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  1. Hi Tony, if you can get the Bluetooth driver on the PC to use a comm port between 1 and 16 then you should be able to select the respective port in the 'Config' section and it should work. Sadly, the software is developed in VB 5.0 and the MSComm object only allows the CommPort to be set from 1 to 16. I did attempt to port the code to a later version of VB, however, mostly due to my poor coding/design, to port it I would have to change many of the screens(Forms) and the supporting code (the newer VB version I used did not allow the same number of text boxes and labels on the Form). I suspect i
  2. Hi Reed, The grayed out tests are tests where the ECU did not provide a status for the respective test category. Glad the software is useful.
  3. Great day out and good to meet you all. Thanks for the cream tea Bibs and Ian, thanks for letting me know the event was happening. Mike, please don't forget Crackington Haven.
  4. Both ELM 327 & 323 should work and both OBDII interfaces sockets (boot and passenger foot well) should work. Please remember that for the OBDII interface to work on the Esprit: The vehicle's ignition key needs to be switched to the 'Ignition auxiliaries' position. There needs to be sufficient vehicle battery power to power the ECU & interface. The interface needs to be correctly plugged into the vehicle and PC/lap top. The driver that came with the ELM interface should be installed. The correct port number needs to be known. The correct baud rate needs to be known. Generally
  5. Hi Charlie, Thanks for posting your experience. I've decided to stay clear of them and get the Lotus parts. Now just dependent of Lotus' supply times. Regards, Peter.
  6. Hi, has anyone installed the Ramspott & Brant ' Suspension kit- S-350' shocks and springs (Order-Nr.: 10728 section 'Esprit 1988 on-wards-Suspension')? If yes, I'd appreciate your feedback. Regards, Peter.
  7. Thanks for the advice/comments. I'd also really like to get some feedback from people who have actually installed the Ramspott & Brant ' Suspension kit- S-350' kit. Regards, Peter.
  8. Hi, has anyone installed the Ramspott & Brant ' Suspension kit- S-350' shocks and springs (Order-Nr.: 10728 section 'Esprit 1988 onwards-Suspension')? If yes, I'd appreciate your feedback. If possible could you also share what spring rates you installed? These shocks & springs look very similar to 'Fully adjustable suspension Type S-350' in the Chassis-Suspension section. Regards, Peter.
  9. As far as I'm concerned the red plastic hose is standard. My 97 v8 has one.
  10. Hi James, if the check engine light/MIL is on I'd check the fault code before investing in compression testing.
  11. Hi Gary, I just downloaded the zip file and installed it, so the file seems to be OK. You are however not the 1st to say you have this problem. All the other people with the problem eventually managed to down load the zip from here. Can you download the zip onto another computer and try there? Alternatively, pm me your email address and I'll email you the zip directly. Could be a virus checker issue. I use AVG and it always warns me when ever I download a zip file. Regards, Peter.
  12. Hi Stuart, Thanks for letting us know that the software also works on the Apple windows emulator. When you wrote 'code look up' do you mean the ability to see what a given error code means? If yes, then when you select the 'MIL/Errors' menu option it will display the stored error codes and their respective error code text in the 'Error Description' column. Please see below for the error codes and their descriptions as detailed in the Lotus service notes: P0100 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Malfunction P0101 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance Problem P0102 Mass or V
  13. Hi Graham, If you have gone into the 'Select PIDs' tab then their are 6 drop down boxes that will display the PIDs that the ECU/ECM says it supports. The start up setting of these drop down boxes is '0 - No PID Selected'. This means that the program hasn't connected to the ECU/ECM yet and hence doesn't know what PIDs are supported. I would normally expect to see a list of PIDs in the drop down box if you were able to connect and had recorded data to a CSV file. Have you checked the csv file in Excel or in an text editor to check that it has data? Did start use the 'Read All' option in the
  14. Hi Bill, Lotus provided me the technical documentation under the condition that I did not pass it on and did not use it for personal gain. I suggest that you contact Lotus and ask them if they can supply you with the specification. As they supplied it to me and Wayne Ellison, I don't see why they wouldn't supply it to others. I dealt with Ralph Purvis and Brian Angus at Lotus. I don't know if Ralph is still at Lotus. Sadly, I do know that Brian is no longer there (hopefully enjoying his retirement). Regards, Peter.
  15. I suspect Caterham are up to the job of doing the required engineering. They may currently have more experience than Lotus themselves! You need to bear it in mind that key lotus people (inc. Tony Shute program manager for Elise, Evora, etc.) are now working for Caterham. I can’t remember if it was EVO or Autocar, who on a visit to Caterham said they thought they were at Lotus as they kept on seeing ex Lotus employees whilst walking around the building. I don’t know why these ex Lotus employees jumped ship, but I’d imagine that Dany Bahar bringing in his own team for new car development, the
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