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  1. Great News, Kimbers. Very great News!!!
  2. I have promised years ago not to drive cars whose name i can not spell. So no F-Cars and no Pöscho's for me ... Lamborghini is not a problem, btw.
  3. Late ... but happy birthday, Mark :-)
  4. That video reminds me on my wifes reaction when i mentioned to sell my esprit ...
  5. Late but wasn't on here for some days ... Happy birthday, Bibs! Dragi
  6. Sorry to hear that, Michael Like Simon and Ian said - Dogs / Pets are everything to us are and a very important part of the family. Same here in our family. My daughter Jenny said i have to send the very best wishes to you and you family. She was very depressed yesterday when i have told her about it....
  7. yes, his collection is incredible. Geil! boah, time to visit Malta ....
  8. I would like to have a Lotus Eleven Le Mans. One like Malcolm Ricketts car ... Plus a Exige V6 for street use ... currently i'm thinking about it
  9. Got a invitation to visit the 1. Open Day at Caterham Cars Kempten / Germany. We enjoyed the chats, the cars and the snacks. Top Event. Thanks to Günther Schleyer! BUT .... On the way back home we went throu some small villages to get on the Highway to Lindau/Bodensee. Passing a narrow road my son suddenly said: Not sure, but i think there is a Lotus Elise GT1 .... There was a showroom at Engstler Motorsport and in this Garage we thougt we have finaly found one of thouse missing Lotus Elise GT1 cars. It turned out to be a Bitter GT1. Fresh restored sitting in that showroom. The Teammanger invited us to have a closer look at the cars in that garage. Absolutely stunnig. Mike Hezemans bought 2 Lotus GT1 Cars in that time and went to Bitter Cars / Germany to get them 'tuned'. Bitter saw the biggest faults in the engine and the aerodynamics. So they changed the front end a little and the back end completely. Plus they fitted SRT10 engines. Bitter ran 2 GT1's in period. Now in Liqui Moly Colors the cars originaly had dark blue paint. As said this car is freshly restored and close to be finished. Just missing the gearbox and some minor work inside the cockpit has to be done.
  10. Thanks Mark and Ian, i'm glad you like it. @ Jason up to now cars had to be shiny - for me. But your pics made me thinking. I like it. This Evora is very cool.
  11. Jop, thats geil too, hopo :-) A afternoon mountain drive ...
  12. Long before i bought my first Lotus i had a totaly tuned Opel Corsa. With a Turbo Engine from a Opel Calibra, 6 Speed gearbox, NOS, etc. The car had 400HP+ and was fast as hell. At the hill climbs my mates always said: go and catch the V8's with your speed. And that became gospeedv8 one day. And since i also have a V8 i thought the name would fit now more than ever.
  13. Yep, this is one room, Stefan. And yes, please mark the dealserships on your alk-globe.
  14. I really like your style, bibs. Looks like my S1 ...
  15. A new Project? Or just a wallhanger? Lets see ... Hmmm, not sure why the fotos are turned this way ...
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