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  1. Hi All, My (american) 1987 HCI was originally fitted with BPR6EY NGKs. I wonder whether even better sparkplugs have been made since for this car since 1987 Any ideas ?
  2. Thank you all for your replies, I will investigate further and revert soon.
  3. Hi Everyone I just tried to pass the MOT with my 1987 Esprit (originally an american car) but the car did not pass the pollution / emission control. The controller said that the car is too rich and the fuel injection needs to be adjusted. Do you know how/where to achieve this setting ? i mean where in the car of course...
  4. Just let Your engine run until the fans kick in and then disconnect the otter swichs one by one and you will find which one Keeps working When the fans stop
  5. No, this part is not fitted on my car. I have seen it on the parts list / drawings but I believe it's for the before 1987 Esprits.
  6. I have just found that the otter switch is located in the engine bay, plugged on the big aluminium water pipe and not easy to reach... I will test it tomorrow. I am assuming that this is a special fitting for the late USA HCI Esprit (mine is one of the very latest).
  7. Do you know whether the otter switch is sort of "clipped" around the water pipe (it then could have popped from the pipe) or whether it is actually inserted in it for I don't find any specially shaped pipe as shown on the parts picture on my car.
  8. Thank you, I think i need to investigate further...
  9. Hi Simon, No, nothing in the pipes and nothing happening when I connect the two wires with ignition on ...
  10. Hi, My car's radiator fans don't seem to be working as usual. I have let the car running and heat up to 110 ° but the fans did not start. I did not go further up in order not to damage the head gasket. After having checked the related fuses and relays , I now want to check the otter switch but I can't seem to find it at the indicated location (car's RH side near the radiator). I only found two loose wires (see pic) but no switch they could have ever been connected to. As the radiators fans used to work before , I wonder whether my car uses an otter switch at all (the two wires being part of a "standard" Esprit harness) or whether this part is located somewhere else ? Any ideas welcome PS: At which temperature should the radiator fans engage anyway ?
  11. Hi, My car's engine goes up to 3.000 rpm (instead of about 2.000 rpm normally ) at cold start and it takes about 3 minutes before it goes down to standard speed (about 1.000 rpm.) As this is obviously bad for the engine I have checked the cold start injector and thermal time switch connections to no avail. Any ideas ?
  12. Hi Atwell, Re the copper washers , SJ Sportscars are selling these parts in 8mm or 12 mm and this" injectors fittiing kit" I haven't removed the injectors on my car yet but before doing so I want to be sure I;ve got the right parts. Are the copper washers you are mentioning located on the manifold sie or the Bosch K-Tronic unit side, please ? Regars Bernard
  13. Hi Denis, I did clean the part support and the chassis with sand paper to make sure the earth is OK. I took the picture before having remounted the missing bolt. I will bypass the valve temporarily to test whether its the cause of an obstruction as Peter suggested. I have also ordered the part that Mike is mentioning.
  14. Thanks, Is that an electrical device ? Sorry, of course it is ...
  15. I have located the part (see pics) and the earth connection to the chassis seems to be OK. I don't know whether this part is connected to a fuse and whether it's possible to disconnect it and see if the car runs better without it I guess the best thing to do would be to replace the part but I can't find it neither in the service parts list nor on SJ Sporstcars's website list in the fuel parts section. What about by-passing it ? Do you know what that part's actual name is and where it can be ordered ?
  16. Thanks, your reply is making me hope this could be the problem. I will check tomorrow.
  17. I replaced the original SU pump with a new pump but this has not improved anything... Someone in the forum mentioned a fuel cut of valve on the chassis around the area of the gearbox. The car is currently nor near me and I cannot check that now. Do you think this could be the problem ?
  18. Hi Simon, Where are these breather pipes located please, they are on illustrated on the original parts drawings I've got ?
  19. I have put a new coil but it has not solved the problem. I have noticed that the fuel flow from the tank to the (new) filter then to the pump is rather poor. The filter is only always half full of fuel, which makes me think that the problem comes from inside the tank as described by John. Yet, I am not very keen on the idea of pulling out the tank, which seems to be a pain. I guess I will start by trying to unclog it with an iron wire from outside.
  20. My 78 Elite starts well and drives well for half a mile then it starts slighly backfiring. Then the engine slowly dies and stalls. I can start it again after a few seconds but it dies again and so on. I have checked the spark plugs, points, condenser, ignition coil, etc and I now suspect a fuel issue. The electric pump at the rear of the car seems to work well too but I find that the fuel flow that comes out form the fuel pipe - engine / carburettors side - is a bit jerky I also have an Esprit S3 turbo HCI with two pumps in a row that provide a much stronger regular flow. I am told that the fuel flow that feed carburettors does not need to be as strong as it is for injection. What do you think ?
  21. I will check that asap for the car can't be started for the time being due to a water pump hose issue since yesterday. (pls see my other post)
  22. Hi Atwell, I will try your method tomorrow, wish me luck... My concern is not only the hose. I suspect the original 33years old water pump might need be replaced too. If that is the case, I suppose I will have to remove the manifold anyway ?
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