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  1. Hi Everyone, (Car is 85 Esprit Turbo) Got a bit of bad news from the Carby specialist when the car was put on a DYNO. Coolant coming out of exhaust, supect worn gasket or crack in head. Car is booked in next Monday with "Trusted Lotus mechanics" ... they exist? ;-) On my next service I was going to have Cam Box gaskets & seals replaced anyway & possibly water pump is due for new life. Now with the knowledge, trial n error, blood, sweat n tears/beers... I was hoping to pick your brains for any advice, modifications/upgrades, etc or addittional things to look for or work on now, while having the engine out. I figured this is probably the 1st time the engine has actually come out. As I'm the fourth owner, and the previous 3 have done a stellar job of keeping the miles low, according to all scheduled servicing history recorded in the original handbook. Now the budget is $5000 - $7000 AUD (that's firm from the wife) I don't want to have to spend that amount unless it's necessary (you know what I mean) On the flip side, I don't want to scrooge on stuff either. Your friendly expert advice is exceptionally welcome. Regards, Graeme. Ps - the original aircon is still fitted and I don't use it, as it doesn't do, too good a job, even when re-gassed and dyed for leaks etc. Has anyone found a winner or modern, current aircon that would do well for the Aussie climate? thanks
  2. Graeme

    Calling all Esprits

    Hi Paul, I believe from the 16th of October (Saturday), through to 20th (Wednesday) we will be in L.A. Then off to San Francisco for the next 3 to 4 days, doing the usual touristy thing. Graeme.
  3. Graeme

    Calling all Esprits

    Hi again, Just curious if it may be too far for some logistically, would somewhere on the Vegas strip be preferred or easier? like a meeting place with a nice big car park. Would kindly appreciate some feedback or suggestions. Thanks, Graeme.
  4. Graeme

    Calling all Esprits

    Hi Everyone, My name is Graeme, I live in Brisbane, Capital city of Queensland, Australia and I have an unusal request. I will be getting married in the "Valley of Fire" or possibly the Grand Canyon on October 13th Wednesday 2010. I thought an additional wedding photo of the Bride & Groom with as many Lotus Esprit's as possible would look really good on our wall. (not in the shed) so I was wondering if I put the word out early, I can see if anyone would like to be a part of this Aussie couple's request. Yes... you heard right, the girlfriend approves. Actually she said it was a great idea and would make a great photo especially done professionally. I own a 1985 immaculate condition Lotus Esprit Turbo. I fell in love with the Esprit when I first laid eyes on it, in both the James Bond movies way back as a kid. So I knew one day I would get one. All Esprit's welcome, let me know what you think. I will check and reply with updates. Thanks for you time. Graeme.
  5. Hi again, Well the fuses were fine, checked with a multimeter, so I pulled off the top and bottom cover of the steering wheel. Had a little look, gently pushed in all wires (just in case) tried the wiper arm... and viola it started wiping. So the dark prince of Lucas electrics were defeated this time. Thankyou Simon, Mike and Simon (nice pics BTW) for your info.... luckily my drama was only a few minutes to troubleshoot. Regards to the hazard light.... I've realised when I slide the switch down to engage the hazard lights nothing happens, when I gently push up on the switch (barely a fraction of a millimeter) it works. Done it a hundred times, it always works when I nudge it. Graeme.
  6. Hi all, (car is 85 turbo esprit) My windscreen wiper has suddenly stopped working and I want to do a little troubleshooting. No where in the manual does it show you which fuse is for what. As I am not an expert I would ASSUME that a blown fuse would have the wire severed/split. I have looked at all 8 glass fuses in the glove box and they all SEEM to be healthy. Does someone know which one to replace? (in case) Also which fuse is for the Hazard/emergency light? Is there a link or thread to show where all fuses are going etc. ? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Here's hoping it is just the fuse at this stage. Regards, Graeme
  7. Graeme at Murray Lotus in Edinburgh here... I agree with Guy, it's a shame that some dealers are under-selling their demos (you know who you are!!) I won't be doing the same - my demo has just gone up for sale, as my next car is coming imminently; the demo is marginally cheaper than a new car at the same spec to reflect the fact that it's now a plate old (09 not 59) and that it's not a new car at 3500 miles. However, it would take a considerable period of time to get a new Evora to the same spec, and the car is priced much higher than a base Evora with no options, so to own this car now is an opportunity, and to own it at not quite new car money is a great opportunity. Bear in mind that all pre-owned (not used!) Evoras will be great news due to lack of supply - and the three year warranty meaning lots of warranty left for the second owner. The larger dealers (including Guy and myself) have demonstrators which have been back to the factory to have the latest enhancements fitted (these enhancements are fitted to customer cars, our demonstrators came much earlier), so there's no downside to buying a demo. In fact, given that our demontrators are onsite every day, they are maintained regardless of cost and will be better prepared than any private sale cars! Some dealers have higher mileage demos than others, but that's because they've been working harder for orders, and have more Evoras on order as a result! Graeme
  8. Just a wee update on our demo up at Murray Lotus in Edinburgh - she turned 600 miles this morning (must admit I managed 300 on Sunday going to Oban and back ), and we've now completed 10 customer demos. Overall reaction is sensational - people arrive back literally shaking their heads at just how good it actually is. You've heard it all before, but the damping, steering, turn-in, refinement and ride are at a different level from most other cars; I've got a used Cayman S in the showroom and I'm quite happy for people to compare, being sure of the outcome....oil change later this week! Cheers, Graeme
  9. OUCH!!! Admittingly my car has only been in Australia for about 5 years, so I have inherited this damage, rust and wear from UK, but I would be livid if any of my cars looked like that after 5yrs. (from new) Now that I know how to do photo's here are some pics (about a year ago) Some of us on a social day run. Not a big turn out, but quite a few different models of eye candy.
  10. View at own risk : The car is so firm and rides soooo good, I did not know what to expect as I knew no different. The brakes are really good, very impressed. (guess they did need doing) Wheel alignment done, no more slightly pulling to the right. I am very pleased, glad it was done and will now look to another job that has been brought to my attention. Mechanic advised me to look at getting a new Cam cover and appropiate gaskets as he is trying to eliminate a small oil leak (nothing too major) but it is better to find it now before small amounts make it's way to the new discs and pads etc. Any comments/advice or additional troubleshooting of things not thought of would be gratefully appreciated. Now... I must motor on and run those shockies & brakes in
  11. Thanks for the replies. Got back yesterday from camping (girlfriend's idea... got to pick your battles ;-) I have some photo's of the parts when they arrived. Hope some of these work or come out ok. I will transfer the after photo's when I find my memory card for the camera (looking everywhere for it) Thanks again.
  12. Hi all (Big smile on my face) About a month ago I took advantage of the Brittish pound taking a nose dive and looking very attractive to the Aussie dollar. Finally put my order in to Steve (Sj's) 2 weeks ago it arrived, (customs couldn't wait to take advantage of me $$$) My pride and joy in approx 4hrs from writing this will have new front and rear suspension : all bushes, ball joints, springs, fully adj dampers the whole sha-bang. I didn't even need the brakes done but while the price was right I got new front and rear brake pads and new discs. The suspension was on my wish list to do one day, after some incredible overtime at work during the Easter holidays and continuing on to current date, this was now my play money. Thankyou very much to "Buddsy" for your time and patience in helping me a while back with your email, attachment and general advice. (much appreciated) I have ONE question only : How do I insert pictures on here? There is not enough upload room to add just one picture. As a minimum, one of my pictures is 2.3mb. As I have done before and after photo's of all the part's and old parts/spares. Anyway I will sign off for now... cant wait to see how she rides now. Graeme.
  13. Hi all Just a quick note to let you know - we've got an Evora in our Edinburgh showroom for an open event this weekend, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March (9am-5pm Saturday, 12pm-5pm Sunday). I've posted this in the Events section too - this is an open showroom event, so even if you're not in the market and just want to see a final production car in the flesh, or even have one on order at another dealer (!), please come along and see us. Look forward to seeing both you and the car! Best regards Graeme Robertson Murray Motor Company Bankhead Drive, Edinburgh EH11 4DJ 0131 200 8888 [email protected]
  14. I am even happy to get you from the Brisbane airport... provided it's carry on luggage lol. Not much boot room. I read a couple of old threads a while ago, I'm very impressed with your engine bay, lovely work. Graeme.
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