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  1. Thanks guys, I will disconnet the top ball joint over the weekend and have a feel. GPK - thanks for the suggestion but it doesnt sound or feel like brake pads its more of a positive click/knock. Thanks Nick
  2. Hi, I am getting a clicking sound from the front suspention (LH side only) I have tightened up all the bolts i can find and also inspected the bushes which visually look ok. I have also removed and lubricated the front swat bar. Alot of other small noises disapeared after i did this, which is good but i still have the clicking sound. I also checked the wheel bearings which where OK. I am getting the 'click' sound on mild bumps at low speeds and on acceleration (mainly at low speeds also). To me it sounds like a ball joint. ie when you accelerate and the front of the car lifts it 'clicks'....I havd tried the ball joint with a lever and couldnt see any unwanted play but i dont suppose i can impose the same loads as the car would. Any thoughts or previous experience would be appreciated? Thanks, Nick
  3. Does anyone know the part number and brand for the V8 spark plugs? I could pull the old ones out and check but i cant be confident that the correct ones where installed last time. Thanks Nick
  4. Thank you for all the responces. I will be sure to check the tension of all the bolts before i put the car back on the ground this week. Nick
  5. Hi, I have a 1999 Sport 350. I am getting a few 'clunks' when going up driveways etc front the front. It sounds like suspention bushes to me but when i inspected them they all look ok and intact. Are there any usual suspects in this senario ? I also checked the ball joints with a lever and couldnt get any movement out of them. I plan on checking the tension on all the mounts and bushes before i get it back on the ground but any advice would be appreciated. Can the bushes still clunk without looking perished? Nick
  6. Hi, another round of questions please...! Question 1- I have never driven another V8 Esprit so i am a little unsure as to what the clutch should feel like. At the moment it is a very on or off clutch (which i presume is normal) but it has an initial shudder on take off which makes it unpleasant to drive. The car has done 17 000 miles and the wear on the clutch feels fine it is just the shudder. Will this 'come good' with use or is this normal or do i need to replace it and machine the fly wheel? Question 2- I tested my water level sensor and when i bridge the conections the light on the dash comes on (so i know that works) but when i remove the sensor and hold it out of the water but still in the same position (down) the light doesn't come on. Can this be fixed or do i need to replace the sensor? Question 3- What coolant is recommended (i am still waiting for my workshop manual to arrive) Thanks for all the help and advice so far. Nick
  7. Hi Dave, Thanks for the info. You can just send the CAD drawing as is if you want and i will modify it here. I have a CNC press brake so i might have a go at a gradual bend. I will just need to send the sheet out to be laser cut. Thanks, Nick
  8. Hi Kylie, my rear wing appears to be doing the exact same thing as yours. Did you have yours recovered in new Caron Fibre or just sand back and re clear coat? I haven't had much to do with CF in the past. I will try post some close up pic's. Thanks, Nick
  9. Hi Dave, Yes it is me! I finally got all the paper work side of things sorted out. I will be keeping the car mostly unmodified apart from the rear valance that i want to fit and the tail lights which the pervious owner installed. I plan on spending abit of time getting it back to brand new condition. I sent the wheels of last week to get re coated and the rear spoiler will be going off this week to be re clear coated. Love your web site and i will be ordering a few bits off you soon. I am changing all the fluids next week. I have bought mobil 1 for the engine but what gear box oil is reommended? I am happy to use the expensive stuff if necessary but what is the best one? I need to replace the drive shaft seals. Anyone know if there is a direct cross reference to another car as they wont be available over here through Lotus. Simon - Thanks for the temp info. Yes i ws getting a little worried whghen it was pushing 100. I even turned off the A/C. Cheers, Nick Dave, I would love the CAD file if possible please. I use CAD so i can fiddle with it if necessary but would appreciate the facory design with the central exits. What is the Factory valance manufactured from? Regards, Nick
  10. Hi, what is the normal running temp for a V8 in traffic? I drove it for the first time to the registration inspection the other day and it was fine whilst driving but when stopped at the lights with the A/C on it was nudging 100. As soon as i set off again it went down to 80 ish. Any suggestions or thoughts would be apreciated or is this normal?
  11. All went well today with the registration inspection and it should be on the road now within 10 days. Thanks for the pictures GKP and the explanation Peter, we wouldnt have found the VIN number without them. It has a few 'clunks' in the front suspention. Anyone know the best place to get a full suspention bush kit? I have relatives from Durham coming here in January so i plan on asking them to bring all the bits i need over with them. Nick
  12. Thanks for all the replys that will be a big help today. Daniel, I have a fabrication shop so i think i will take your advice and make a central exhaust shroud (i was looking for the easy way out!) I have some paint flaking on the wheels but i have seen Kylies post on re coating. Oh, one more question (sorry my manuals are still in the UK, hense all the questions) what is the 'snow' button for on the centre console? A/C related maybe? Thnaks again, Nick
  13. Hi Guys, I have just recieved my sport 350 (number 14) from the UK which i bought off Mike Williams. Very excitied ! The car has 17000 miles and is in great condition with the 2002 rear light upgrade. I have had the engineer out today and i am seeing the registration shop tomorrow which will supply me with the documnts to get it registered which i am told will take about 2 weeks to recieve my Australian compliance plates. The guy who will inspect the car has asked me to identify the engine and VIN numbers that are stamped or on a plate (not the stickers) I had a look and couldn't easily locate these. Can anyone tell me where to look for both of these. He will have a hoist available if they are underneith. I also like the look of the central exhaust. I have a firend who owns an exhaust shop so i can take care of the exhaust side of things but where would i source the metal surround ? There are some rust spots on the outside window weather strip trims which i would like to replace. These are the trims that are between the body of the car and the outside of the windows ie if the window was down and you put your elbow out the window you would rest on them. Are these available aftermarket or direct from Lotus only? I contacted the Australian Lotus dealer who wanted $600 each for them! ! (about 250 pounds) and had to get them from the UK anyway. Thanks Nick
  14. Hi Robin, Sorry there seems to be no magic way through the paperwork! My sister currently lives in the UK (and is a british and Oz resident) and i bought the car in her name. I am working with a guy to try get it here sooner but if not i will have to wait the 12 months when she will be returning to Oz. Cheers, Nick
  15. Thanks. It will be finished in approx 8 weeks so i can make it to this years deLorean meeting in Melbourne. I would love to come along to a Lotus meeting with the deLorean. just let me know when you are having one. Cheers, Nick
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