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  1. I've just completed 4800klms round trip with two kids under 10. If somebody can work out a way of not getting bored then let me know. We didn't even get out of Queensland here in Oz. To get anywhere west of Brisbane you have to cross the "Wheat Belt". There's just nothing to see for 100's of K's. Everybody waves at each other, even the Road Train drivers! Below: The view ahead....and ahead....and ahead!
  2. Well done Steve, However that ramp looks like a Ferris Bewller's Day Off moment waiting to happen Cheers, Jerry
  3. Steve, Don't worry, my engineers report was also $600, which I raised an eyebrow at. No AQIS charge though. Cheers, Jerry
  4. That does look quite stunning. Would look very good here in Queensland in the middle lane of the Pacific Highway!! Cheers, Jerry
  5. That,s very interesting and thanks. Once driven I'll report back yet again. One thought, as the slave cylinder is an old BL part, can I use my Haines Land Rover manual to do the adjustment? Or am I way out of line! Cheers, Jerry
  6. G'day Folks, As promised a reply. I have a very new looking braided pipe. Have not driven it yet but it maybe me that has a issue with changing gear. Anyway,I need to take it for a long drive so will see how it goes. Cheers, Jerry
  7. Wow, that makes it very clear, and it does look like a pretty crap piece of pipe. I hope it is there on my car as it sounds like an easy fix if that is the cause. Thanks and I'll report back when I am back in Oz. Cheers, Jerry
  8. Okay thanks for that. Am in country in a couple of weeks thus will have a look. I'm no mechanic to be honest but can do basic work.I'll report back what I find. Cheers, Jerry Have found this pic of the car and clutch etc. Is that the red hose on the right? Cheers, Jerry
  9. Hello All, I don't drive my car much as I'm overseas so much but a couple of weeks ago I noticed the gera change was getting tough once the car was warmed up Looking on this site it is often mention that the "red hose" needs replacing as it is a common issue. Can someone please tell me where to look for this so I can see if it is the problem? Car is a 1988 turbo Many thanks, Jerry
  10. That is a good deal. Did they test it or just swapped it over? In three years time can you go back and get anotherone? Cheers, Jerry
  11. They all look good!!! Are there any seats in the yellow car?
  12. They look brilliant. Hats off to you for being brave enough to do it. I wouldn't know where to start! Cheers, Jerry
  13. Justin, Will be interesting to see what you think of my "old girl" as I do not know too much about them. Heading to Uganda today back around the 12th or 16th Jan, depending on the Job to be done. Will call you then. Cheers, Jerry
  14. Justin, Good to talk to yo too, sounds to me like you know a lot about them! We'll meet up when I get back. Look forward to it. Cheers, Jerry
  15. Hi Justin, I'm just 15 mins down the road from you at Bahrs Scrub. I'll call and maybe we can meet? Cheers, Jerry
  16. I too get nice warm air coming up through the gator, which is not so welcome at the moment given the temps here in Brisbane at the moment! Cheers, Jerry
  17. I follow the books instructions. But then I really don't push the car too hard. Not all the time!
  18. I too like the idea of a sunroof, but the one in the pic looks very Morris Marina.
  19. Had not thought of the undertray issue, thanks. Well, warmed her up today, and it is 33.6C in the shade andd no leak! I guess that is even worse!
  20. No, it's not A/C. Yes quite a large leak dropping from the front area of the engine, ie just behind the cockpit. Very odd as when I drive the car it shows no signs of overheating and when cooled the water level is the same. Just looses the amount of water I top up by then settles down so to speak??
  21. Roger, Floor as in garage floor, and it is light green as that is the anti freeze used i guess. You are correct, it is not loosing fluid under pressure. There is no steam or anything like that. Odd really.! Jerry
  22. Only thing I noticed was water dripping on the floor immediatly after I had filled the tank thing. I then took the car for a spin with no issues, and no sign of steam. Once cooled off the water in the tank was back to the original level before I started fiddling! You had me going there for a split second, "Iconic Ride" Lol! Cheers, Jerry
  23. Those Novas have to be the best, and they'd look fantastic on your car. Blew me away when I saw the pixs of the Orange Esprit. I bet once they are fitted, $3000 will seem well worth it! Cheers, Jerry
  24. G'day All, Have been enjoying my '88 Esprit Turbo in the Queensland sun over the last few days, great fun. Decided to check the bodily fluids and topped up the water in the black cylindrical water tank thing in the engine bay. Then noticed dripping water just behind the drivers position. Took the car for a 100 klm spin, no signs of over heating (temp here 31C). Have I a leak from the radiator or did I over fill and there is an overflow? I'm learning....honest! Cheers, Jerry
  25. Well that's the Kiwis for you I don't like the attention, especially from hoons, but then I made the choice to drive that type of car. Cheers, Jerry
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