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  1. Another Esprit on the road in Belgium! Congratulations!
  2. Yes hat off to you sir Cor!!!! It's really fantastic!! Congratulations, I really hope you'll have loads of fun in it and many many carefree miles ahead!
  3. If Red Bull gets an engine, my guess would be that it won't be badged as a Renault and Renault will pretend it's not theirs, it won't be tagged with a brand from the Renault Group, but with something completely different. Red Bull won't leave F1 of that I'm very confident. ;-)
  4. Renault won't let it go bankrupt I guess, as this means all (good) workforce must be released from their contracts and can leave at will. Unless of course they are trying to make deals now, with those people they want to keep of course...
  5. I hate to see Red Bull go, as hundreds of very good employers and employers of suppliers will take the (only) hit, as they are the ones that lose their job and income! But I agree with Kimbers, they acted as little childs the whole year already... ridiculous.
  6. Very sad news for genuine Team Lotus enthousiasts: RIP mr David Hunt
  7. I tend to play this song while washing my (red) Esprit
  8. lucky escape I thought this one was pretty scary too:
  9. Lovely drawings Neil, as Ben said almost every GP the 107C's livery was somewhat different. But also the 107C started the year with a long diffusor, but Ben's car has the diffusor of the post Imola diffusor, which is cut off at the rear wheels following the accidents of Ratzenberger and Senna. So you don't even see the diffusor in a side view. And there was a 102C as well if you want to be that complete as you mention the 103 as well. This 102C was effectively built and tested on track. ;-)
  10. Hello Travis, Nice pics of the 102 of the Barber museum in Alabama. Lovely car indeed, but this is NOT a genuine 102B, it's a 102D (I believe) put into a 102B livery, but it does not even have the right body top. I talked about it with mr Clarke from the museum and he said who would ever know ;-) Well somebody does :-D
  11. As always very great stuff, dude! I wish I could make pics only half as good as you do; would already be much better! ;-) I really like the picture of my Esprit in the train when we came back from Brands as well. In fact, I'm looking at it right now in poster format! Cheers!
  12. Very nice! Makes me really jealous, you've driven a genuine Lotus! I drove a Formula Renault last year, in "Lotus" livery. There were f1 cars in the same livery too. Really worth travelling the distance.
  13. Just read this very sad topic, glad to read you are fine Filip. And that you at least found a new joy and you are bouncing back! Keep up the good spirits!
  14. Apologies not necesessary Jonny. I'm just pointing it out to you, so you know. That's what the forum is for ;-) Steven left to work for McLaren. I already noticed some hints in the new car and I'm sure it will be even more obvious when the "baby" Mac will be presented. I guess Steven would never have allowed such a hideous nose on the facelift Evora.
  15. This is not Coco, nor a Carr design, but from Steven Crijns! He even won a reward for it.
  16. Very great lap Waky! I guess Jokke will respond with his M3 racecar in about 2 weeks, no? ;-) Very often you make or break the top speed at Kemmel, by "showing your balls" at Eau Rouge and the Raidillon. :-D And from this year on they made it even a bit more daunting should you go a little bit wide:
  17. Let me know when you come over. Although I'm travelling for work as well next week, still hope to meet you. And if you like beers there is a café very close to me which has always +400 different beers on stock ;-) Check the card :-)
  18. I'm going tomorrow to convince myself the car is less ugly in real, than it is on picture ;-) Anyone else to meet in Geneva?
  19. Good looking, but sadly no results worth mentioning. I had to look up her name on the web, to know who she is. Good luck though to her.
  20. This guy could do with some proper driving lessons from the Belgian Stig... ;-)
  21. I love this topic. This 101% more challenging than the Top Gear challenges nowadays! Top Gear can learn from this! I guess you are driving throught then continent, should you run into trouble in the nort of France, Belgium or Holland, just send me pm! Good Luck and God speed.
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