus Cars all parked up
  11. Ok are take some photos when I'm back form Beaulieu Supercar Weekend see if its what your looking for . Eddie.
  12. Bibs did you get it fitted yet as I've had one for 2 years now never fitted might be temped to sell it .
  13. Even got a playlist ready for my radio show on .
  14. Mind you I do like Sue Photo 70th Birthday getting excited now .
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