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  1. HI All I have a alternator problem as well. I didnt run the car for a few weeks and forgot to hook up the drip battery charger. I recharged the battery and car started fine. the alternator light went on and it stays on . I turned call off and started again- same thing. then I went for a run. seemed to run very well with no issues -even as I turned on lights, ac etc. Does anyone know why the light remains on? is it a battery/alternator or other issue? thanks
  2. Just last month I was down at my sailboat in San Diego when I met a cool couple from Holland temporarily berthed a couple boats over from me , who were taking two years off to do a half a circum nav(I am jealous). We got into the same discussion. He was saying that he owned two houses and that the prices shot up incredibly last few years back in the Netherlands. As the discussion got further along- I realized that he was probably 1.5 yrs behind us (ground zero- Vegas, Cali, Arizona and Fla). So I kind of told him he might not be happy when he got back from his voyage when he finds out that his home will be worth what it was in 2000-2002 range(inevitable). He just shrugged it off. my buddies back in NJ in the states are even 1 yr exactly still behind us in Vegas. They are going through now what I did last year at this time. Only time will tell. Pretty amazing though that this is totally Global.
  3. Greetings from Las Vegas NV, USA - Ground Zero for the world economic Crisis! Just wanted to take a quick look at other areas of the world and what your observations were on how your economy is doing. Here is My Las Vegas report- Being this is where it all started- right now we are looking at : the Bad: -unemployment soaring to 10% from 4% -casinos having financial issues staying afloat -home prices cut in half in under 2 years- leaving about 80% of the city -upside down with their mortgage loans. -small buisness owners closing shop left and right -people walking around like its Dawn of the Dead. -tourism and airport traffic down big the Good: -home prices are cut in half -gas is almost free -first in the crisis is usually first out of the crisis. -girls at the strip clubs desperate to make some extra cash fast! Please share you local economies!
  4. Well "where the is smoke-there is usually fire" I would not be surprised if the company changes hands in the near future.
  5. A Audi 10 cyl producing 500hp. Heard it through the LOTUS USA grapevine from a very very relaiable source.
  6. Yep Fast Matt's car is for sale on ebay:
  7. Hi Rod thanks for one of the bests posts that I have seen. you are 100% right- it is all in the owners perception on why he bought a esprit. Mike and Matt are probably both correct in many of their posts regarding this. I think what Matt is doing is fantastic , especially if he keeps updating us on how the car is progressing and holding up, it can help many present and future owners know their cars limitations without having to go through the trials and tribulations themselves. Matt is actaully helping us out on this and we should thank him for it.
  8. Hi guys We have 3 small kids so its either a SUV or a -DARE I SAY IT- MINIVAN!! So since I would rather be caught dead than be in the minvan, we have a Acura MDX for the kids. its fantastic actually being a honda product. Rides like a dream , can go off roading and you hear zero outside noise on the inside. I had a 97 Disco but had problems with it but would actually love a new LR3 which is probably next. that is how it is out here in the states,if you have kids and you get a suv or minivan . no other alternative - a station wagon -evan a Audi or BMW are butt ugly. SO wifey has the Acura I have the Infinty M45 for my daily driver(still need some horses)and my Lotus for making love to(those tail pipes are pretty big)
  9. The guys at our local Esprit club hijaked this pick and they swear its the 2008 Esprit:
  10. Doesnt running on 2 different tires makes for the front and rear cause problems? i have always heard that you should have same make/model for all tires
  11. The Lurker is now a owner! After Months and months of months of looking and years and years and years of dreaming, it finally became reality. I now own a 2001 Cobalt Blue Esprit- that is pretending to be a 2002! I found the car online at Dupont registry. Seller was in Rhode Isand. Me in Vegas. Negotiated a good deal , had it checked out by mike at Michaelsmotorsports, had a fun shipping experiance(doesnt everyone) and presto: my new baby is here. Has Johans ECU and 2002 oz wheels . However the tires seem 1 size to big. they are 235/45/17 in front and 295/35/18 in rear. Probably rears are ok , but I think front will have to be changed. Currently getting Lotus USA to research the timing belt, due to not knowing exactly when or if it was done last. Going through all the usual stuff and questions from people who wonder if it is a "Ferrari" and what company makes "Lotus"? But it is exciting nonetheless! I would like to thank Gordonie, Greg in AZ, Mike at Mikes Motorsports, and Claudius at LOTUSPBC for helping me with the decision and for handling some pretty stupid questions from myself. I would also like to thank LEF for having such a great board and for turboesprit at yahoo for having great members and info. Cheers to all I have some pics up in the garage
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