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  1. Nothing else than replacing the belt and tensioner has been done. I just contacted the person who did the job and he is suspecting that the belt tensioner bracket could be slightly "twisted" and cause the belt misalignment. I will go under the cartomorrow in order to try and find out whether that is the issue and make more pictures that I will post. Thanks for your kind assistance Bernard I will post pictures
  2. Hi Ian Are you suggesting an oïl leak that would make the belt slide ?
  3. Hi Gary, Thanks for you reply, I will need to check with the old belt which is not with me now but I don't believe the new blue belt is narrower. I seem to remember that it has exactly the same width as the sprockets Yes, the front of the belt is protruding beyond the sprocket by about 1 cm. A slight witness mark is starting to appear on the left hand side of the belt if you look carefully. Do you know whether there is a way to re-center the belt ? Regards Bernard
  4. Hi all, The timing belt and tensioner of my 1987 HCI turbo have been recently replaced. I have only driven about 2.000 kms since and the belt has moved to the car front side by about 1 cm (see attached picture). I have stopped driving the car for I am afraid that the belt could skip and cause engine damage. It there any way to "recenter" the timing belt ?
  5. I have sorted the problem by replacing the nylon sphere located at the bottom of the gear lever I couldn' find it in the UK but in Australia (!) with Lotus Marques -
  6. Hi Roland On which side of the pic is the front of the car, please ?
  7. I have just discovered that the problem was not a worn oil seal but a loosened nut (bearing to output shaft) and loosened locking screw of this output shaft nut. I had to make a special tool (see attached pic) to relock the nut and, although it was only a bit dry, I replaced the old oil seal with new one. I also had to fabricate and replace the output shaft housing paper gasket (thickness = 0.17mm). I would not recommend anyone to embark in this repair if you don't have the special tool to relock the nut.
  8. I have received the brass part this morning and put it in place but it's not better as the original black plastic one that was already there (same as the one sold by SJ) for it does not "clip" on the gearbox rod (due to its unapropriate shape) and therefore comes out easily if you pull up (even slightly) the gear lever The gear lever still has a lot of play and the gears don't engage fine. There is a locking screw - that needs to be set from underneath the car - that is supposed to help setting the gear lever play I have tried to screw it in and out but I was not able to find the right setting yet. It"s always too tight (impossible to engage the reverse) or not tight enough (too much play in the lever) The access to this screw with the speedo drive assembly in the way is a nightmare and I have lost some hand skin in the operation...
  9. Thanks Roland , Do you have a picture of the way it fits on your car by any chance ?
  10. It seems to be the same one as SJ's , but in brass instead of plastic. I will let you know know how it works as soon as it's fitted on the gear lever...
  11. Yes, it's probably a fix. Regarding the part you mention, I am told that this one (in brass) is more reliable I just ordered one.
  12. Hi Dave, I have finally pulled out the gear lever assembly There is a white "thing" (see attached picture) at the bottom of the lever which I don't know whether it's an original part of something made by the previous owner It is damaged and bits of it rest in the bottom of the gear lever cavity. I can't find it neither in the Lotus part book nor in SJ Sportscars parts list Do you have this fitted (or another similar part) at the bottom of your car's gear lever too ?
  13. The clutch release fork is mounted only on the right hand of the bell housing side since 15/10/74 according to the workshop manual Reason why two different clutch cables with different length are still available.
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