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  1. Great News, Kimbers. Very great News!!!
  2. I have promised years ago not to drive cars whose name i can not spell. So no F-Cars and no Pöscho's for me ... Lamborghini is not a problem, btw.
  3. Late ... but happy birthday, Mark :-)
  4. That video reminds me on my wifes reaction when i mentioned to sell my esprit ...
  5. Late but wasn't on here for some days ... Happy birthday, Bibs! Dragi
  6. Sorry to hear that, Michael Like Simon and Ian said - Dogs / Pets are everything to us are and a very important part of the family. Same here in our family. My daughter Jenny said i have to send the very best wishes to you and you family. She was very depressed yesterday when i have told her about it....
  7. yes, his collection is incredible. Geil! boah, time to visit Malta ....
  8. I would like to have a Lotus Eleven Le Mans. One like Malcolm Ricketts car ... Plus a Exige V6 for street use ... currently i'm thinking about it
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