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  1. Mike, I hope you can turn this engine in a reliable master piece, and we have confidence in you, that you really can. Don't fix the engine too fast, because I'm off for a holiday until the 17th of November, so until then I can not come by with Walter to pick it up But on the other hand, it would be better if the engine was already into the back of Walter's Esprit, when I come back home. As Walter really urgently needs to regain his confidence in the reliability of the Esprit and regain that grin on his face, if he revs his Esprit. So keep up the good work!
  2. Sorry I let you down, but got a virus on my pc. Hope to fix that soon, so I can access my files again. Looking at the pictures you did a magnificent job! Congratulations. Are you also going to cut roof and the bonnet?
  3. Jonathan I wouldn't cut it if I were you, unless you want it exactly to be a Lemans The Chamberlains drove the cars also without the light at Lemans. We have both bumpers but decided against the race Lemans bumper as the normal one really looks good. It's a big hole to fill with lamps, if you cut. I think I have picture from the bumper at home. I will try to look it up this evening.
  4. Yes we were all nailed to the ground, when we got your message. Needless to say, we are all delighted to hear that you and Laura were unhurt and that the damage to the Esprit, all in all, turns out better than we expected. We challenge you already for next year, to have your revenge on our Belgian Roads!
  5. here are some pictures;#entry252320
  6. I Know bosbon_be has made his own Chargecooler , which is about 3 times bigger then the original chargecooler. He also told me he did it with very little money (compared to original parts) Maybe be wants to tutor us here?
  7. Hi, Any chance you have an idea about the rear wheel bearing? I own an 1992 SE Highwing and would like to replace the part. Since I work at an SKF dealer, any one has an idea form which car it is? Still Celica? Many thanks.
  8. I completely understand I recently bought my Esprit and my g/f was thinking I was trying to buy C class Estate So it came as a surprise actually. She told me to buy a nice comfy car for the whole family. Since we don't have dog or kids yet the whole family fits in and you can't deny an Esprit isn't comfy Beautiful car you bought! Colour is very rare. Never seen that in real. I hope you'll sort the gear shift problem soon and you can enjoy lots of miles without further problems!
  9. I actually bought my 31st birthday (about 2 months ago) . My first Lotus (Elise) came at the age of 24. At that time I already wanted an SE Esprit or newer but they were way too expensive. Ironically the current economic crisis has helped me to be able to buy an Esprit, as prices dropped quite a lot.
  10. Thanx all! I ordered the pump already a day ago and I am now awaiting for it to arrive. So this weekend's drive will surely not happen, too bad . I'll keep you all posted if the installation is a success or not. Looks very difficult on the LEW guide . Are pump failures very common on Esprits?
  11. Thanks! Will look into that. Is the Walbro pump really that noisy as the other one says? Any one an idea how much a S300 pump differs from a standard one?
  12. Hi, My fuel pump is not bringing up the pressure needed any more it seems. Car still drives but it's almost impossible to drive. Shaking all the time when driving and stops itself while waiting at the red lights. Any one got an idea where the fuel pump comes from of about a replacement part? My local Lotus dealer is on holiday for 2 weeks already checked some other but they have to order (at least 2 weeks waiting). It's fantastic weather over here and I really want to drive the Esprit this weekend. Any one with some help? Thank you.
  13. I know the feeling, same here. Congrats! Hope you'll have a lot of trouble free motoring
  14. Thnx! Well I had a bit of bad luck yesterday as my watertemp let me down, when I came home for BZGuy (Hans). And I'm bit afraid to drive much as it's 30 degrees today. So as soon as you come by to help me fix the problem we can take it for a spin. Even if you don't have time to help and fix it, you're still welcome to come by and visit us, any time. Just give me call in advance, don't want you to be in front of a closed door.
  15. You're absolutely right! Thnx! yes it is It's not so easy to drive an RHD around here, although it's do-able.
  16. I prefer leaving the Cat as I don't have much equipment to lift the cars easily at my house and in Belgium we have MOT each year. I already saw the SJS exhaust on their website, but I would like to know what it sounds like. My friends here all have the Larini and I know that sounds good. So how does the SJS exhaust sounds? Are there any examples?
  17. I'm interested too. Please keep me updated. I'll wait for you guys at Calais, I'm sure some other Belgian friends are interested as well.
  18. Thnx guys for all kind replies! What lucky guys we all are, to drive these lovely cars. Yes it has the OZ Futura wheels, it came original with S4 wheels. Which are nice too but as many people do , I also prefer the S4s wheels. The front spoiler was changed when somebody who was parked in front of the esprit drove backward and punched a hole into with his towing hook. There are few things I would like to change. I'm also an Elise owner and I'm really not comfortable with the brakes. They are standard and in good condition, but compared to my Elise it's a nightmare. I really must change that, before I drive into someone's rear. I also would like to add power steering, so please feel free to let me know, if you see a system from a breaker of so for sale. I saw one here some time ago from a sport 300 I believe, but can't find it any more. Last but not least I wanted a Larini exhaust, but those seem to be not for sale any more. Any help or suggestion, please let me know! Many thanks!
  19. Hello all, I've been a member for quite some time as I always loved the Esprit, but never had enough money. The Esprit I always wanted was an Azure Blue S4s or GT3, but now I finally bought a Red SE High Wing. I know both the previous owners and was able to buy it now at a fair price. So knowing it's a well maintained car, has made me decide to buy the red Esprit instead of waiting for an azure blue S4s or GT3. As said I always had a soft spot for the Esprit, so you can imagine how happy I am with it. To me it's a dream come true. Never thought I would be able to buy one. Let's hope I'll have a lot of trouble free miles ahead! Regards, Gert
  20. Hello, I'm interested to buy a Tech 1 reader, I prefer to have it with all the cartridges if possible. But you may always contact me if you only have some parts. Many thanks!
  21. Hi guys, Walter's my cousin and he told me a few days ago, he 'll sort out another Lotus V8 engine, as he has found one. He is just only considering which built up, he will choose. He is seriously considering to go the Mike Sekinger GT1 way. Maybe not that extreme as mike's car, but a bit less. Any way Walter is now learning to use a forum and I hope we get him on here in a few days or hours
  22. I have the oval one, in black and gold, too. But this oval badge also exist in green and gold/yellow?
  23. Is it just me who noticed this? Search for the intruder in this picture
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