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  1. Spanner in the works - Volvo 2.3 5 cylinder engine as used in the T5s and now used by Ford in the STs etc. How they are made now these have been pushed past 300 gee gees with a single blower. They are an uber strong engine, not sure about weight (this is Volvo we're talking about). Going past 300 gee gees might be a problem with them though as they tend to suffer from bent con rods. The larger bore engines (they do a LPT 2.5 and NA 2.5) won't take the power because the cylinder wall isn't thick enough.
  2. Convert

    seen u

    LOL. Seen you again today. Followed me round the donut and up Saltergate/Ashgate road before turning off.
  3. Glapwell going through the road re-surfacing. Did you manage to get through/around the raised manholes without ripping off your front spoiler?
  4. Convert

    G Esprit

    Red S3? Turbo? A619 before Baslow roundabout today around 2pm. Certainly stood out from the surrounding traffic I like Stevens but the missus said "Nice".
  5. TBH, apart from laptop usage and wireless Skype I'd sack wireless off altogether - it doesn't have the speed or reliability. I use homeplug AV here, it's rock solid and has enough speed and bandwidth for all my audio and video around the house, wireless would just about manage audio...with the attendant connectino problems.
  6. Convert

    seen u

    Dark blue W reg V8. Chatsworth road again - where all the Esprits are. 30th July 8.30am ish.
  7. According to my missus the COA must be there somewhere as Sage works from the default if you don't set it up differently. Sage comes with a standard one for the default company that you originally set the system up from. COA should appear on the financials toolbar. Apparently (I don't know anything about this) COA is for doing your P&L and end of year so without it you can run Sage but can't do the other things. After your year end you should be able to set up a new COA and codes etc. for the next year.
  8. That's VERY unusal - I thought a boat was a hole in the water you threw money into
  9. Out in my neck of the woods. I know exactly what you mean about the mx5s - they all seem to come out on a Sunday. Peak District special. Matlock = bikers. It's like the inland Hunstanton - 13 bends here we come. Go up to high peak out the top end of Buxton, that's car driving country...
  10. The entire car market is dead at the moment. There was a feature on the radio the other day that certain car dealers have gone fro 40 sales to 11 sales over a period. I've been trying to sell my C70 T5 to make way for an Esprit for 8 weeks now. The car is VGC, well over
  11. I'll ask my missus about this - she's a bit of a Sage guru - has Newcastle College level 3 in Sage which is the highest qually for it afaik - not sure if she's au fait with that product though - she's Line 50 and Payroll....I'll ask anyway but the previous post was deffo right - any problems just call Sage and they'll sort you out.
  12. Happened to me in March, same sort of deal, sat completely stationary on the dual carriageway and some stupid young girl drove straight into the back of me at (I guess) around 20mph. Knackered old N reg Corsa, of course. No-one was hurt except some whiplash on my part but at least she was 'shook up' emotionally. So I shook her up even more buy menacingly pointing out that the car she'd just wrecked was 'worth' over
  13. Absolutely stunning. Sounded lovely.
  14. This one's on Autotrader now for
  15. Convert

    S4 Glapwell

    Well, if it's a choice for the 106 driver of having a bad RTA or getting his cheap carvery at Young Vanish 5 seconds quicker you know which it's going to be...
  16. Convert

    S4 Glapwell

    Racing Green S4, A617 Glapwell heading towards Mansfield, just before the service station. A brave, brave man considering it was rush hour and the crap roads and drivers round here. I was in the runabout - tiny Toyota Starlet going the opposite way. I only got cut up 3 times with one near crash at 80 and then a road rage incident at Sheffield road roundabout, quite an incident free drive compared to usual. THen arrived home to find the skip driver has destroyed the driveway in 2 places and smashed a manhole cover. Excellent. The weekend starts here...
  17. When the time comes I'll check them out again.
  18. Ai, I know them VERY well. Charged me
  19. Just out of interest have you had any exhaust mods - de-cat etc - do you know a friendly local MOT centre?
  20. Taking a V8 yesterday would have been asking for trouble in all that rain. Seems like Chesterfield is becoming the Esprit capital of the north. All be parading up and down the Brampton mile, popping into Ku (or however it's spelled) for a coffee then bombing off up to the top end of Buxton for a blast around High Peak... Ahh...the
  21. Nope. Went to look at one a couple of weeks ago but it wasn't the one. I'm ideally after an S4s too. Got the problem of getting rid of my current car at the moment though. Alistair Darling and the petrol is making things rather difficult. Last year it was worth around
  22. Must be my eyesite - looked like the darker (pacific?) blue. Still the permanent cloud cover round these parts lately perhaps doesn't help.
  23. Saw this one for the second time on Chatsworth road. This time just past Morrisons roundabout on sunday going out towards Chatsworth. N reg blue (not Azure). Going from memory I think it was an S4s (Oz split rims and S4s spoiler).
  24. Once oil reaches a certain price it will finally become viable to extract from less favourable places such as the oil sands of Canada. It won't reduce price but will be a further supply.
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