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  1. Paul, your post is the answer to my topic: thank you
  2. Here's some news since two months. I went to thelotuscentre buy the exhaust manifold with different cast iron and shape. I took a used cowl radiator fan (little miracle !). After I went to SJ Sportcars and I took downpipe, rear silencer, clutch master and slave, clutch hose, brake hose, pad and repair kit for the 4 calipters and a lot of little parts. During my holidays ( one week) I wanted change the maximum parts. I did a plan: 2 days for the exhaust, 1 day for clutch, 2 days for brakes, 1 day for cambelt, oil and filters. Finally the exhaust manifold required 5 days . There's no space b
  3. Hi everybody, hi matk (and thank you for your avatar !) I look in the last sale list: the N
  4. matk, I will contact you by private message to meet you when I'm going at home. For my job I travel and I must to see AC DC in Paris, I hope you understand ! So today I subscribe to Club Esprit and download the official entire parts manual. (thank you for the link) Part C is the downpipe, but at SJ sportcart I don't see downpipe for Serie 2, is it for sale ? Part F is intermediate pipe, but like previous part I don't see intermediate pipe at SJ, is it "special pipe with no silencer Serie 2" ? Part H in parts manual is " Cowl, radiator fan" , is it the same part that " Radiator fan
  5. I live near Limoges too ! at St Denis des Murs (30 km). And you ?
  6. Hello, since few weeks I'm a new Esprit french owner, a 1979 S2, but not in perfect condition. There are cracks and holes from the manifold to the silencer (!), and the previous owner didn't care coming his car in the garage and brokes the front on the bottom (as you see on the following pictures). As you can read me I was not the first for the english lesson at school, I have to buy parts but I don't know exactly parts names, so I want to order at SJ Sportcar with a little help (from my friends......) Part A: 12 studs for h
  7. Thank you Giorgio, I will gone to check this week. One year ago, I saw two S2 and the both had the vin number stamped on the chassis in the rear compartment (throught a rectangular cutting), that's the reason of my question ! Here's an exemple (its another red S2 ) Regards
  8. Hello, I'm not still an owner esprit but I find a 1979 S2. I inspect the car, but I ask you where is the vin number ? In fact I believe it duplicated in the rear compartment, through a rectangle hole in the plastic, but on this one nothing. I don't think it was only int the identification plate in the front compartment. Here's a picture:
  9. Hello, Escuse me for my bad english, I'm french and I hope soon giugiaro esprit 's owner. Here's some pics about Le Mans Classic: on the road between Paris ans Le Mans:
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