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  1. Andy, Thanks I'll check out that link this weekend. Regards, Peter.
  2. LPG conversion always struck me as being more complicated due to changes needed for fuel tank, ecu, additional gas injectors and probably a few others. But E85 should be ok with just a ECU change and probably heavier duty injectors. E85 might also allow increased boost, hence more power as it is less prone to detonation. Intrestingly no one came back on E85. Maybe the members here who do ECU mapping changes could eleberate on what would be involved. Regards, Peter.
  3. I also hope he stays at TG. I value his views more than the other 2 presenters' views. However, Clarkson is the 'Daddy' when it comes to 'personality' on TG. Regards, Peter.
  4. Is anyone aware if it is possible to convert the V8 to run on alternative green fuels? It seems to me that this would allow both environmental benefits and performance benefits (consider Lotus' E85 Exige project). Regards, Peter.
  5. Dan, I saw the same Black V8 on the 1st January heading back east. I followed it from Saltash for about 5 miles. Sadly, I wasn't in my Esprit either. I hope you have a happy new year. Regards, Peter.
  6. Mike, What did you replace the Lotus Omega with? Knowing your location a BMW would be a good local car. How's Bavaria? Regards, Peter.
  7. Pete, there are a few options look at Regards, Peter.
  8. Marty, I'd be interested in your feedback once you have installed it. Regards, Peter.
  9. Mourice, Please count me in. I was at the last Vulcan event you organised. A great day. Regards, Peter.
  10. Lee, Have you tried Phil at South West Lotus Centre tel: 01566 784152 ? He got me an ECU when I needed one. Regards, Peter.
  11. Sounds like the ECU to me. Especially as you can't connect with an OBD11 reader. Is your check engine light on after you switch the immobiliser off and is it on when the engine is being turned over?
  12. 73 and 74 1 - Peter Maeers 2 - 97 V8 3 - Yes (Bill Andrews) 4 - Not yet 5 - No 6 - TBC 7 - Yes 8 - Launceston Cornwall
  13. Maybe they are looking at the Toyota/Lexus V8 again. It's rumored to be lighter and cheaper than the BMW and Toyota were said to be less restrictive in regards to Lotus changing the ecu mapping.
  14. 151 date dependent. 1. Peter Maeers 2. 1997 V8 3. 1 4. ??? 5. Cornwall
  15. It means that your battery charge is low. Take the car for a run and it should stop occuring. Regards, Peter. (97 V8)
  16. I was out in my Esprit this afternoon and saw a yellow Lamborghini Murcielago coming towards me. To my shock he flashed to say hello. Seems Lamborghini owners are good guys as well.
  17. I was talking to Phil at South West Lotus about refurbing my Sport 350 alloys and he has offered to lend me a set whilst mine are being refurbed. I'd assume he would offer the same service to you. Try giving him a ring.
  18. Thanks to all of you who replied to my Clutch problem. I have just picked the car up and all is working now. All South West Lotus did to solve the problem was bleed the clutch. Then checked for leaks in the clutch system and couldn't find any. My concern is 'how did the air get into a closed system'? Hopefully will be ok now. Regards, Peter.
  19. I'm not sure if it's that easy on the V8 Esprit. The example I've seen on the net required the inlet manifold to be drilled and welded. In addition, at 0.75 bar do you really need them? Regards, Peter.
  20. Thanks for all the replies. I hope it's hydroulic and not a worn clutch or broken release bearing or fork. I can't access the car at present as I'm abroad at present. I did check the master cyclinder and there was no sign of a leak. I also have a red hose. Regards, Peter. 1997 V8 Esprit.
  21. Dear All, Anyone have an idea what could be wrong with my clutch? I was driving yesterday and all of the sudden the clutch pedal went light and only gets any resistance in the last 1 or 2 cm of travel. There is just enough travel to disengage the clutch. I wasn't pushing the car at the time and the clutch was fine before. Is it a worn clutch? Do they normally fail without any warning? Any tips would be appreciated. The clutch was new in January 2004. Regards, Peter. 1997 V8 Esprit
  22. I've got the Red Race Code from PUKESPRIT and it's a great improvement over the standard and Sport 350 ECU code. There are some reviews on .
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