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  1. Not sure if im way off the mark or whether this is relevant, but something as simple as tyre preasure can cause all sorts of problems with diff, drive shafts and box. If there is a difference in preasures between the two rear tyres - ie, one is too low then problems can occur. I believe some rear engined cars are more sensitive to this than others. I have experience with X19 and early 911 where drive shaft uj bolts loosened all by them selves due to this ! If this is the case it could be the diff complaining as if the rear tyres were different sizes. As I say, I may be way off the mark -
  2. I am just up the road from the ace so should be there, complete with car which is very much "bloody fantastic"!!!!! May have to take a detour because its just too close for me - more distance, more fun.
  3. ricky


    your in box is full !!!!
  4. Nice to meet all of you, and what a great bunch of people! It was good seeing so many fantastic motors in one place. Hope we can do it all again soon. If you were not there I highly recomend it, perhaps you'll be there next time. best regards to all and hope you arrived home safely. ricky
  5. Suggest you take my directions - remember I LIVE THERE !! My car is in storage about 1/2 mile from there in our workshop / MOT station. If I am able to get it out I will bring it along. see you there Ricky Oh I forgot, I think Rowley Lane has width restrictions you may not get through in the lotus.
  6. You travel down the A1 to Stirling Corner (which is the 1st roundabout), turn left and the entrance is directly to your right. I think the roads will be bad, at best they will be filthy. This is why I thing the following week would be better. if its still on the 8th I will still try and attend, though probably without the car. I presume its Bibs decision. let us know.
  7. Wow!!!!! Great responce. I am looking forward to meeting you people. However I am now concerned about the weather, it would be a shame to have little or no turnout due to servere conditions or the worry of possible problems with the weather. For this reason do you think it might be best to push the date back by a week - just to be sure. Personally I can make it any weather as I live near there, and I expect it to be clear and warmer (though still cold) by then. This is just a suggestion, what do the rest of you think??
  8. Just fitted a new pair of lotus rear shocks to my v8 due to 1 spotted leaking on MOT test....... all done in 1 evening. Hardest part was slackening off the seized top nut on the drivers side ( less room than the other side ). If you feel safe about jacking your car up, its an easy DIY job. GO FOR IT !
  9. I think some of you are a bunch of tight fisted g*ts. Where else will you see a V8 at this price ? How can you all be so negetive about a car you dont know, at that price ? When buying any car you go: look, inspect, listen, ride, read any history, and finally get a 2nd opinion ( preferably from an expert or someone who knows this particular model ). History is ALWAYS a secondary consern - what the car is like NOW is paramount. A car can have excellent history and be no good. A car can have little, no, or poor history and be fantastic. History can be fabricated or altered. It also has no
  10. Very very good, I am well impressed !! There obviously are many owners in my area willing to meet up. The south mimms area sounds great for a North London meet, its very accessable to many. However I suggest not at the actual service station itself (too busy there and you cant sit comfortably by the cars). 1/2 mile south from the services on the A1 (at the first roundabout) is a Harvester - with a bar, seating outside and a large carpark. I suggest this as an appropriate venue. We can either sit inside or if / when the weathers ok outside. If all are in agreement I think this venue is be
  11. I live in north London and non of the meeting forums seem to be anywhere near my area. I am a little supprised because there must be a number of owners in my area. To meet the south England group requires driving right through London. To meet the East England group requires quite a long drive - and there the closesed groups. Are there any other meetings closer to me that are not listed? For example The Ace Cafe perhaps, I live quite near there. I am hoping to be using my car soon and its nice to meet new people / other owners. Any ideas ?????
  12. Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!!!! Full marks, you've really got them going - and you knew you would. Woodwork cracks and out come the anoraks! I presume your thread was for a bit of a joke, just to see who would take the bait and treat it seriously. I could have waited to see how many more serious replies you got on such a ridiculous question / topic but i'm too impatient. There is no exact level, which is why there is no definate line. Instead there is a zone to be within. (I think this may be a clue). Its not the same as setting timing or torquing a bolt - which are supposed to be pricise. Anyon
  13. I have a pair of SE rear wheels (the wider ones) in my garage. I've not seen them for a while but think they are good. I'm also thinking of changing the AWI's on my V8 for something else, but only if a can get a good offer. If interested in either let me know.
  14. I would call the factory and ask a technision who worked on them for their advice. I guess they will most likely say that they were never perfect, and if its working well - leave it alone. Of course i could be wrong.
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