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  1. Neil, Thanks for the Zonda photo. With the exhaust in that configuration made it look a bit like an Audi logo. Might be worth starting a rumour :-) Regards, Peter.
  2. Hi Mike, Happy Birthday. I hope you have a great day. Regards, Peter.
  3. Hi Mike & Neil, Looks like a great day out. Wish I could have made it (was and still am on relative duty). Have either of you got a picture of that Zonda with the exhausts in a straight line rather than the normal grouping? I saw in Mike's album that he had a frontal picture, but would love to see the rear view. Now Mike, I've always held you in the highest regards, but after showing me that "Skelta" I assume I must have upset you somehow. Like you, I hope I never see one again. Regards, Peter.
  4. It hasn't happened to me, but it is an issue that has happened to others (a GT3 at Castle Combe this year). There is a write up on LEW - Broken Rear Hatch Cable.
  5. Hi Tony, I found this in the service manual: Condition Latched: With this type of fault, which is generally low or high voltage, the ABS tell tale will light, and the anti-lock system switch out, until such time as conditions return to normal, at which point the light will be extinguished, and the anti-lock be reinstated. The fault code will be stored only whilst the fault is present. Based on this it could be a high voltage problem influenced by higher revs causing the alternator to generate more current. It might be worth checking how many volts you have whilst reving. From a safety point of view, I'd have to recommend getting a professional view point on this.
  6. I think he thoroughly deserves to take it easy and enjoy himself after all he has done for Lotus. His retirement is a big loss for Lotus, Lotus clubs and marque enthusiasts.
  7. Hi Mike, The safe answer is to get the error code read from the ABS ECU. Sadly, I don't know of anyway to extract the error code other than from a "Tech 1" device that your local Lotus dealer or good specialist should have. Regards, Peter.
  8. A few weekends ago a few of us went to the Sherbourne Castle PistonHeads event and had a good time satisfying our petrol head needs (XJ220, Mosler, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Astons, Marcos, Loti, TVRs plus others). Next Sunday they are holding a similar event. This time it is located at Kingston Lacy. Please see Event Details A change from the last event is that for a donation they are offering rides in some of the cars. The Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance is the nominated charity.
  9. Francisco, Member brian_gt4 is very well connected in regard to Esprits (I think Gunter already recommended contacting him). A PM to him might be useful. Regards, Peter.
  10. I just found a nice table in the service manual (Section EMM2 - Page 2) that lists what parameters/sensors are used by the varies control systems. For Boost Control it list the following parameters/sensors: - Engine Speed - MAP - Baro - Throttle Position - Coolant Temp - Inlet Air Temp - Knock Sensor - Wheel Speed Might be worth asking the mechanic if they have looked into all of the above. Your poor mechanic will probably be mighty pissed with all this amateur fault finding. However, as he hasn't fixed the problem, he probably is asking for it. Regards, Peter.
  11. Francisco, I've put a few suggestions below. You or the mechanics may have already covered them. Have you or the Lotus mechanic checked the system tests after the car has 'warmed up'? OBD system tests are: Misfire Fuel System Components Reserved Catalyst Heated Catalyst Evaporative System Secondary Air System A/C Refrigerant Oxygen Sensor Oxygen Sensor Heater EGR System Please note that not all tests are available on the V8 Esprit. The important ones in regard to the O2 sensors are the "Oxygen Sensor" & "Oxygen Sensor Heater"; Check that these have 'Passed'. Also use the OBDII scanner to check that the O2 sensor reading for all 4 O2 sensors. The voltage readings should switch between a high of about 0.9v and a low of 0.1v. If the sensor
  12. Eureka The ECU did reset when I followed Francisco's instructions. Reset ECU Procedure: 1. turn ignition on 2. within 10 seconds fully depress the accelerator 7 times. I tested by checking my long term trim values (values were not 0). I then did the above procedure and re-checked the long term trim values. They were reset to 0. Only downside is that the ECU will have to relearn the correct idle rpm. So if you see a blue Esprit stalling at traffic lights it may be me. Regards, Peter.
  13. I use Marcus' Red Race ECU see PUK I'm happy with it. Not sure what the differences between it and Johan's upgrade are. From what I have read both tend to be rich at high boost, but without charge cooling you probably can't risk a leaner A/F. Regards, Peter.
  14. Stephan & Gunter, thanks for the excellent responses. I think the important thing when using this sort of tool for tuning is to get data before you start tuning as a 'base line'. Then all future tests can be compared to the original 'base line' data. It doesn't really matter if the air resistance or roll resistance are out, as long as the same values were used in all the tests. The only problem could be if you were using the data for bhp bragging down the pub. Gruss, Peter.
  15. Hi Francisco, Interesting information about how to reset the ECU (I'll go and try this tomorrow). I would have expected them to use the "TECH 1" to reset the ECU. I've always gone for the power off method, but they should know. I'm not convinced by the explanation about the ECU not allowing more than 0.3bar boost. In the days when I ran a standard ECU I also saw boost >0.5bar. In regard to an ECU swap, is there no one in your neighborhood, who has a 97 V8 Esprit who could let you borrow theirs for an hour? I do appreciate that the USA is a v. large country, so it may not be that convenient. Thanks for keeping us updated, and I hope it is resolved soon. Regards, Peter.
  16. Hallo Stefan, With the performance tool. I assume you have to enter vehicle weight, air resistance and rolling resistance for it to calculate the power (at the wheels) correctly. Just out of interest, what values did you use for your tests? I was thinking about adding this facility to my V8 scan tool, but when I saw that the calculation formula had this data I gave up, as apart from the vehicle weight I have no idea what the real air resistance & rolling resistance is on the varies V8 esprits. Gruss/Regards, Peter.
  17. Hi Karl, Have you compared the ECU temp reading (via freescan) against your in car temp gauge? Regards, Peter.
  18. Good to see you all today. Thanks for the company. I've put my photos here (they are not great). Regards, Peter.
  19. I've been missing the normal 'poor taste' jokes that go with death of a celebrity. like: They said MJ had a heart attach in the ambulance, but it turns out he was in the children's ward having a stroke. Also here is some comment about the media hype
  20. I presume that dress code for this sort of event is shorts.
  21. Hi Gert, Congratulations on getting the car. Looks like it has been upgraded to S4 onwards bumper & valance, which in my opinion improves the looks over the square SE items. Regards, Peter.
  22. Hi Tim, It would be nice to see you & your GT3 if you can make it. Regards, Peter.
  23. Hi Ian, Sounds like a good idea. Hi Mike, Is there a logical place to meet up with you before the actual venue itself? Regards, Peter.
  24. Is this a case of great minds think alike? Just sent the same in a PM. I'm still up for it.
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